Operation Warp Speed at the BATFE?

After wait times for Federal Firearms Act tax stamps averaging 11 months for years, I was surprised to get mine for a suppressor for my AR15 after only 7 months. This improved regulatory environment will be one of the things I will miss once Democrats get control again.

FYI, the suppressed AR sounds about like a regular .22 rifle, not like the ones on TV. But it quiets it down enough so as not to overly disturb the neighbors.

5 thoughts on “Operation Warp Speed at the BATFE?

    1. I’m pretty good with a bow, but we shoot 4 inch steel disks at 150 yds on our range and I’m not that good. Besides the steel disks are rough on arrows.

      But the point was to lower the noise to a level that is acceptable to the neighbors, not to keep them from knowing I practice.


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