Something maybe we shuld all consider

Got this from one of The Bulwark newsletters (with permission to share, I might add) today. I found it thoughtful and thought provoking. I hope you all do as well.

The author is a conservative American Blogger. Here is the link to his wikipedia entry;

“Tomorrow, we may not know who the winner of the presidency is.

But somewhere in your local community, there’ll be a homeless person who needs help. Somewhere, right now, a husband is hitting his wife and she’s about to pack up their children and escape to a battered women’s shelter. A family, tonight, is going to lose their home in a fire and have nowhere to turn. A family whose jobs disappeared with the virus will need a meal from the local food bank. A child will slip further behind in literacy at a local school. An elderly couple will go another day without face to face contact with another person.

Whoever becomes President and whichever party controls the Senate or your state legislature will be unable to fix those things. They will have zero impact in any meaningful way on the lives of those people.

But you can.

We have all obsessed with this election. We are all fretful. We all have an interest in it. But the homeless, the battered wife, the child, the hungry, and the isolated do not need a president, a senator, or a congressman. They all need your commitment to your local community. They need a neighbor’s love. . . .

Scripture says to seek the welfare of the city in which you live. You can certainly do that with a vote, but a vote comes on one day every other year. On that day and every other day of the year, someone in your community is in need. . . .

Both sides are convinced that if their guy loses, the country is going to hell in a handbasket. I assure you, despite the hysteria, that is not really the case. But it is the case that someone in your community is falling through the cracks and you can help.

Seek the welfare of your community and please go love your neighbor today, tomorrow, and the day after that.”

3 thoughts on “Something maybe we shuld all consider

  1. You’re starting to sound libertarian.

    Of course direct, voluntary charitable aid to our fellow citizens is better than government aid. It is better morally. more efficient, and builds bonds between us. Direct charity of course, comes with strings attached. The recipient is expected to do what he can to improve his lot and even to someday be in a position to help others.

    But helping the unfortunate through government coercion, and outright force, does not improve behavior and does not bring us together. It results in resentment in the hearts of the recipient as well as the plundered.

    So sure, help where you see someone in need of help, just don’t put a gun to someone else’s head to compel them to do so as well. Lead by example.


    1. “You’re starting to sound libertarian.”

      You don’t have to be insulting. 😉

      And I don’t see why the idea of a social safety-net backed by the government is such a bad thing. A little Social Democracy can go a long way.

      And don’t insult your own intelignece by saying it is “socialism”. That is a boogey-man word used to keep people from looking at what exactly it is.

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      1. You said socialism not me.

        What I am talking about is the superiority of real charity over redistribution by force.

        Charity builds binds between people and raises the recipients.

        Government redistribution leaves resentment on both sides and creates incentives for continuing behavior that led to poverty in the first place.


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