Fact Check: Did Trump slow down the USPS to impede mail-in voting?

I have seen this claim repeated several times in Tidewater Forum recently, so I decided to look into it. I find there is no shortage of news outlets that make exactly this claim as though it were a proven fact. It is not.

Here are three sources that refute the claim:

Forbes: Separating Fact From Fiction On Trump And The Post Office – And Why It Matters

Politico: The Empty Threats Behind Trump’s Mail-In Voting Mischief

Snopes: Is USPS Purposefully Slowing Mail To Help Reelect Trump?

The allegation that Trump manipulated the USPS for electoral advantage is nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

13 thoughts on “Fact Check: Did Trump slow down the USPS to impede mail-in voting?

  1. No matter. He did slow it down before the election, this we know. Even his Postmaster General confirmed it.

    The explanation was cost saving and efficiency.

    So why do it just before an election that we all knew would rely on mail service more than any time in the past?

    You could call it a conspiracy except for those nasty facts of 1) a national election with expected high volumes of mailed ballots, 2) a brand new Trump appointee did order the slowdown and 3) Trump had been screaming “hoax” , “fraud” and “rigged” since 2015 long before the 2016 and the 2020 election. And the emphasis of lies about mail in ballots all this year since the pandemic was recognized by Trump.

    So the cry of “no conspiracy” has legs only to the extent that it was all out in the open as a blatant attempt to rig the election.

    Now, about the Venezuelan connection and a long dead Hugo Chavez.

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    1. RE: “He did slow it down before the election, this we know. Even his Postmaster General confirmed it.”

      Both false, according to the sources. If you can show otherwise, let’s see it.


      1. “At this meeting, you confirmed that, contrary to certain prior denials and statements minimizing these changes, the Postal Service recently instituted operational changes shortly after you assumed the position of Postmaster General,” the letter states. “These changes include reductions of overtime availability, restrictions on extra mail transportation trips, testing of new mail sorting and delivery policies at hundreds of Post Offices, and the reduction of the number and use of processing equipment at mail processing plants.”


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          1. Yes…after it came to light.

            He tried and got caught. So he did reverse the OT policies. But did not mean re-installing the high speed sorters or the blue boxes.

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          2. RE: “But did not mean re-installing the high speed sorters or the blue boxes.”

            USPS didn’t need the sorters or the mailboxes. You are confusing legitimate operational changes with imaginary intentions of a supposed Trump conspiracy.


  2. That is all the left has had over 4 years of crying, stomping and flailing and they will continue with the help of MSM. News is now full of key words, like should, could, may, might, etc that are used in gasping spurious predictions of Trump or GOP caused doom and gloom. I turned it off a while ago and life is much more relaxed.


    1. “…4 years of crying, stomping and flailing…”.

      Finally, a truer phrase was never spoken. You are talking about Trump, aren’t you?

      It was so “unfair”.

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  3. None of your links refute that the PO was slowed down by a Trump appointee, and heavy donor, starting in May, 2020. Snopes merely says that intent to defraud was “Unproven”, which is fine. I am sure there is no written memo from Trump to LaJoy outlining the the details.

    Like I said, even if there was no trail of evidence,the administration was slowing down the USPS just before an election knowing full well that the flood of ballots will be abnormally high and, more importantly, that many states required mailed ballots to arrive on election day.

    Terminal stupidity might suffice. It seems to fit this regime anyway.

    So I stand by my assertion that the PO was slowed down before the election. Only when this was brought to light, did the PG reverse some of his edicts, but not before a good amount of high speed sorters and blue mailboxes were removed.

    As an aside, I hope all the Republicans in Georgia heed Trump in that the election was a fraud. Thus they might not bother to show up. That would be a good protest movement, don’t you think.

    Republicans and other “patriots” should boycott the election in January. That’ll show ’em, by golly.

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    1. RE: “None of your links refute that the PO was slowed down…”

      All of them explicitly make that very refutation.


      1. For the election or in May and June before the poop hit the fan?

        Just because the bank robber was arrested before the money was handed over doesn’t mean he didn’t break the law.

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        1. OK. You’ve admitted you can’t prove Trump’s intentions. Now tell us where and how USPS operations obstructed the processing of mail-in ballots. Not theoretically, but actual incidents.


          1. I already said that when the administration was called to task on this, they agreed to reinstate OT. No machines or blue boxes were reinstalled as far as I know.

            I give the administration E for effort to muck up the election, however.

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