Error and Fraud at Issue as Absentee Voting Rises

Source: The New York Times.

The article, published in 2012, details some of the known problems with mail-in voting. I think it is interesting as an example of past wisdom that today is denied.

The practical mechanics of mail-in voting are interesting for Constitutional reasons, as well. For example, if it is known that mail-in ballots are twice as likely to be erroneous in some way, compared to in-person ballots, should not the states take extra measures to ensure the integrity of the mail-in vote is equal to that of the in-person vote?

33 thoughts on “Error and Fraud at Issue as Absentee Voting Rises

  1. An interesting 8 year old article that indicated R’s voted by mail more than D’s in Florida.

    However, what is not taken into consideration by YOU, is that a lot of things have been changed and improved in he past 8 years. Safety systems have been put in place to ferret out fraudulent votes and the states systems and education concerning mailed ballots continues to improve.

    I kind of enjoyed the paragraph that indicated that all registered voters in Ohio were sent ballot applications…by the GOP run election commission. …”Ohio’s Republican secretary of state recently sent absentee ballot applications to every registered voter in the state.”

    Sounds like the GOP has changed it tune over the last 8 years.


    1. RE: “a lot of things have been changed and improved in he past 8 years.”

      I don’t know that to be true. In fact, I believe that’s the very question being tested.


      1. You can believe what you want. I believe the test has been passed. With flying colors.

        Not one verifiable factoid concerning the widespread fraud you and Trump seem to believe happened. 0-15 in the courts at last count.

        Keep trying the. The hole you keep digging is big enough for an Olympic sized swimming pool.

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      2. RE: “Not one verifiable factoid concerning the widespread fraud you and Trump seem to believe happened.”

        You assume too much: I have made no allegation of “widespread fraud.”


        1. By posting the article that you did, you implied that Trump’s assertions of election stealing via widespread fraud was factually accurate.

          You don’t like my interpretations of what you post, that is your problem, not mine.

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        2. RE: “By posting the article that you did, you implied that Trump’s assertions of election stealing via widespread fraud was factually accurate.”

          That’s your assumption. In fact my post makes no such assertion.


          1. RE: “Even the most loyal of trump supporters know the truth of the matter.”

            The truth is: None of the 5,000,000 votes has been certified yet and the Electoral College hasn’t voted.


  2. Everyone knows that this election was as transparent and above board as possible.

    The ploy by Trump is to keep attacking tiny, bogus in most or all cases, errors and omissions that won’t change the ballot count, but will create a cloud of uncertainty among his fans, And that as such will affect the certification process because litigation is ongoing. (Sort of like the “endless IRS audit” of Trump’s taxes.)

    The idea is simple: make the GOP friendly statehouses take a position that since the ballots are so suspect, then they will pick the electors. Of course that means the politicians in the statehouses would have to tell millions of voters to take a hike. And that, so far, does not seem to be a realistic assumption.

    Murtaugh has said that they don’t expect to win any, or very few, of the contested ballots through affidavits, hearsay testimonies and made up assertions based on rumors and allegations. They are using them for fishing expeditions to see if they can find other niches of impropriety to eventually spread a stain large enough to prevent certification. Keeping in mind that the “stain” may amount to a few hundred, or even thousand, votes in states where Trump lost by 10-1000 times that amount.

    This was undoubtedly the strategy for months, if not years. The constant mantra of rigged elections, even when he “won” in 2016 (I still think the 77K votes in MI, WI, PA are suspect. I have affidavits from thousands of poll workers who wish to remain anonymous for security reasons. So just trust me on this.)

    Then the deliberate slowing of the USPS once it became obvious that mail in ballots were going to be used in the middle of the worst pandemic in a century.

    In other words, this “lawyerly” attack is a blatant, seemingly legal, way to disenfranchise 150 million American voters from legally electing their president as has been done for 200 years.

    The damage done to our system will be long lasting and might even spell the end to our nation’s systems of governance that has worked well and used to be the envy of the world. Why? It sets a precedence that every election will have to go to court unless we codify some crucial aspects such as postmarks, timing of ballot arrivals, and the like.

    And all to soothe the ego of a president who cares not a whit about our nation, but only how much his family can prosper.

    I would not be surprised at all if we found out later that Trump sold our secrets to Putin or other autocratic pals for post election riches. He may have already done so.

    Like I have said in the past, the man is a traitor and should be treated as such.


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    1. RE: “Everyone knows that this election was as transparent and above board as possible.”

      I don’t know that, and neither do you.


      1. Yes, I do know.

        Unlike many unfortunate souls in this country, I have not come to the conclusion that everything is one, big, vast conspiracy. Election officials are hard working, honest people. Safeguards on signatures and other forms of verification are working. Plenty of witnesses on both sides. Live streaming the counting in key areas.

        This is not the same attitude as those perpetually seeking basements in pizza parlors looking for boogeymen because a demigod demagogue has ordered them to do so. Or believe affidavits that said “I overheard so and so talk to so and so and I think they said a ballot was wrinkled”.

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        1. RE: ” I have not come to the conclusion that everything is one, big, vast conspiracy.”

