K–12: Why John Saxon Is the Brightest Star in Math Education

Source: American Thinker.

One of the things that most astounds me is the observation that teaching has existed for thousands of years, but in our age we try to reinvent it. You’d think that the art and science of instruction would have been finalized long ago; that all the gains to be wrung from the psychology of the process would have been discovered and formalized as a perfect and complete pedagogy, ready to use. But it is not so.

The “New Math” and the “New English” were re-inventions I endured 50 years ago in grade school. Common core is a re-invention students endure today. It is as if our society became dissatisfied with the wheel and determined to substitute a more angular device in its place.

The article suggests that “Saxon Math” restores the art and science of K-12 math instruction to its wheel-like form.

6 thoughts on “K–12: Why John Saxon Is the Brightest Star in Math Education

  1. I suspect that some of the smartest people in education spend their careers concocting methods that are intended not to work.
    Decade after decade there is a tide of inferior methods sold to the country as ultimate solutions. No, just more schlock.


    1. Back to Hanlon’s Razor,(never attribute malice to what can adequately be explained by stupidity) with an addendum on the magnifying effect of government monopoly.

      An educational business that produced the dismal results at the excessive costs of our public school systems would be driven from the marketplace by competition from better providers. But government schools just demand higher taxes “for the children” and go right on with the failed methods.

      If, as in most of Europe, the money followed the child, we would be able to choose superior education using methods proven by experience.


      1. Malice is a better and more satisfying explanation. For example, it’s not easy to create an instructional method that while claiming to teach reading in fact destroys reading. Whole edifices have to be built up to promote and defend what is entirely fake. I think the people at the top know exactly what’s going on. K-12 now is a house of clever but heartless sophistries. Stupid people could not create this stuff.


  2. The far-left tends to be malevolent. No projection required. The Communists, etc.always want more power. To get that they will walk on everybody else.


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