Trump’s legal team holds press conference about the election

Today’s press conference was unlike anything I have ever seen before. Trump’s lawyers described a two-part legal strategy. Part 1 involves preventing state certification of election results based on the affidavits of eye witnesses who allege various frauds. The lawyers claim these allegations by themselves will be enough to prove that Trump won the election by a landslide. Part 2 involves a conspiracy of international scope. The basic allegation is that a nationwide Democratic Party political machine planned and implemented an elaborate scheme to steal the election using both old school techniques and electronic manipulation of the vote counting.

It is the Part 2 strategy that astounds. Is it really conceivable that such a conspiracy might have occurred?

I have to say, Yes, it is conceivable in our age of big data and media censorship, but the case remains to be made. The press conference put forth a litany of assertions, with some hints of evidence, but the assertions have yet to be substantiated in detail.

Legal proceedings will be the venue for testing the allegations. This is as it should be. My sense is that this process, now engaged, is likely to rock worlds.

61 thoughts on “Trump’s legal team holds press conference about the election

  1. Great event. I was particularly intrigued by the claim that the big Dominion bosses in Canada are MIA, having fled their offices. This is shockingly easy to check, if there were any journalists left.

    The pretenders we have simply repeat the word unproven, as if that proves something. We don’t see anybody from the media trying to interview the big shots at Dominion or Smartmatic or whatever it is. If any of these people have fled, it pretty well proves everything the lawyers are saying.


  2. That was one brightening, yet hilarious gang of aberrations if I ever saw one. No wonder their leader is in hiding.

    Good grief! One guy there truly needs to find a hair salon with a better colorist.

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    1. The problem is that Republican State legislators are taking calls from the White House. They’re listening. That’s the real show. Giuliani is the clown show, the distraction Lindsey Graham is setting up the lion cages.

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      1. Well we’ll see what kind of bribes or extortion attempts by Trump are offered or threatened during his meeting with the top Republican legislators from Michigan today.

        Meanwhile, Georgia used Dominion machines (among dozens of other states red and blue) but the hand count of paper ballots exposed no problems that made any difference. I guess a few hundred unemployed Venezuelans locked in a secret warehouse in the tunnels under Augusta National could have filled out paper ballots. Then, of course, they were killed and buried in the large bunkers around the greens.

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    2. I hate doing a post on my cell phone because I don’t always proof them. OBVIOUSLY, regarding my post above, I hope, you all assumed the word I was trying to type was ‘FRIGHTENING’ not ‘brightening’. However, now that I think about it and have seen that picture of Rudy several times, I think we’d all agree that that poor fellow could use all the brightening he can get. That performance was scary to the MAX!

      While the 2 sexiest most gorgeous Dracs to ever crawl from coffins were Louis Jourdan and Frank Langella, I’d say Mr. Giuliani should have stayed in his crypt, unless he was actually trying to scare the living kaka out of Americans all over the country and send them screaming from their TV’s. What the heck was that team thinking? I bet even Trump pulled the covers of his head at that dripping mess.

      If the words coming from the mouths of those people wasn’t ridiculous enough, that vision of RG was unbelievable.

      What were they thinking? The ONLY answer has to be: THEY WEREN’T.

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    1. Len, over the last year you have alleged everything Trump has done to be treason.. When you overuse a charge, it becomes meaningless.

      If Trump sends tanks into the streets, to prevent a transfer, that will be treason.

      Pursuing his legal options in the courts is not. If you truly believe his claims to be without merit, then you have nothing to worry about. That will come out in court.

      There is more than one legal issue. The most meritorious, in my view, is the unlawful changes in the election rules made on shot notice by States’ executive branch which violates the US Constitution.


      1. Trump IS a traitor. That has been obvious for years except for the willfully blind. Even before taking office he began to kowtow to Putin and promised to lift sanctions imposed over Russian election meddling on his behalf. He has done his best to undermine NATO. He stabbed the Kurds in the back giving the Russian puppet a free hand. He has completely ignored Putin’s putting a bounty on the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan. The list could go on and on.

        IF their was evidence of fraud or error that might have changed a result then, of course, he has a right to go to court. There is no such evidence. He fired his own official, Krebs, for describing the election as safe, secure and fraud-free. And whatever the evidence, his personally pressuring county-level officials to sabotage the certification is another impeachable offense.

        Trump has sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Instead he is doing his best to undermine it. In countless ways. Now he and his running dogs are doing their level best to subvert and politicize the election process – even in states run by Republicans. In his wildest dreams Putin could not have imagined a more effective Quisling.

