Q-Anon in bed with Russian disinformation specialists.


It seems that Q-Anon got a huge boost in its infancy from Russian troll factories by retweets, etc. Putin is having so much fun with Trump and his fans. Perhaps it is time to call our president “Chairman” Trump. Instead of a Red Book, he could market his Black Book of unsavory contacts.

5 thoughts on “Q-Anon in bed with Russian disinformation specialists.

  1. Chairman Trump. Yep, works for me since he acts so much like his fave boy-toy.

    Very UN-American for good, intelligent, decent Americans to have had to stomach this faux prez in OUR HOUSE for 4 years.

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  2. What is the obsession with Q-Anon?

    I haven’t heard the group mentioned among any of the local GOP, Tea Party or Libertarian organizations. Why is the left so focused on a fringe conspiracy theory? It would make one think there was something to hide.


    1. Why? Because the president has praised the followers. A Congresswoman is about to join the halls of government as an ardent believer. One might want to wonder why pizza is not served more often in the White House.

      But you have a point that Q is a fringe. But we are heading into conspiracy territory with “deep state”, Fauci’s billions, Gates’ forced vaccinations with chips, virus hoax, etc., etc.

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    2. RE: “What is the obsession with Q-Anon?”

      A couple of years ago, the Qanon message board reportedly had a daily audience of 30-40 million visitors, bigger than all the cable news networks combined. I suspect the mainstream outlets view Qanon as competition, especially since debunking media is a consistent topic of discussion.


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