A bit of advice to whoever wins

Reason – Don’t claim a mandate

Whoever wins, will do so by a hair, and will face a divide Congress and a divided nation.

This is not the time to take the country in a radical direction in either direction. The next President should approach the task with humility and due respect for their opponents.

Former President Obama’s greatest mistake was to try to remake the healthcare system with a narrow victory, and it cost him control in the next midterm. If Biden wins, it will only be because COVID destroyed the public confidence in Trump, not because the country wants to rush to socialism. If Trump wins, he should realize that his careless speech was offensive to so many.

41 thoughts on “A bit of advice to whoever wins

  1. Good points, though unlikely.

    If Trump wins, I think he/we can safely declare a mandate against the media. The persistent bias—coupled with inaccurate polls and premature “calls” on election night—is dangerous.


  2. He probably hopes the media will stop pointing out Trump’s lies, his corruption and his 1st term’s illegitimacy.

    Speaking of being elected illegitimately, for all we know the Russians and other enemies of America are diddling (as I write this) with the inner workings of our election count.

    I wouldn’t trust Trump with anything.

    We must have a working MEDIA that will tell the American people what this corrupt, cheating prez and admin. has been doing since they slithered into the WH and most certainly if he stays.

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    1. To be of any value to anyone, the media must have credibility.

      While many people are delighted in the moment because the media concealed things that could hurt their candidate and outright invented things to hurt their opponents, even they know the media was not honest and unbiased these last 4 years. Maybe they don’t care because the media’s bias helped them, but when it goes another way, they won’t trust the media either. Neither side will because both know they tipped the scale.

      So, when the media reports something you either like or don’t, you won’t really know if it is true. How do we make decisions when we can’t know if we are acting on accurate information?

      It’s not good for anyone in the long run.


      1. “To be of any value to anyone, the media must have credibility.”

        Too bad you don’t feel the same way about the individual sitting at the Resolute Desk. Chris Christie said Trump undercut any credibility with his premature declaration of victory. My question to Mr. Christie would be “What credibility?”

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        1. A politician is not going to be viewed by his opponents as credible in any case.

          But the media, to be of any use, must be seen as an impartial referee. Any value that might have been found in the media’s fact checking of Trump, or Biden, was rendered useless because the media’s incessant bias over the last 4 years resulted on no one taking it seriously form either side.


          1. And yet you still defend Trump’s reckless careless speech? You cannot have it both way, Don.

            If Trump would just once attempt to be honest with us, then maybe, just maybe, he’d be given the benefit of the doubt. Even yesterday he said he would let the votes be counted and less than 24 hours later he was screaming about going to SCOTUS to stop legally cast votes from being counted.

            The issue is he has been lying to the American people from inauguration crowd size to severity of COVID. And 20,000 points in between.

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          2. Whether those would be legally cast votes or not would be the issue before the courts.

            Absent signature matching, assisted by voter contact, I don’t know how you would determine if they were legally cast or ginned up by activists.


          3. Non-existent voter fraud again? Please, please, please just stop. All of the ballots were received by Election Day and the GOP controlled legislatures prevented them from being processed early.

            There is less fraud t be found then little green men from Mars.


          4. Absent signature matching, how would you know that?

            How would you know if the voters for whom the ballots were supposedly cast were still in the state, mentally competent, or even alive?

            Under the rules allowed by PA, anyone with access to the voter rolls(and all campaigns can get a copy) can request a ballot in anyone’s name, intercept them, and fill them out and return them.


          5. I am not going to humor you by pretending that there is a need to defend well-established and well-controlled absentee voting procedures. We know you hate Democracy and it is clear that your hatred has made you susceptible to the pre-announced lies that Trump is hoping will overturn the decisions of the people.

            It is hard to think of anything that would be more deplorable and unpatriotic than spreading dishonest nonsense about the security of the election on behalf of the criminal in the White House. And this at a time when massive absentee voting has been essential for public safety in a pandemic.

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      2. “. . . even they know the media was not honest and unbiased these last 4 years. ”

        We all know that SOME parts of the media are not honest and are biased. Worse, we know that some parts of the media peddle conspiracy theories and “alternative facts” leaving their viewers and listeners worse informed than had they gone fishing instead of paying attention to them.