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          1. I’ll match my judgment with yours any day of the week. There is no “conspiracy” in anything I just wrote. I cited known facts. Unlike you, I never defend my judgments with “alternative facts” that someone pulled out of their ass. The same cannot be said for you.

            If you believe one word uttered by this con man then there is something seriously wrong with your judgment. If you do not “hate” what Trump is doing to our country then, IMHO, there is something very seriously wrong with your values.

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          2. We know that Executive Branch officials issued unconstitutional instructions to local election officials in several states, particularly PA, MI, GA and WI.

            We know that, recognizing those instructions to be unconstitutional, not all of those local officials followed those instructions, particularly with regard to curing or accepting defective ballots.

            We know that heavily Democratic urban districts did execute those instructions and that resulted in many ballots being accepted in those districts that would have been rejected in the others. That results in a two tiered standard, which is a violation of the 14th Amendment.

            What we don’t know is if there were enough of those to change the outcome or if there is a remedy other than falling back on the State legislature.

            Those issues can only be settled in court.



          3. What Trump is doing is undermining our election process that has worked well for centuries. You can’t or won’t see that. It is not pursuing fraud in courts. He is demanding that 150 million ballots be tossed and that states pick electors.

            This may be fine for you, but for the rest of us this is a step towards “president for life”.

            But more importantly you evidently believe there was a mass conspiracy by Venezuelans, Cubans and Soros involving thousands sworn to secrecy. Because that is the new “theory” by Trump.

            When a majority of Republicans believe this crap, which they do, because they fear, yes fear, our president, he has been successful in undermining our nation. Erdogan, Putin, Xi, Kim are all so proud of that traitor.

            Evidently you are also fine with the fear factor just like any lover of a strongman led country.

            That woman who wants to change yet again her certification vote in Michigan was fine with certifying Livonia, a 95% white district in Wayne that.had the same minor discrepancies as Detroit by voted for Trump. Why?

            Now Trump is telling Michigan to not listen to the voters as their law requires.

            We might never agree, but Hugo Chavez, dead since 2013? Really? I am truly stunned that you believe this.

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          4. I didn’t say anything about Venezuela.

            I am talking about unconstitutional acts by State officials that opened the door to unequal treatment and more traditional forms of vote fraud.


          5. You keep saying this over and over. Courts at many levels, state and federal, Republican and Democrat appointed judges disagree.

            Trump knows this and now wants to scrap votes in favor of selection by a few Republicans. Meeting with state leaders from Michigan is voter tampering.

            You said Trump has a right to pursue this to the bitter end. Well, to me that means you have no problems with conspiracies, lies, threats, fear mongering that are part and parcel of the Trump strategy to overturn the election.

            Remember, Trump has attacked our elections from 2015 as all fraud, even when he won. Then he purposefully slowed down the USPS just before the mail in ballots starting being a factor. Toss in the inadvertent (or not) Republican state governments refusing to allow any pre-processing of the millions of early and mailed ballots until Election Day. And then we are all supposed to believe counting ends at midnight, November 3?

            In other words, Trump has laid the groundwork for getting appointed rather than elected. He knows his win was whisker thin in 3 key blue states. And that the popular votes want him out.

            That is rigging the election and his fans, and you evidently, have loved it. Anything goes so long as “el presidents for life” stays in power.


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          6. The MI legislators requested the meeting,

            As far as I am concerned, if it can be proved that Democrats tried to rig an election in state, they deserve to lose that state.


          7. “The MI legislators requested the meeting,”

            Cite please?

            And you have NO cite for proof of election rigging anywhere. Unless you have hard incontrovertible evidence that would stand up in a court of law, it is suggested you please stop.


          8. As I understand it there were two MI legislators who came forward to recind their votes to certify. But it appears that the meeting with Trump involved other legislators. I was mistaken.

            Regarding evidence of rigging the election, that is public record.

            The executive branch made recommendations to local election boards that were in violation of the Constitution. that resulted in some local boards following the law and others not, and thus two standards for accepting mail in ballots.

            That is not fraud, but it is rigging not grounds for contesting the election as in some counties, it was held unlawfully.

            I do not know if enough ballots were involved to make a difference, but that will come out in court.


          9. No hard incontrovertible evidence. Got it.

            And seeing as almost every court challenge has been tossed due to lack of evidence, there is nothing to come out in court.

            The hole keeps getting deeper, and you keep digging. You have advised others to not do that. I suggest you follow your own advice.


          10. I don’t know how it will come out, I have written repeatedly that Trump has a high bar to cross. and that even if fraud, or more likely, abuse of powers, is proven there is no way to unwind the error.

