The Execution Of Americans’ Free Speech

Source: Rogue Cartoonist Ben Garrison.

This is new: Censoring email.

Some time ago I commented that our private emails had become a target of surveillance. I remember saying it, because the response was perplexing to me: No one cared or considered it remarkable. One person even said she had nothing to hide, so mox nix.

Similarly, I have posted from time to time about censorship in media, only to be told that the free flow of information is as good or better than it has ever been. Nothing to see here.

It seems we have arrived at the next stage: Active control of things we can say to one another at a personal level, privately. The direction things are going is both clear and sinister.

4 thoughts on “The Execution Of Americans’ Free Speech

  1. “ They said my mail had been censored for spreading ‘misinformation.’

    Off hand I would say the author is leaving out something or perhaps just lying.

    I have sent many emails through with political, religious or other comments and nary a click from the evil powers.

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  2. Turns out all of those “censors” are privately owned, for-profit companies competing in the market. Doesn’t your dogma include the postulate that markets know best what is good for us? I think so. It may be that this “censorship” is to protect the shareowners’ interest. Maybe these companies have decided there is less to lose by pissing off a few radicals who want to plot attacks or spread lies than there is in risking the alienation of the general public?

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      1. No?
        Really? Who knew?!

        Maybe you do not know this, but the thing about dogma is you cannot change it to suit the situation. I suppose you now want the government to force these companies to let anybody use their facilities to spread whatever lies, slanders and conspiracies they choose? Is that about right?

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