5 thoughts on “A Minor Win for the Trump Team in Pennsylvania

    1. Strange, Democrats couldn’t “get over it” for FOUR YEARS and still havent and you have the audacity to babble about what others should do? The funny thing you complete hypocrites, and specifically your boy Adam, are concerned about now is Republicans spending 4 years, like YOU, investigating Biden. Nah, the GOP has better things to do like legislate and prove who the real adults are….again…


    2. After hearing and watching Trump whine like a stood-up prom queen for four years, I’m beginning to think a lot of his supporters are as paranoid as he is. It really is a laugh a minute reading some of the stuff on this site, these days.

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  1. The sorry part of this is not only the illegality of it but the lack of tracability of invalid ballots. Do you really think the Pennsylvania Board of Elections actually separated the illegal votes? You can hear the snide “oops” snicker snicker from here.


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