            Nonetheless, these issues need to be litigated to preserve the integrity of future elections.


          11. “We know that Executive Branch officials issued unconstitutional instructions to local election officials in several states, particularly PA, MI, GA and WI.”

            We know no such thing. That is your personal opinion. Besides which, the point is moot since the volume of ballots involved are small compared to the size of Biden’s victories.

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          12. We’ll see what SCOTUS says. But since the language in Article 2 is crystal clear and the majority there now interprets the law as written instead of making it up, I expect they will refer the matter back to the State legislatures.


        1. So, I lost four minutes of my life watching this reporter’s nose grow. What a waste of anyone’s time. Oh, except those who still cling to this far-fetched conspiracy. I’m not buying any of it, and most intelligent Americans aren’t, either. I’d put money on it.

          You really think poll-workers and everyone else that Trump’s team blamed yesterday for this sillier-than-silly conspiracy wasted their time on this? That is so insulting anyone pushing this narrative should hang their heads in shame.

          With millions and millions of mailed ballots needing to be hand counted because millions and millions of Americans chose to use that path of voting this year, you really want me to believe these poll-workers WOULDN’T be coming out in the thousands, screaming: “FRAUD! FRAUD! FRAUD!” if they believed some conspiracy inside machines rolled out and happened? Of course they would.

          Trump folks did what they were told to do by their leader – they chose to wait till election day to vote in person. Now, that he’s lost BIG TIME, he’s got nothing to do but concede and he can’t even do a bad version of that? Amazing. He hasn’t got sense enough to pour you-know-what out of a boot, so he started to yammer late election night about HIS numbers magically changing and taking away his win . . .

          . . . Well, boo-hoo, and suck it up. That’s all I got for him and his team and his party and his supporters. We’ve all lost elections we ran in or worked for or volunteered for. It’s a bummer. But, there’s always another election around the corner, ‘specially living in Virginia. Quit the whine and get involved in the next one.

          I guess Trump expects those millions and millions and millions of ballots sent by mail to just be tossed. He needs to get over that. I ain’t gonna happen.

          His comments were ignorant of the process all along the way, and he has more than proved he knew zip, nada, zero about elections.

          Joe Biden will be the President on 1/20/’21 and Kamala Harris will the Vice President.

          And, if we’re lucky we never have to look at or hear from anyone in that Trump family again, unless they’re on some 2nd rate reality show, (still licking their wounds) and we click on the wrong channel by total error.

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  3. Even Tucker Carlson has had enough of this bullshit . . .

    “But [Powell] never sent us any evidence, despite a lot of polite requests. When we kept pressing, she got angry and told us to stop contacting her. When we checked with others around the Trump campaign, people in positions of authority, they also told us Powell had never given them any evidence to prove anything she claimed today at the press conference.”

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  4. The fact that the airwaves, including this forum, are flooded with more insane, improbable “theories” is an indication that the entire country needs to take one large dose of Xanax.

    The votes have been counted. They are about to be confirmed by the states. If ANY state legislature attempts to overturn a duly conducted, lawful, transparent, election, as confirmed by Trump’s own DHS, then they deserve a cell in their state prisons. It isn’t a difference of a couple hundred votes; it is differences so large that even the tiniest of changes in tallies will have no effect on the outcome. And there is ZERO evidence of fraud. Seriously, if it were so obvious, why hasn’t Trump’s legal beagles presented it in court already? They are trying so hard to find a massive fraud that they have lost sight of the fact they are doing serious damage to our democratic process. Country be damned, it’s all about Trump. And has been since the beginning.

    According to Trump’s own words after 2016, Biden wins in a landslide. And with 51% of the national popular vote, President-elect Biden has more of a mandate than Trump ever did … or will.


    1. It is indeed a high bar that Trump’s lawyers must meet. I didn’t know if the evidence supports it. But what gives me hope is the desperation of Democrats in preventing the issue to come to court.

      If they weren’t afraid the proof is there, they should be demanding the Republicans come to court to present it and make fools of themselves.

      But they insist that Trump concede without ever coming to court. Why? There is nothing Biden needs to do before Jan 20, and his transition has plenty of time to get up to speed after Dec 14th.

      So, let it play out. If nothing else, it will restore faith in the process.

      And Biden has no mandate. If he acts as though he does, Democrats will be annihilated in the 2022 midterms.


      1. “ Republicans come to court to present it and make fools of themselves.”

        I’m sorry, have been gone for a few weeks? The Trump campaign has been to court dozens of times. What the heck more do you want?

