13 thoughts on “Why Trump Will Triumph in PA Litigation

  1. Seeing as how liberals just don’t believe laws are laws or think they made to be broken, I’m surprised our most obnoxious ones haven’t chimed in yet. It boggles the mind on how and why some judges try to legislate from the bench instead of interpret law, you know, their job. SCOTUS should rule the law is valid, SCOP erred in its ruling and the ballots must be tossed. Then wait to hear Paul et al babble about how outrageous it is to follow the law.


    1. It sounds like your complaint is moot.

      “But Ms. Boockvar said that election officials were not seeing a large influx of late-arriving ballots, and did not anticipate they would have an impact on the final tally.”

      So apparently PA is not counting a lot of mail in ballots that arrived after November 3, just taking the time to be safe and accurate. And it certainly is not unusual to be counting and verifying days, even weeks, after an election.

      No state calls the elections, just the media.

      Meanwhile, Nevada and Arizona are still counting ballots from who knows where. Biden is ahead, so let’s cut he counting Or “voting” as Trump ignorantly put it.

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        1. You know that. I know that. Most of the country knows that.

          Trump is counting on ignorance to win the day.

          Judging by his fans, he may have the right strategy.

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      1. Please do tell me the innocent explanation for the refusal of Philadelphia election officials to comply with a court order requiring them to allow poll watchers access to the counting rooms?

        If phony ballots are mixed in with legitimate ballots out-of-sight, what is the remedy? Once separated from their envelopes, there is no way to identify them.

        If they aren’t doing that, then why are poll watchers being locked out?


          1. You have truly gone over the edge, IMHO.
            “Fraud is rampant. Of course we can’t prove it because it is successful.” My quotes your idea.

            The watchers were there. The are NOT supposed to audit the ballots. That is not their job. They are there just to make sure the process is working smoothly and if they see anything suspicious in the process. They were 20 feet away before. And now they are breathing down the necks of hard working counters and volunteers.

            Trump, and evidently you, have absolutely no respect for the hard work that the poll workers, ballot verifiers, counters and supervisors are doing. You don’t care, just harass and sue.

            There has been no evidence of fraud now, last month. last year or the year before that is anything more than a few votes and most of those were administrative errors.

            No votes have been tossed, burned, buried…that is pure crap and you know it. Yet Trump and his lackeys and family are poisoning our political system on purpose to foul the vote. Shoot, Eric, or was it dummy #2, Don, Jr., that posted a video of burning ballots? Turns out they were leftover sample ballots.

            But the ignorati just passed that along to thousands of other idiots who believed it. On purpose and with malice.

            And evidently these phony stories have impressed you too.


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  2. Sue away.

    We would not have had a delay but for a couple of things.

    First, the pandemic. It is real and it is dangerous despite the best efforts of Trump to deny it.

    Next the Republicans in some states refused to allow pre-sorting and canvassing of mailed in ballots before election day. Why remains a mystery unless there was a concerted effort to deliberately make voters cast ballots that will be discounted due to USPS delays.

    Trump was to cut off counting on election day. If he was ahead, of course. Notice he did not demand that in Arizona and Nevada where he was behind and needed the mail in ballots to boost his numbers.

    A federal judge has put it about right: people voted in accordance with what the state officials said was safe and legal, then saying afterwards that those votes are invalid is wrong.

    The right to vote is a hard fought right. Blood was shed by many to both create and defend it.

    Conservatives want to add a “mother may I” to that right.

    And the total bull that chicanery is taking place has been refuted time and time again. Every anecdotal case of destroying ballots has been shown to be just a big series of lies. Sorting and counting has been under the scrutiny of watchers from both sides of the aisle. Security systems such as bar codes and signatures are used and that, of course, takes time.

    Sorry, but the important thing is to allow citizens to vote and assure them that the votes will count. And if this takes time, so be it. Virtually all the workers are volunteers for the polls and the various secretaries of state oversee the sorting, counting and verification. If the regime doesn’t approve, let them whine and sue to their hearts content.

    PS: the lawyers working for Trump better get upfront money. If he loses, you can bet he will try to either stiff the lawyers or pay with taxpayer dollars.

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  3. “Our consideration is limited to the present circumstances, for the problem of equal protection in election processes generally presents many complexities.”

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