Even “Trump” judges see through the charade of the campaign to malign the election.

“Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy,” Judge Stephanos Bibas, a Trump appointee, wrote on behalf of the appeals court. “Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here.”

“Moments after the three-judge panel from the Third Circuit ruled, Jenna Ellis, one of Mr. Trump’s lawyers, wrote on Twitter that she and Rudolph W. Giuliani, who is leading the post-election legal effort, planned to appeal to the United States Supreme Court. In her Twitter post, Ms. Ellis accused “the activist judicial machinery in Pennsylvania” of covering up “allegations of massive fraud” despite the fact that all three judges on the panel were appointed by Republicans.”

“Activist judicial machinery”? 3 Republican appointees, including one by Trump himself, are now activists?

Of course the idea is to get to SCOTUS with its ideologically packed bench. Yet it seems that there is a good indication that SCOTUS will stay out of this fray. This is not at all the same as 2000 and the Florida recount which was looking for a few hundred votes while counters were assailed by a violent mob of Republican operatives.

Trump continues, of course, to try to undermine our country as well as any foreign adversary, better really. He is acting like a “mole” for those who would love to see us collapse in chaos. He is aiding and abetting our enemies, and his supporters are aiding and abetting Trump.

I believe that Trump is more concerned with Biden taking “credit” for the vaccine than he is about the safety and security of our citizens during the most serious crisis we have faced since WW2.

Disgusting, but expected.

27 thoughts on “Even “Trump” judges see through the charade of the campaign to malign the election.

  1. SCOTUS has no Republican judges, it has Democrat judges and Originalist/Textualist justices. The Democrats might well vote based on party, but experience has already shown us the Originalist/Textualist justices will simply go by the law, regardless of partisan advantage.

    So, if the law and the evidence are against Trump, you have nothing to worry about.


    1. You do realize that Len’s point wa the three FEDERAL judge’s on the court that ruled voted unanimously and they were all nominated by GOP presidents.

      Not that it matter to you. Until it does.


      1. That’s the point, the GOP does not appoint outcome oriented judges. They appoint judges that follow the law regardless of partisan advantage.

        It is Democrats who appoint judges who toe the party line.


  2. I find it strangely odd that you were so supportive of an election challenge by “over zealous” Democrats in 2000 but are so afraid of an election challenge now. Hanging chads or not, just let it run its course and, no matter, it will all be ok.


    1. As a thought, you could be more appreciative of the Trump effort to successfully bring a vaccine with 90%+ effectiveness so quickly but of course I can hear the Biden self congratulations that he “saved” us all, already. Now that’s disgusting…


      1. Operation Warp Speed helped, no doubt. Credit goes to those in office at the inception.

        Other countries also guaranteed purchases, which was the key to the plan.

        We will never know, of course, but I would be willing to wager that any administration would have sought similar incentives. Germany gave 2.3 billion to Pfizer for R&D. OWS made the purchase agreement for the US, but so did others. For the US to just sit by no matter who was in office is kind of hard to believe.

        Biden wii face the enormous task of distribution. If he can’t get cooperation from the current administration on plans and logistics already in place, it will be that much more difficult.

        But, Democrats have had to clean up the messes left by Republicans for decades. The recession in 1992, the near economic collapse in 2008 and now this. The lack of economic relief that the Democrats crafted in May but ignored by McConnell and the administration until September and still not passed will create huge problems in 2021. The eviction, foreclosures and other debts will come due after being on hold for 9 months. Plus we have lost a huge number of small businesses already.

        And the virus is surging in places that can’t handle it.

        Yep, the Democrats have an almost Sisyphean task ahead. Made even more challenging by the petulance of the regime.

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        1. As usual, you people cling to complete falsehoods blaming Republicans for situations caused by Democrats, other, or natural causes. 1992 was caused by Fed monetary policy to control inflation and was barely noticeable for only 8 months. 2008 was caused by numerous blunders of Democrat policy like the CRA in addition to personal overspending on easy credit including mortgages people knew they couldn’t afford which Bush tried to rein in. The pandemic just happened and only idiots will try to blame Trump for it. He followed the advice of the CDC and Fauci based on what was known at the time. Repeating otherwise won’t make it true but that is your liberal game.