        We all know which parts of the media I am describing but to be clear I will list a few whose credibility is still intact . . . NYT, WAPO, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS. Their credibility is still in tact because THEY are among the ones holding those in power to account.

        But, if you want to discuss “credibility” the one person who should have the most has none. ANYONE who believes ANYTHING that Donald Trump has to say is a sucker. And that is putting it politely.

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      3. I am A-OK with the media I watch & hear most often, because I want to be assured that I actually ‘saw’ & ‘heard’. This man in the WH, every day is some new crazy conspiracy or hate-filled lie.

        For kicks & grins I slide on over to Fox a couple times a day to see what nonsense they’re spreading. I check in at PBS’s news and a few others. I steer clear of sites that have shown some of the “pizzagate” garbage-type stuff that Trump’s gang & goofy sons enjoy pushing.

        Media-wise, I’m covered with honest, intelligent journalists and hosts.

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      4. “The next President should approach the task with humility and due respect for their opponents.”

        So . . . you’re saying you are pulling for Joe Biden to win? Wow; DID NOT see that coming . . .

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      1. Sorry, TK. I see the possibility of reconciliation in this country. I see hope for the futures of my children and grand children. I also see Mitch McConnell continuing his disappearing legislation act and obstruction of judicial appointments.

        And I see DJT in a big fat orange jumpsuit.

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          1. There is a long history of despots provoking foreign wars to keep the country cowed by an external threat. Russia could be a positive ally in the existential fight with radical Islam, but it is also a convenient boogeyman for frightening the public.


          2. Russia is rich in resources and we are rich in technology. “On paper,” it has the makings of a VERY beneficial relationship for both of us. Heck, if we could play them against China, it would even make our DoD efficient. The problem is that the MIC is one of the most powerful players on Capitol Hill — and for them, a Big Bad Bear is worth a whole lot more $$$, than a normalized ally.

            The good news is that Germany seems to have figured it out. For they just completed a major gas pipeline with Russia and have entered into the planning stages for another.


          3. Islam – radical or otherwise – is not an existential threat. Not even close.

            If Putin – not Russia – has become a bogeyman that is on him and Trump. Obama worked with the Russians in many significant ways – Nuclear Arms agreement and the Iran deal – included. Biden will work with them productively as well. What has Trump done besides give in to Putin in every possible way?


          4. Are you kidding? When Muslim demographics reach +/- 8% in a country, they begin feeling empowered to behead people in the streets.

            Do not take my word for it, have a look at Le Nouvel Observateur.


          5. TK – Long time, no see. But I see you are still trying to sell the same old racist bullshit while praising Lord Putin. Sad.

            If a few radicals committing murders is an “existential threat” then we already have one. They are called White Supremacists. You know, the gun-toting white “Christian” pinheads who love to play army man in the woods and from whose members most politically motivated murderers are drawn.


          6. Please refrain from calling anyone a racist unless you can support the accusation with specific examples and explain how they are racist.

            For example. “Muslim” is not a race.


          7. Please refrain . . .

            So, it is okay with you when a well-known jackass accuses an ethnic minority of our fellow Americans of being an “existential threat” and ready to start beheading people in the streets but to call out this bullshit for what it is triggers – all of a sudden – your inner cop.

            Maybe you are reading challenged but it was the bullshit that I referred to as “racist.” Because, it is. So, read more carefully before firing off your very selective admonitions.


          8. So, you’re saying ‘Muslim’ is a race?

            As far as radical Islam being an existential threat, it is.

            The Muslim birth rate combined with ‘conversion by the sword’ makes them so. At some point there will be a reckoning as long term coexistence is not possible.


        1. Make up your mind. Do you want reconciliation or vengeance? You can’t have both.

          Any attempt to make Trump a political prisoner (and that is exactly what you are talking about) would be the end of any peaceful cooperation between the cities and heartland.

          And believe me, that’s not a confrontation you want. You can’t eat paperwork and entertainment.


