How Trump Blew It.

We know that Trump’s response to the virus has ignored the science. Veteran political analyst Joe Lockhart explains just how wrong Trump’s coronavirus response was fatally wrong politically and made it all but certain that he would be a one-term President.

2 thoughts on “How Trump Blew It.

  1. The don Lemon commentary video was also quite revealing.

    Trump accuses our doctors for padding the COVID deaths to make more money.

    Why? Simple. That is exactly what Trump himself would do if he were a doctor.

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  2. That 6 minute video from Don Lemon was as accurate as they come without a single statement to argue.

    Mr. Lemon is absolutely right . . .

    “You [Trump] have to own it …” All the unthinkable things have already been happening – RIGHT UNDER TRUMP.

    And, of course, Lemon is also right about his ending –
    Trump Simply Doesn’t Get It.

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