          1. CRA had little to do with the housing bubble. Most mortgages were issued by mortgage companies, not chartered banks.

            There was a lot of blame to go around, but most of it was crooked investment houses, mortgage lenders, ratings firms and the chiefs of FNMA.

            But the debt levels to cover two wars and a Part D drug bill while at the same time instituting a tax cut was certainly not helpful, to say the very least.

            “…followed the advice of the CDC…”.

            You do know that CDC and Fauci were both part of the Trump administration and his responsibility. After 3 years, the buck does stop with the president.

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    2. Was the goal in 2000 to throw out millions of ballots because a few hundred, it thousand, were damaged, or suspect? Or was it just a simple recount effort that was denied?

      Trump has gotten his recounts wherever he legally requested and, if needed, paid for. He even got two recounts of 5 million plus votes in GA. One by hand and another by machine. The Republicans had more poll watchers than legally allotted in counting rooms.

      Republican judges, legislators, Secretaries of State, and governors have all agreed the election was accurate and above board.

      80 million Americans, 6 million more than Trump, voted for Biden. Swing state margins were over 250,000 or so as opposed to the 77k in 2016.

      Trump filed 3 dozen lawsuits and all but one, which was overturned, failed.

      Tell me again how this resembled Florida in 2000.


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      1. No, the goal in 2000 was to prevent the Democrats from stealing a close election by selectively recounting and curing ballots in heavily Democrat counties while not giving similar treatment to the GOP counties. SCOTUS ruled 7 to 2 that was not acceptable and 5 to 4 that it was too late to start over with a statewide recount.

        A later recount paid for by news organizations confirmed that Bush won anyway had the statewide recount been done. The only way Gore would have won was by the vote mining recount they tried.

        The goal this time is the same, to prevent the theft of an election, if such a theft in fact occurred. Let the suits play out in court, there is plenty of time.


        1. So 3 dozen failed lawsuits in state and federal courts packed by Trump judges is not enough?

          Republican officials and legislators cannot find wrongdoing. Recounts, hand yet, confirm results. Poll watchers harassing the counters and packed in large halls. Most Republican in some major sites.

          Add in attempted extortion of state officials by the president, I would say the Trump has been given plenty of leeway for his daily lies of fraud.

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        2. True, 2000 was a fiasco. But it was still one state with a few hundred vote margin and terrible, confusing ballots designed by Republicans as I recall.

          Any party would have contested it. Only the GOP thought violence would help.

          “Brooks Brothers” thugs instead of Proud Boys, perhaps? Modus operandi the same, actors different.

          The only ones trying to steal an election are the Trump folks. From asserting a loss would be rigged, slowing the mail, removing polling boxes, and sitting with lip out, arms folded and lying.

          Trump is a master at obstruction. Justice and elections seem to be his favorites.

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          1. Democrats have been stealing elections as a standard way of doing business for so long that we expect to find it in every election, and always do, even it it isn’t enough to make the difference. It’s just what they do.

            Remember that Lyndon Johnson came to the Senate only after 202 late votes were found in Ballot Box 13 on Alice Texas. and the late voters were even kind enough to vote in alphabetical order.


          2. Sure..just look at VA in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s the Democratic machine was impenetrable.

            Of more recent vintage, however, the Republicans have worked hard to “legalize” election theft. And this election, from a multitude of sources, was as open and fair as might reasonably be expected.

            Officials can’t tell people to vote by mail or absentee, then say “gotcha, the acceptable dates for arrival have changed.”

            We did some work to electrify and plumb a new dock. Because of the pandemic, the rules were changed so that photos would suffice for inspections in most cases, including ours. We have written authorization.

            So if a new ruling comes out that all those inspections were not legal, should we and thousands of other projects be torn up and redone?

            So far, this has not been the case by Trump litigants. They just lie, make up stuff and essentially insult the judiciary by filing bogus claims over, and over and over again. And patiently, without contempt of court or frivolous suit rulings, the judges listened, read and dismissed them every time.

            Yet, your claim is that Johnson’s cheating 60 years ago is proof positive that Trump won?

