Here is the Evidence


“Due to the irregularity of this current 2020 Presidential Election, this is a crowdsourcing tool for organizing anomalies and legal issues. Our desire is that more of the election process would be made transparent so there would be unquestionable confidence in our voting systems.”

There are 14 records for Virginia in this online database.

14 thoughts on “Here is the Evidence

    1. Your Politifact link fact-checks a Facebook post. The entry in the online database, however, refers to a Twitter message that appears to be correct, if Politifact’s own analysis is to be believed.

      There are close to 60 entries in the online database for Pennsylvania. Without knowing which one you have in mind, I can’t say whether it belongs in the database or not. A document confirming voter fraud in Philadelphia in 1994 might be of some historical value, for example.

      I think the database is interesting in and of itself.


      1. I won’t suggest that our election system is perfect or hasn’t had some shady operators at times. The old Byrd machine in VA is a testament to that.

        What I would like to see is some codifying of balloting, voting and counting while still letting states run the elections.

        Perhaps some of these specious legal challenges will expose the weaknesses and better minds can tighten up the process.

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  1. Seeing as how well over 3000 “uncounted” ballots in GOP heavy Georgia districts were just “found” in closets, the evidence is much more tangible. Pennsylvania is rife with illegal acceptance of late and improper ballots.


    1. The evidence is more tangible alright. Tangible that there is no fraud. Both instances of found ballots were human errors, corrected and votes counted.

      That is what a recount and audit is supposed to do.

      As far as PA goes, wishful thinking.

      Michigan’s last county, Wayne, has certified its count and that smooths the way for state certification by the State Board. Remember, all this took place with a Republican state legislature. And the Republican Speaker of the House has said that the legislature will not select the electors. The voters have spoken, been checked, re-checked and certified.

      Georgia will be the same shortly as soon as the statewide hand count. The Trump campaign has balked at the $8 million cost of a recount in Wisconsin. So that is now a done deal.

      We have a landslide. 5.5 million popular votes and 306 electoral one. Certainly a landslide by Trumpian standards.

      The polls were right in the popular vote. And mostly correct with the results in the key states, just not the margins of victory. Florida and Texas were always long shots. So was Georgia, but it was a “toss up” in the final polling and, by golly, they were right.

      I don’t know why it is such a shocker that Biden was able to win back the 3 blue states, WI, MI and PA, that Trump won by a whisker in 2016. If the election was rigged, down ballot still prevailed for the GOP. That indicates that many Republicans like their Congressmen, but pitched Trump. Not surprising at all.

      Trump, however, did try hard to rig the election himself. Once it became obvious that mail-in ballots were going to increase greatly due to the pandemic, he decides to make major changes in the USPS that slowed down mail greatly. Then relying on complicit states to limit the time period for mailed ballots to arrive and be counted.

      He even went so far as to suggest the his fans vote twice and that such tactics would be corrected in the final count. True, it would be. Of course, the multiple vote folks would be facing felony voter fraud charges. But, hey, collateral damage among the faithful is no big deal. Right?

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  2. Seeing as how well over 3000 “uncounted” ballots in GOP heavy Georgia districts were just “found” in closets, the evidence is much more tangible. Pennsylvania is rife with illegal acceptance of late and improper ballots.



    70% of Republicans believe there was widespread voter fraud. Virtually no Democrats believe that.

    Now ask yourself, “Who’s going to show up and vote at the next election? The Republican who believes his vote won’t count? Or, the Democrat who believes it will?”

    Trump lost because he convinced his voters that early voting and vote by mail would not be counted, and to save their voting for the narrow 12-hour window on November 3rd. The only people who believed him were his voters. Democrats relaxed, voted early, mailed or dropped off their ballots, and watched the Republicans, who weren’t discouraged by the belief that there would be fraud, stand on line.

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  4. The latest “news” from the Trump legal team of Giuliani and Powell is the server found by a US military raid in Spain that shows Trump winning over 400 electoral seats, including all of California. Soros, an ex-Venezuelan dictator and some other “bad player” funded the whole thing. I think Cuba and China provided some money and support too.

    So we have that coming from the White House.

    Now we have Trump bringing in the top Republican legislators from Michigan to persuade them to not certify the votes in Michigan. The reason is specious, but since all the lawsuits and other efforts to find wrongdoing did not turn up anything, I guess bribery, threats, extortion, bullying and jawboning are all on the table.

    And Trump has employed all of those tactics over his tenure, so my guesses are probably not far off.

    The really, really sad part is that millions of people believe that Venezuela, rigged the election.

    COVID or Trump? Which is worse for our country?

    I think there is a symbiotic relationship between the two. Like fungus and underground roots.

    “Dante, do you have room in your inferno for these folks?”

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