          And yet you spent 450 words to describe just such a conspiracy by the administration.


          1. Huh? You counted my words? I am humbled.

            Conspiracy or facts?

            Did Trump not say that mail in ballots are a fraud? That elections are rigged unless he wins? That his supporters should vote twice? (Amended to mean vote early or with mail then go to the polls and demand proof that it arrived and vote again if needed.) Did not DeJoy remove high speed sorters and slow down delivery to “avoid OT)? in the months, during a pandemic, when we all knew mailed ballots would be used much more?

            Are those true actions? Then if so, where is the conspiracy? It is not a conspiracy, it is just a slew of statements and actions to discredit the vote.

            For that matter, a conspiracy is often by anonymous “they” and “them” folks. In what I mentioned, it is all Trump, all the time.

            And the campaign as well as many attorneys have said that the road to a Trump victory is to get the states to select electors by appointment rather than votes.

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          2. No nationwide conspiracy is required. Not even state wide.

            But cheating in elections has become so much a way of life for countless local Democrat election officials that each one, independently ‘doing his part’ has the appearance of a grand conspiracy, much like the spontaneous order in a flock of birds that all seem to turn on command.


          3. Prove it!

            The biggest frauds have been by Republicans. Taylor in 2018 and the NC congressional race that same election.

            Not to mention all the fraudulent efforts to disenfranchise the “wrong” voters in Republican states. But that is business as usual from a party that can’t win without a thumb on the scale.

            People pleaded guilty to fraud and the NC election had to be redone at great cost.

            Honestly, Don, I think you are sinking into Q land.

            BTW. A few thousand ballots in PA will be discounted because of technicalities. Like no handwritten name or address, etc. Trouble is, they include Trump and Biden ballots. Plus they had never been included in the official counts anyway. They were all pending reviews.

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          4. Well, then you should have no trouble with verification and audit then.

            Why the rush to skip past those steps if there is no fraud or error to be revealed?

            At the very least, all ballots cast using Dominion voting systems need to be hand counted.

            There are reports as well of stacks of ballots being fed through scanners more than once. That will either be confirmed or refuted by a recount.

            Again, what’s the problem with an audit if there is nothing wrong?


          5. I have no problem with recounts. If the margin is small, the state pays, if it is bigger the loser pays.

            Your report of stacks being fed twice is pure BS. A bar code will immediately pick up the double count. Plus, the supposed “witness” was shown that the ballots jammed the first time and had to be reinserted after a reset.

            I think that we need to codify election procedures so that we don’t run into these issues in the future. Otherwise, from now on every vote in every election will be challenged with the hopes of going to court. Over and over and over and over…

            For those of you who want kings, this is fine I suppose. But for us who still believe we are a government of, by and for the people and that the people should have a say in electing their representatives, we don’t think endless court battles are good.

            I believe that once we get rid of this petulant, little boy in the Oval Office, we can address these issues like grownups.

            Meanwhile, I am happy to see our new president actually addressing this pandemic which is now starting to get totally out of control with infections, hospitalizations and deaths rising faster than we can handle them.

            Funny you should need an audit if nothing is wrong. Usually an audit is to root out problems. Just like the endless IRS audit of Trump’s tax returns.

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          6. An audit is to determine if there is a problem.

            Biden is not our new President, though I agree it is likely he will be on Jan 20. For now, Trump remains President and there is much to be done.

            However, even though it is unlikely there is a remedy for the fraud that has occurred, it remains important to root out every case and assure that those responsible are punished and that the means are known so they can’t be employed again.

            Biden has nothing to offer on the pandemic other than to stay out of the way as the vaccines are rolled out. What is it you think he is doing, or would be doing, that would make a difference?

            Note that the resurgence in the virus is actually much worse in Europe than here. in spite of Europe having taken all the measures Biden has advocated.

            Trump got a raw deal on the virus from the MSM, as they succeeded in blaming Trump for the spread, especially at rallies.
            Research has shown that fully 80% of the spread of the virus has been through restaurants, gyms and churches. Outdoor rallies don’t even make the list.


          7. Funny, those corrupt Democratic election officials have avoided being caught while one Republican after another has been busted. Taylor comes to mind as do those North Carolina GOP racists who caused the election to be re-run. So, are Republicans just stupid but those crafty Democrats are getting away with it from coast to coast?

            Just kidding. The simple truth is that you are full of shit. Your sweeping slander of election officials has no basis in fact. You are a typical Trump stooge. Gee, I hope stating the obvious does not get Mr. Roberts’s panties in a twist!

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  3. I continue to be amazed by the malfeasance of our media. No surprise that no one knows anything as the media won’t tell you. When in doubt, assume the New York Times, the Associated Press, the Washington Post, and unfortunately the Pilot are lying, and you can reverse-engineer the truth.


    1. Wow, State Media … I mean Fox News, was one of the first to call AZ for Biden.

      Your desperation would be laughable if it weren’t so terribly sad.

      And according to Trump’s numbers for 2016, Biden won in a landslide. And even more so if you consider that Biden received around 5.6 million votes in the popular count.

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