        Oh, and they have made fools of themselves.

        And now we have the president demanding state legislators bow to his whims. I guess you are fine with that too.

        Meanwhile, COVID is going nuts and our president is AWOL. Bottom line is obvious, he doesn’t give a rat’s patootie about our country. And firing Krebs, HIS APPOINTEE, for reporting cyber security success, both foreign and domestic, in our election.

        That should be celebratory news for the welfare and safety of our nation.

        But not for Trump.

        And you wonder why I say he is a traitor?


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        1. RE: “The Trump campaign has been to court dozens of times. What the heck more do you want?”

          I’ve been able to find only six or so court cases filed or joined by the campaign since Nov. 3. One in PA was a clear victory for the campaign. The others are a mixed bag of motions approved and denied with no final ruling yet.

          Your characterization is not accurate.


          1. Depends on what you mean by court cases. Most have been tossed out for lack of evidence.

            None have come to trial because in order to go to trial, you have to have evidence.

            I cannot sue John for not paying my photo bill and expect a jury trial. I have to show my evidence in order to even get a trial date.

            “President Donald Trump’s campaign and Republican officials have filed nearly two dozen lawsuits since Election Day in an effort to contest the results of the 2020 election.”


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      2. “And Biden has no mandate.”

        The hypocrisy on display with that comment is monumental. According to YOU Trump had a mandate for HIS agenda in 2016 with 306 Electoral College votes and a stunning loss in the popular vote. Biden will have 306 votes in the Electoral College and has won the popular vote by nearly 6 million – the biggest defeat of an incumbent President just about ever.

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        1. The Congressional gains by the GOP were from the heavily gerrymandered districts that barely squeaked a win for Democrats in 2018. And, of course, the Senate will always be a tough road for the majority party since all the rural red states with few people, but lots of corn and cows, get disproportionate citizen representation.

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        2. And Trump, in losing, had a higher vote total than any previous candidate. It was a high turnout election.

          Biden may have squeaked by with close races in key states, much has Trump did last time. but Biden did not capture the Senate and lost seats in the House. State races were a bloodbath for Democrats nationwide.

          He is going in very weak, and only because of dislike for Trump, not because of his policy positions, which I would guess 90% of those who voted for him don’t even know.

          We are going to see ‘buyer’s remorse’ on a scale not seen in our lifetimes.


          1. “We are going to see ‘buyer’s remorse’ on a scale not seen in our lifetimes.”
            That is patently ridiculous. President Biden did not make a bunch of magical promises. He promised a steady hand, concern for the environment, less divisiveness, a national pandemic response and a return to the Western Alliance. Most people who voted for him know that that is what he promised and he will deliver. Your contempt for the intellect of your fellow citizens – except those suckered by Trump – is duly noted.

            “Biden did not capture the Senate”
            It is not over until it is over.

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          2. “We are going to see ‘buyer’s remorse’ on a scale not seen in our lifetimes.”

            Ithink we just did. 80 million votes for Biden and you tout the number of votes the loser got? I keep hearing that comment around other places and it makes me think that if I got 6 million fewer votes than my opposition, I still lose. Unless of course the caddy-in-chief thinks its like golf where the lower score wins.


          3. A “mandate” occurs when the winner is elected based on overwhelming support for his policies.

            A mandate will have coattails down ticket.

            A 6 million vote edge in a 150million vote election is a very slim win, and with no down ticket support and no real support for Biden’s vague policy ideas, there just is no mandate.

            But by all means, let Biden act as though he has one. If he does, Democrats will be wiped out in 2022.

            That’s a lesson you should have learned from Clinton and Obama, both of whom lost control of Congress in their first midterm.


      3. “And Biden has no mandate.”

        Don’t even remember your own words anymore, do you? You stated that Trump’s voters gave him a mandate in 2016 and he LOST the popular vote by more than 2 million. Biden’s Popular Vote victory is around 6 million, with more than 51% of the vote and with the same electoral college votes as Trump. Trump called his win a landslide in 2016; Biden’s margins are much larger but it isn’t a landslide in 2020? Wow. Do I even have to say the “h” word out loud again?

        You really are having a hard time keeping your “alternative facts” straight.


        1. Again, when Trump won, he had coattails. Biden does not. Further, most of Biden’s votes were “not Trump” votes, not support for Biden’s policies. I would guess that most of Biden’s supporters have no idea of the details of his policy positions

          And even in the best circumstances 51% is not a mandate.


          1. Go for it.

            Clean up those low gas prices.

            Clean up those excess manufacturing jobs with their elevated median wage.