          1. Trump is a criminal. He SHOULD have to answer for his crimes. And his criminal children SHOULD too. But realistically, it will most likely be in the form of financial penalties, probation and “community service” so go ahead and untwist your panties.

            Your “Heartland” starving out the cities is laughable. If the “Heartland” wants to play hardball because the law is obeyed, let’s see how they get along without federal handouts – now more than half of farm income. Let’s see how they get along without fuel, electricity, machinery, clothing, medicines and everything else that makes for a modern life – all of which depend on those city folk you want to demonize for demanding justice.


        2. “And I see DJT in a big fat orange jumpsuit.”

          Yeah, that is quite appealing to me. Throw in a few shackles and I’m totally there! Smile.


  3. “The next President should approach the task with humility and due respect for their opponents.”

    If Trump wins, he will declare he has a mandate as he did in 2016. I don’t recall you saying anything about that.

    Biden seems to have been pretty clear about that throughout the general election campaign. A proud Democrat, but an American President.

    And if you believe Trump will attempt to govern in the way you recommend, you have not been paying attention.

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    1. In 2016, Trump did have a mandate, to drain the swamp.

      That mandate does not carry forward this time. nor is there any mandate for Biden other than to not be Trump.

      Remember that Clinton’s best years were after he lost control of Congress and had to work with the opposition to accomplish things.


      1. He didn’t win the popular vote. How in the hell can you say he had a mandate?

        As far as swamp draining goes, I have been saying this for three years: He didn’t drain the swamp, he swamped the drain.

        As far as losing control of Congress, Trump hasn’t even attempted to work with the House, except Mnuchin’s negotiations on COVID stimulus. And that was Mnuchin’s doing it, not the great deal maker in chief.

        And where was the opposition when Obama lost control of the Senate? McConnell was too busy doing EVERYTHING in his power to ensure a one term presidency. He failed bigly there.

        It appears you only expect things to work in one direction and that is the GOP/Trumpist/Unicornism way. If you truly believed in a two-way street on these things, you would not be throwing around the malarkey you are now. -IMO

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      2. Mandate?
        Words have meanings.
        Trump was elected with a stinging loss in the popular vote and squeaker wins in a couple of states. Biden seems on track to win with a decisive victory in the popular vote and squeaker wins in a couple of states. But there you are with your face hanging out with the claim that Trump had a “mandate” to do what YOU want, but Biden has none to do what WE want. How “fair and balanced” of you!

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          1. Like I said, words have meanings and you are ignoring the meaning of the word “mandate.” Alternative facts are so convenient! We both know why Trump became President and it had nothing to do with a “mandate” or a “vision.” He is President because he is NOT HILLARY. Period.

            If Trump has a “vision,” he has kept it a secret. He offers NOTHING but platitudes and magical promises.


          2. ” FROM HIS VOTERS.”

            What about the other OVER 50% who did not vote for him? Unlike Biden, who has said how he would govern as an American president, Trump has only governed to and for his base…which appears to be overshadowed by those who don’t support or would ever vote for him.

            Oh, they must be YOUR deplorables.

            And if Biden holds on to the EC, he will have more of a mandate than Trump (or his supporters, such as yourself) could ever hope for. The most votes EVER received by a presidential candidate. Now THAT’S a MNADATE!

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          3. Forgetting of course that many Trump voters held their nose because they were sold a bill of good that the Democrats are all communists.

            The media as an institution has a lot more credibility than you think. True they were not all cheerleaders and enablers for Trump’s worst edicts, pronouncements and corruption.

            Conservatives love to bash all media except FOX and other Murdoch/Trump partnerships. Yet without media, like Russia, even you would be concerned since all information would be strictly from the administration.

            Recall that part of Trumps strategy was to discredit all media so Americans would be confused. If you are OK with that, then he is your savior despite your “concerns” about his style and extreme nepotism. When he is not assaulting women, eating TicTacs, tweeting and playing golf he is lambasting the media that made him a “star”.

            For what it is worth, it looks like a Biden administration that will be held in check by McConnell. And that does make the Senate at least more amenable to negotiate since the wimps in the GOP won’t have to buckle to Trump’s insults and “primarying”.

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