2 thoughts on “The Great Reset for Dummies

  1. In March this year, Bill Gates gave a number of interviews where he talked about his plans for vaccination passports and all the rest.

    My primary reaction was that Bill seems a little crazy now. My second reaction was surprise that he spoke so candidly. All those unpleasant secrets normally dismissed as “conspiracy theories” were now confirmed. Lots of bad people were making elaborate plans for controlling everybody else.

    Writing a lot about education, I’ve had a front row seat on all this. It’s shocking how many vicious, unworkable theories and methods have been injected into our school system. Reading, math, content courses of all kinds—the Education Establishment figured out a way to cripple each of them. The media look the other way. The movers and shakers pretend not to notice anything unusual. Fifty million functional illiterates? No big deal.

    So our public school system is basically the avant garde for whatever totalitarian schemes Bill Gates and others might devise. My suggestion is that everyone should learn how these bad methods work so you can fight them.


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