GOP is now officially the party of chickenshit.

I refer – this time – to their attempt in state and federal court to throw out 127,000 Houston ballots because they were cast in those early voting drive-thru set-ups to minimize the spread of the virus. They lost in the Texas Supreme Court and have now lost in Federal Court. Next stop could be SCOTUS where Trump thinks he has the votes to overturn the choice of the people. We will see.

11 thoughts on “GOP is now officially the party of chickenshit.

  1. The case was dismissed on the issue of standing.

    The judge admitted the drive through tents were not legal polling places under Texas law and that had the plaintiffs had standing to sue, they would have prevailed, at least for any additional votes at those locations.

    That said, both sides were deep in chicken shit. I have no problem with drive through voting so long as the identification requirements are the same.


    1. This whole election is being questioned unlike any I have ever voted in since I could vote.

      There is no, repeat no, evidence of any fraud by the safety measures taken to help Americans through the worst pandemic in 100 years.

      And all because that a##hole in the Oval Office trying to pull a con over the 3/5ths of the country that does not consider him the second coming of the Lord.

      He knows he can’t win without suing. He has said that as soon as the polls close he will send in the army of lawyers. Meaning, he knows he can’t win without gaming the system.

      He is trying to destroy my country. And, for my money, his supporters could not care less.


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      1. I see it the other way.

        First, both sides have their armies of lawyers ready.

        But it is not Trump who seeks to destroy the country. The Constitution is the soul of the country, and while he has strained at its limits as much as his predecessor, he has complied with the ruling of the courts when they reined him in and consistently appointed judges who will protect the Constitution, not twist it into whatever knots are required to advance a partisan agenda, as Obama’s appointees to SCOTUS have consistently tried to do.

        So, like it or not, Trump has protected the Constitution and that is what I require of a President. Biden, and worse, Harris, see the Constitution only as a barrier to remaking the country in Venezuela’s image


        1. The main reason the Democrats have their lawyers ready is only because of Trump and his lawyers.

          It sounds like you are OK with sabotaging the election with delays, distractions and lawsuits so that the newly packed Court can anoint Trump again.

          Typical I suppose.

          If there is anything Americans will learn from this completely disastrous presidency (the ones who are still alive after COVID) is that we need to codify the norms that other presidents have respected in our 250 year history. Congress needs to take back the power from the president that they have granted over the decades. War declaration, legislative regulations, fewer XO’s, oversight and other Congressional duties outlined in the Constitution. This has been a problem for many presidents since WW2, but it took a Trump to abuse it so badly for us to realize that we are ripe for another con artist unless we are vigilant.

          Meanwhile we have to slog through an election that is ignoring the votes of 3/4’s of the nation in favor of the electoral system that is not only outdated, but ridiculous in its premise of protecting smaller states.

          Big states have the House, small states have the Senate (which is much, much more powerful BTW) so the people should have the presidency. It is after all, the only national election we have.

          Trump has indicated that he will declare victory tomorrow night. Obviously, he can’t do that, but it is the exact same maneuver petty dictators do.

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          1. Venezuela has come to a sorry state through the concentration of wealth in few hands and corrupt oligarchs controlling the country. Using it as an example of what reforms like universal healthcare or subsidized higher education leads to is – let me try to be kind – childish nonsense sold to weak-minded people by corrupt oligarchs.

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        2. “So, you have an economy almost entirely dependent on oil, plunging oil prices and failing economic policies, which also led to runaway inflation in the late 1980s. On top of all that, corruption in Venezuela was rampant.”

          That was the reality in Venezuela: a single resource economy which gave the appearance of great wealth. But in fact most of it was in the hands of a few. Plus no long history of peaceful democratic institutions and incredible corruption.

          Some form of universally accessible, affordable healthcare and education, good safety nets and you have a pathway to stability and prosperity for rebuilding a great capitalist economy. A healthy, educated workkforce is a boon to any economy, more so now than anytime in the past.

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    1. You believe that crap?

      “Democrats are likely getting access to voter roles.” (I believe the word is rolls. In this case, role, as in fictional character, is pretty telling.)

      “Likely”? There is no evidence in that poorly written screed, just guesses. Plus, all the poll worker verified was the receipt of the ballot. No mention of its acceptance or validity.

      The Republicans are spinning fairy tales in the run up to trying to steal ballots.

      Don’t forget the 9 ballots, not all for Trump, found in a dumpster and the Republicans pumped the story to thousands. Lying bastards. Or the one ballot box for Harris County, Houston, for 4 1/2 million Americans.

      Trump and other prominent Republicans have already admitted that they cannot win if people vote, so let’s do all we can to prevent that. And they are trying so hard. Slowing the USPS is among the worst and people should be charged with malfeasance if nothing else.

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