            Plunge the emerging Black middle class back into dependency.

            Get us back into unwinnable wars trying to impose Democrat ideas of fairness that are unwelcome.

            Put us back at the mercy of China and middle eastern despots on energy.

            I would love to see Harris faced with veto proof GOP majorities after the 2022 election.


          2. You are spouting falsehoods and utter nonsense. No surprise there.

            The reality is we once again have to rely on the Democrats to clean up yet another GOP mess.

            And this is the worst one yet. . .

            A raging pandemic.
            Economy on the edge of a massive collapse.
            Our alliances shattered.
            The environment unprotected.
            Healthcare system and finance in ruins.
            Massive federal deficits.
            Gun-toting pinheads intimidating public officials.
            Incessant lies and hate speech being disseminated by corrupt right-wing media.
            Agriculture sector living off the dole.
            Manufacturing in a deep recession
            Courts in the hands of partisan hacks.

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          3. “Public officials are supposed to be intimidated.”

            Hopefully you have decided to play the Troll today.

            If not, the utter childishness of such a view of society is bordering on the pathological. For the record, the way that people in a democratic country “intimidate” public officials is with the threat of ending their careers at the next election. Not with the threat of ending their lives. DUH!

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          4. Really?

            So, what happens on Jan 20th if Trump declares a state of emergency and refuses to leave office, backed by the military?

            What do you do about that, other than wait for me to tell him he can’t do that?

            We have government by the consent of the government only so long as the people retain the means to withdraw that consent.


          5. “Really?”
            Yes, really. Pure childish fantasy nonsense.

            In fact, kind of laughable. In your imaginary scenario, the military – which is armed with planes, tanks, artillery, drones and God knows what else – is going to along with the dictator wannabee (instead of arresting him) and the only thing holding them back is you with your collection of pop guns. Uh, no. Here, in the real world, it is domestic terrorists who use their weapons to threaten, intimidate and attack to get what they want who are the most serious threat to our democratic order. According to the Trump DHS, anyway. Your childish attitudes makes it harder to contain this threat.


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          6. the number of hunting licenses sold in the United States exceeds the size of the top ten militaries in the world, combined.

            And it is unlikely that our own military would take arms against their brothers and fathers if it came to a confrontation.

            It’s all about deterrence


          7. Deterrence . . .
            So, the citizen soldiers who will not take up arms against their brothers and fathers WOULD do so except that the brothers and fathers are armed? In the service of a wannabe dictator suppressing the Constitution? That they have sworn to defend? Uh, nonsense flag is on the field.

            Our real bulwark against tyranny is widespread faith in our democratic institutions, NOT your personal arsenal. And, it is worth reminding everyone that your hero is doing his best to undermine that literally vital widespread faith. This is obvious to everyone who is not a blithering idiot. And yet, you seem not to notice.

            And, as above, you applaud these blithering idiots when they show up with their guns to “intimidate” the lawful authorities.

            Take a long and honest look in the mirror. Read what you post and actually think about it. YOU are the problem, not the solution.

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          8. I have not advocated showing up armed at political rallies EXCEPT those related to gun control legislation, where it is a form of speech to demonstrate that a large number of armed citizens pose no danger.

            In other contexts it complicates the issue.

            Trump has not in any way attempted to thwart the Constitution. He has pushed the executive branches limits, but he has never failed to submit to the Rule of Law when he loses in court.

            In the recent cases, State Executive Branch officials have assumed powers specifically assigned to their legislative branches. Trump is right to fully litigate those abuses. But if he ultimately loses, he will have to submit to the Rule of Law. And if he wins, I will expect Democrats to do the same.


          9. “So, the citizen soldiers who will not take up arms against their brothers and fathers WOULD do so except that the brothers and fathers are armed? ”


            You can herd unarmed citizens into the cattle cars without having to do violence on them yourself, but if you have to kill them yourself(and risk getting killed by them) it’s a much higher threshold.

            Again, for deterrence to work, it must be credible. The fact that we are armed makes such a confrontation unthinkable. but once it can be done without resistance, it becomes possible “for the public good.”

            You can vote your way into tyranny, but you can only shoot your way out.


          10. “You just voted for a party which on every single issue except abortion opts for less personal freedom.”

            Uh, no. We just voted for a party that is based in reality and stands behind the rule of law. You voted for a party in the thrall of a jackass, wannabe dictator who thinks the law is a minor inconvenience that can be ignored.

            “Personal freedom” is what most Americans have as a result of progressive policies over the decades. You have gotten so use to enjoying the fruits of their labor and sacrifice that you have forgotten why we have them.


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