9 thoughts on “Trump’s Rallies Killed People? It’s Fake Science

  1. Pro-Trump site from Day One. Of course they are going to spin it to their narrative.

    A bunch of “economists” stepping out of their box. Kind of like Dr. Scott Atlas being on an Epidemiological Tsk Force as a freakin’ radiologist. Pass.

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      1. The “rebuttal” of this paper wasn’t much better. Basically a rehash of the caveats the authors provided themselves.

        The most noteworthy sentences in it were . . . “Trump rallies, says this study, were superspreader events. For all I know, they might have been.” Uh, ya think?

        I would add that increasing the size of the study being cast as a bad thing seemed pretty odd. Generally speaking larger samples are considered better samples.

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  2. No matter how you parse it, I still won’t go to a Trump rally, masks or no masks.

    Too much potential for violence should the word get out that I am not a Trump supporter. Particularly since Trump has offered to cover the legal bill for those that assault me.

    Plus I would have to wait several hours to get out of the cold.

    Besides, why bother with an ex-president. My chances for an invitation to the White House before he leaves is slim to none…and we know all about “Slim”.

    Finally, the campaign is over, so the president doesn’t give a hoot about his base anymore. Just ask all the coal miners still working for Uber.


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    1. “State authorities said they were monitoring alleged criminals online, including posts from suspected white supremacist groups trying to incite violence by promoting looting and mayhem in Minneapolis.”


      Honesty, that is probably the source for the majority of looting and arson in the few cities with violence erupting from peaceful protests. After all, who has the most to gain from civil unrest. Yup, the current president.

      And who has the most to gain by disrupting the election, confiscating the ballots, and just plain being a pain in our collective butts. Yup, again, the extortionist in chief himself.


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  3. The Stanford study was pretty much partisan garbage.

    For example, trying to estimate deaths by multiplying the overall death rate by their “presumed” added infections ignores that over half the fatalities come from nursing home residents who couldn’t attend a Trump rally if they wanted to. And the effect of self selecting samples is not accounted for.

    Trump supporters who are confident of their health will go while those who know themselves to be high risk will not.

    So, the attendees at a Trump rally are far less likely to die if infected than the average.

    And of course, the only real way to determine if the events contributed significantly to infections is by contact tracing, and where that has been accomplished, there was no indication of superspreading.


    1. Your argument about the elderly who couldn’t attend a rally if they wanted to only shows that your reaction to this empirical study is “partisan garbage.” One wonders, are you really failing to understand or only pretending not to? There was never a suggestion that all the victims had gone to a rally. On the contrary, it is presumed that most did not. THAT is the tragedy – that these people are killing others with their “sociopathic” (your word) behavior.

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  4. “So, the attendees at a Trump rally are far less likely to die if infected than the average.”

    That is Trumpian thinking. It is not whether the rally attendees get ill and die, it is whether all the people they congregate with when they get home, go to work, eat in a restaurant, etc. will get infected.

    That is just like what Trump said when he mentioned that he was far away so he wouldn’t get sick himself. Never mind a hall packed with salivated, yelling and coughing fans who spread it among themselves. And then take that infection and give it to others because they #LIBERATE like spoiled brats.

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