            I hear the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway is for sale? Interested?

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          3. I didn’t say that Johnson’s fraud in 1948 prove anything about this election, just that the long history of Democrats stealing elections puts us on guard.

            And as I wrote yesterday, I do feel like the legislatures should respect the votes of those who voted unlawfully in good faith if it falls to them to decide the choice of electors.

            But the votes of those who are dead, senile or moved away but who voted anyway should not be considered, nor should those of people who made no effort to vote until a form was requested for them by third parties.


          4. As Reagan used to say, “there you go again.”

            On guard from a cheating 6 decades ago?

            I think the more relevant cheating was all Republican, all the time.

            NC election laws overturned.

            NC congressional election overturned.

            Taylor campaign’s felony fraud convictions.

            I’ll dig up the link, but I believe an election official in GA, a Republican, said that the more rampant cheating comes from the small rural, all Republican towns than in the heavily scrutinized major cities.

            That makes more sense to me.

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          5. The desperation in this post to find anything large scale enough to overturn the election is unbelievably dense. “THey did it for so many years, it is common” is about as BS as you can get. Again, you don’t like change, even when it is for the better.

            No election was stolen; DOnald Trump lost by 7 million votes and over 80 electoral votes. The claims of voter fraud have “no merit” according to federal judges. Just stop because it is making you look more and more like the sore loser that Trump is.


          6. Rush? It has been almost a month since the election. We have had numerous recounts, 36 failed lawsuits, hundreds of anonymous affidavits that fell apart with just a cursory review, death threats for Republican election officials.

            Rushed? Geez, Trump has had so many failed efforts to prove fraud that it kind of boggles the mind.

            And yet, you and the rest of his fans continue to try to crush electoral credibility for personal gain.

            For shame.

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          7. Gore did not concede until Dec14th, after losing at SCOTUS.

            And for that matter, Obama/Hillary never really conceded to Trump, trying to relitigate the election throughout Trump’s time in office and undermine his authority with false accusations of treason and a baseless impeachment.

            So, look in the mirror


          8. Florida was a case of not getting a recount in a very close race.

            Trump has gotten every recount honored, two in GA alone.

            “…never really conceded…” is a loose phrase if there ever was one.

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          9. Big crock. HIllary conceded the day after the election and Obama welcomed to the Oval Office within a week or so. You hatred for Hillary and Obama blinds you to the realities of what actually happened.

            Trump continues his Quixotic quest when there is NO VERIFIABLE evidence presented to any court. As the PA supreme court said, just saying an election is unfair or fraudulent does not make it so. BUt you believe it is so because Trump has said so. So who is the one listening to his masters?


          10. “Why the rush to concede?”

            Why the rush to declare voter fraud where no evidence has been presented in any of the courts. Trump started spreading that fertilizer even before the primaries started.

            It is over. The EC will present it’s votes to Congress and they will be counted. And Trump will not go quietly into the night. But hopefully, true patriots will do the right thing; ignore him and allow him to be prosecuted by states who have standing.


          11. Prosecuted? For disagreeing with you? But you do make it clear you are motivated by hate, not law.

            The rush to declare voter fraud is in the Constitution. It must be advanced before Dec 14.

            Plenty of evidence of fraud has been presented to establish a pattern of fraud, though not enough individual, provable instances to reverse an election. Most legal cases have been rejected on technical issues like ‘standing’ and not on merits.

            And the Constitutional arguments are clear but being ignored at the lower court levels. That must go to SCOTUS for resolution.


          12. “ Plenty of evidence of fraud has been presented to establish a pattern of fraud,…”

            Actually, no. There is no credible evidence for that assertion.


            If that were the case, we would not have lost House seats and two Democrats would be Senators from Georgia and Collins would have lost in Maine.

            Slowing the mail during a pandemic infused election year, ballot harvesting in NC, fraud conviction in VaBeach Taylor campaign, election laws that attacked minority participation with “surgical precision”, telling supporters to vote twice, threatening and extorting election officials in key states, lying to judges about “affidavits”…

            Those are egregious example of election fraud on a grand scale. And all perpetrated by Republicans. And Trump.


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