The Last Hurrah of the man who created modern “conservatism.”

A look back at the career of Rush Limbaugh. Of local interest, Rush is identified as the source of some of the fizzling “bombshells” that have been aired on this forum.

I will resist the temptation to editorialize about the corrosive role that Rush has played in the civic and political life of our country. His career speaks for itself.

The long, insightful and very interesting retrospective end with this . . .

“This is the right wing we’re stuck with, even if Trump loses, even after Limbaugh dies. And a Biden victory can only make it worse, for there is nothing conservative media like more than playing the victim. Spinning spurious grievances into bullshit extending beyond the horizon is the quintessential talk-radio trick. Limbaugh pioneered it. Trump perfected it. It’s a potent, brilliant idea that will outlive them both.”

18 thoughts on “The Last Hurrah of the man who created modern “conservatism.”

  1. What a hateful diatribe about a dying man. The KKK can’t hold a candle to the hatred that lives in the hearts of the left.

    I have listened to Limbaugh since he became nationally syndicated. He has never been a leader and never claimed to be, what he did was to articulate what the heartland already knew in a humorous and entertaining manner. He gave us a voice, much like Reagan. He said what we said, only better.

    He has done immeasurable good for the country, mostly by forcing the MSM to confront the issues that they preferred to ignore to death. When only one point of view was on the airways, he armed the common man with the facts and background to prevail at the water cooler. When the GOP gained control of Congress in 1994, Newt Gingrich credited Limbaugh, naming him the “Majority Maker”

    The left has no equivalent. Even their entertainers echo the envy and bitterness of their supporters.

    You will never understand the phenomenon of Rush Limbaugh because you can’t see past your own bitterness and hatred.


  2. “I have listened to Limbaugh since he became nationally syndicated”
    Yes, that is pretty obvious.

    “bitterness and hatred”
    You are always very quick to accuse others of harboring bitterness and hatred. The beginning of wisdom is to know thyself. You are not wise.

    Rush Limbaugh did NOTHING except pander to and exacerbate bitterness and hatred and you bought into all of it. Your drooling hatred of Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and now Joe Biden are tangible evidence of Limbaugh’s incessant bile seeping into weak and willing minds. Yeah, “weak.” I would apply that word to anyone who thinks Limbaugh is a source of truth being hidden by a conspiracy in the media. Very weak.

    “The left has no equivalent”
    You have certain got that one right. The “left” is reality and community oriented and are not ready to internalize the kind of lies, rancid opinions and hate speech that you find so appealing in Limbaugh’s schtick.

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  3. So sad to say “bitterness and hatred”. That is the phenomenon of Limbaugh from early on.

    War on Christians? “Barack the Magic Negro” (a real knee slapper for racists I suppose), birtherism, COVID is the common cold folks, Operation Chaos (organized cross voting, cool huh?), etc., etc., ad nauseum.

    Grievance politics broadcast to millions to divide us further than Gingrich could ever imagine in his wildest dreams.

    He found a niche that exploited perceived slights by some Americans and turned us into a cauldron of political divisiveness not seen since 1860.

    We have ads running in Idaho that ends with the governor sitting in a pickup, holding a Bible and a pistol as if they supported each other in the fight against simple procedures to curtail the spread of COVID. Intimating that the virus is a hoax. Politicizing the right to infect others as inalienable.

    Where do you think these ideas come from? In my opinion it is the cult like leadership and influence of rabble rousers for profit like “El Rushbo”. And Trump just picked up and ran with that #LIBERATE crap that has taken the lives of nearly a quarter million Americans.

    The efforts of people like Limbaugh, Ingraham, Carlson, along with childish blabs from Trump has cemented the divide based on hatred for urban Americans and disparaging their patriotism.

    I don’t wish for anyone to die, but that does not excuse abhorrent, un-American behavior by the right wing.

    “ You will never understand the phenomenon of Rush Limbaugh because you can’t see past your own bitterness and hatred.” Sorry, it is his profiteering on bitterness and hatred that is hard to see through.


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    1. What do you think “Barack, the Magic Negro” was about? It wasn’t racist.

      It was about Al Sharpton’s frustration that Obama went to the head of the class without paying his dues, as Sharpton had.

      It was one of many Paul Shanklin parodies that skewered the left with humor. They sting because they touch the truth.


      I understand that Shanklin might have a redo of “Try to Remember” for Comey

      Try to Remember


        1. A list of out-of-context quotes doesn’t mean much, especially when commenting on an entertainer for whom parody was a primary tool.

          Rush described it as ‘illustrating the absurd by being absurd.’ For example, the quote about racism being inborn, and thus immune from criticism, wasn’t about racism, it was about homosexuality. (I disagree with Limbaugh on that issue, but the point is that IN CONTEXT, Rush was talking about the concept that homosexuality i genetic and not learned.)

          So, unless you listened to the whole monologue a quote comes from, it is disingenuous to claim it is racist. Very often the statement about race was there to illustrate the absurdity of some other idea by comparing it to the same thing said about race.


          1. Baloney.

            These are just ten minor examples from 40 years of non-stop blather mocking and belittling every group and every culture except white Anglo-Saxon male culture. THAT is the “context.” His whole career was about tapping into every sort of hatred and giving it voice.

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          2. In forty years how much did you actually listen to?

            Not to what someone says he said, or out of context clips, how many actual programs did you listen to?


          3. Enough.

            As I have shared before, my late father was a very decent fellow until he became a ditto head. After years of being one he was pumped full of bile, lies and hatred. So, yes, when visiting him over many years I was treated to plenty of El Rushbo.

            “Out of context clips?” Try all you want, I am not buying that bull. The “context” was pandering to his audience of racists, misogynists and nativists. THAT was his bread and butter and THAT is what he did.

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          4. “So, you haven’t actually listened.”


            Not as much as you have. Obviously.

            But I cannot help but note how faithful a ditto head you have been over the years. You never let one of El Rushbo’s fanciful tales of Democrat corruption go un-parroted, so by being in forums with you I haven’t missed a thing.


          5. You’ve missed Limbaugh’s good natured parody of the left.

            I have never heard utter a hateful or racist comment, and as you say, I have listened a lot more than you.

            Note that disagreeing with a Black person is not being a racist and mocking a fool is not hate.


          6. “I have never heard [Rush Limbaugh] utter a hateful or racist comment.”

            Sadly, you seem not to realize that such a statement says much about you and almost nothing about Rush Limbaugh.


  4. Rush and donald; a match made in heaven.
    I couldn’t car less about either of them on a personal level. But, hey, if RL leaves and donald is still president, who knows – students and the employed just might get another Federal holiday.

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    1. Bruce, isn’t it just too bad that we do not have a national popular vote for President. These poor bastards might as well stay home on election day. Their votes will not make any kind of difference to the outcome.


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