Trump fans show their true nature in Texas.

Cars rammed and bus surrounded by Trump supporters. Apparently they took to heart DT, Jr. when he told people to meet the bus and give them a big “welcome”. Third world politics thanks to the jackass and his spoiled family leading the regime. IMHO of course.

19 thoughts on “Trump fans show their true nature in Texas.

  1. I think I’ll wait for an account from someone other than Democrat politicians who are perpetual. professional victims.

    I’m sure there was some harassment but I doubt there was any intentional ramming.


      1. What does that have to do with Trump supporters following the Biden bus?

        In any case, they weren’t voters in Graham, NC, they were a mob blocking access to an early voting place and intimidating those trying to vote there on the last day of early voting in NC


      1. The organizer of the bus tour repeatedly called 911 to report people driving in the neighboring lane with Trump flags on their trucks because he felt intimidated.

        You can’t out-victim that.


    1. What “spin” are you talking about? Your cite reports the same facts. The bus WAS ambushed, surrounded and harassed by a fleet of Trump vehicles with some of the Trump pinheads cursing and brandishing weapons. Just some good natured fun, I suppose.

      Is there ANY violent or intimidating behavior by Trump supporters that is simply NOT okay with you?

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        1. Texas does not have a brandishing law per se so your point is irrelevant. But, to avoid a quibble about what “brandishing” means legally in Texas, let’s just say that the hooligans weapons were displayed to the extent that people on the bus saw them.

          People being surrounded and harassed by a cursing mob are not irrational to feel even greater threat if the mob is known to be armed. Right? Or is that something you are going to pretend is not true?

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          1. You used the term brandishing.

            I am around armed people often, more so prior to COVID of course, but I never felt threatened because they were responsible people.

            Your hoplophobia is not proof of ill intent by others.


          2. “I never felt threatened because they were responsible people.”

            Uh, surrounding (it was not just in the passing lane according to your cite) a moving bus and impeding its progress for many miles on the highway is NOT the behavior of responsible people. Nobody can judge the intent of a person showing himself to be armed but combined with dangerous driving behavior and shouted curses it is alarming for most people to see that gun. And that is pretty obvious.

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  2. Well, I certainly didn’t see them lighting the bus on fire, torching any buildings, looting neighborhood stores, attacking police with weapons or anything common to the Biden supporters. So who IS worse, the answer is simple, YOUR side. And you have the brass balls to make this kind of accussation?


      1. Stay on topic please. Nice to see you have no problem with with arson, assault, looting, anarchy, destruction of public monuments or anything illegal if it is performed in the name of DEMOCRAT. Now THAT is truly sad beyond belief.


  3. I wonder if the same people here that called for the arrests and prosecutions of BLM supporters and protesters who blocked highways feel the same way towards these individual?

    For those who can’t get behind the paywall, here are the opening couple of paragraphs.

    “Vehicles with Trump flags halted traffic on Sunday on the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey and jammed the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge between Tarrytown and Nyack, N.Y. Another pro-Trump convoy in Virginia ended in a tense shouting match with protesters as it approached a statue of Robert E. Lee in Richmond.

    In Georgia, a rally for Democrats was canceled shortly before it was scheduled to begin on Sunday, with organizers worried about what they feared would be a “large militia presence” drawn by President Trump’s own event nearby.”

    Yeah. That’s about what I expected.

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    1. I dont know about the others but haven’t your pro-Biden assholes done enough destruction in Richmond and other parts of the country, to this day, to elicit and thus deserve a response? That would be a resounding YES!!!


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