Yet another massive Trump scandal!

For those who do not subscribe or have used up your free quota, the story is that Turkey’s state-owned bank was funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to Iran in violation of American sanctions. The Southern District of New York was in the process of investigating and prosecuting the individuals behind this crime when AG Barr tweeted that SDNY Prosecutor Geoffrey Berman had abruptly resigned. You may recall that Berman threw the bullshit flag on that tweet and that he had no intention of resigning. So Barr fired him.

This report reveals the reason for that firing. Trump buddy Erdogan had been pressing Trump to quash this investigation because members of his own family were making millions with these Iran transactions. Berman would not go along. It is noteworthy that the SDNY investigation pre-dated Trump and that Erdogan directly asked Biden and Obama to remove the prosecutor who was then running the case. They politely, but firmly, refused to interfere.

Why is Trump so eager to please the Turkish dictator? That is anyone’s guess, but we do know that Trump has extensive business interests in Turkey generating millions in profits. Is there something more?

In a normal Presidency this would be a massive “October Surprise” that would destroy Trump’s chances – working with criminals to funnel money to Iran. Good grief. But this is not a normal Presidency. What is another scandal among so many.

13 thoughts on “Yet another massive Trump scandal!

  1. RE: “Why is Trump so eager to please the Turkish dictator? That is anyone’s guess, but we do know that Trump has extensive business interests in Turkey generating millions in profits. Is there something more?”

    Well, there is one thing more. Presidents have unilateral authority to cancel criminal prosecutions that conflict with diplomatic or national security interests. This is one of the executive powers inherent in the office.

    According to the NYT the prosecution of Halkbank continued more or less normally and produced an indictment, so it is not clear that the president exercised his ultimate authority. Had he done so, it might be possible to allege conflicts of interest, but even then the allegation would be tenuous, given the nature of the office.


  2. This puts to shame any alleged deals that Biden may have benefited from as a private citizen.

    This is about our sitting president affecting foreign policy and sanctions in order to benefit financially from protecting his investments in dictatorial regimes. This, of course, is one of the reasons for presidential candidates opening their tax returns. How obligated would the candidate be to foreign powers and how that might affect us as a nation.

    This scandal, Ivanka’s trademarks in China, Chinese investments in Trump projects, trying to get our diplomats to pressure the UK officials to allow the British Open Championship to play at a Trump course, the sons using Trump’s position to sell real estate in India, etc. all add up to massive crimes against America and its citizens.


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  3. Why do you assume there is a personal reason for pandering the Erdogan?

    You do not say when this happened, but until recently we still had military personnel operating in Syria who were being supported through Turkey. Presidents often have to make deals with people they would rather stomp on.


    1. “The top federal prosecutor in Manhattan, Mr. Berman had traveled to Washington in June 2019 to discuss a particularly delicate case with Attorney General William P. Barr and some of his top aides: a criminal investigation into Halkbank, a state-owned Turkish bank suspected of violating U.S. sanctions law by funneling billions of dollars of gold and cash to Iran.

      For months, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey had been pressing President Trump to quash the investigation, which threatened not only the bank but potentially members of Mr. Erdogan’s family and political party. When Mr. Berman sat down with Mr. Barr, he was stunned to be presented with a settlement proposal that would give Mr. Erdogan a key concession.

      Mr. Barr pressed Mr. Berman to allow the bank to avoid an indictment by paying a fine and acknowledging some wrongdoing. In addition, the Justice Department would agree to end investigations and criminal cases involving Turkish and bank officials who were allied with Mr. Erdogan and suspected of participating in the sanctions-busting scheme.

      Mr. Berman didn’t buy it.

      The bank had the right to try to negotiate a settlement. But his prosecutors were still investigating key individuals, including some with ties to Mr. Erdogan, and believed the scheme had helped finance Iran’s nuclear weapons program.”

      From the NYT link above

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          1. If you are a Trump supporter you have to be like the Queen of Hearts and learn how to believe impossible things. At least six every morning.

            “Alice laughed: “There’s no use trying,” she said; “one can’t believe impossible things.”
            “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

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          2. RE: “I guess it was in our national interest to have a national bank for a NATO ally to undermine our sanctions to Iran.”

            You are confused. Turkey stood to loose, whether Barr’s offer or SDNY’s prosecution prevailed. In the end, SDNY’s prosecution prevailed and an indictment was handed down.

            There is no scandal here.


    2. Did I say that Trump had a personal reason? I don’t think so. No one knows why the crimes of this bank and Erdogan’s family members were to be whitewashed. I stated that the reason is “Anyone’s guess.” But, very clearly Trump’s proven priority of advancing his personal business interests is one very real possibility. At the very least, his palpable conflict of interest raises the specter of a corrupt quid pro quo. And it raises again the question – Why was Trump so quick to stab our Kurdish allies in the back? Another “deal” with Erdogan? And what did WE get from Turkey?

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      1. “What did we get from Turkey?”

        The same we got from N. Korea…or China…or Canada…or Mexico.

        Bupkis. Or if not total bupkis, next to it: bupkette.

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      2. RE: “At the very least, his palpable conflict of interest raises the specter of a corrupt quid pro quo.”

        This is a joke, right? Trump had nothing to win or lose, and the administration didn’t give anything away.


        1. Bullshit. There is plenty of reason to suspect a quid pro quo. Erdogan gets a pass on his criminal violations of American law and Trump gets favorable treatment for his business interests or simply money. And Iran gets money to finance its nuclear developments.

          Yes, simply money. Trump sells out America for money again and again. Just as an example think about that Indonesia development financing that Trump got for lifting sanctions on a criminal Chinese company.

          The administration didn’t give anything away. That’s a joke, right? They were about to settle with the bank and let the criminals walk UNTIL Berman stopped them.

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