Trump in perspective.

Bill Moyers and several prominent historians put the rise of Trump into historical perspective. This piece was produced in early 2017 but is even more relevant today.

14 thoughts on “Trump in perspective.

    1. There you go again saying that Birtherism – the ugly racist LIE that brought Trump to power – is not racist. It clearly is. No white politician has every been on the receiving end of this kind of persistent “lazy” attack. Not John McCain born in Panama. Not natural born Canadian Ted Cruz. Not Barry Goldwater born in Arizona BEFORE it was a state. Not George Romney born in Mexico. What is different about these fellows?

      You have a very odd idea of what is and is not racist. No wonder you never heard Rush Limbaugh utter a hateful or racist thing. When he used his show to promote the idea that Obama was not a “real American” that wasn’t racist – just lazy. Frankly, and with all due respect, your opinion is absurd.

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      1. Criticism of a Black Person’s policies is not racist.

        Skepticism about a candidates qualifications to run for office may be lazy, but it is not racist. There were plenty of allegations about former President Obama’s birthplace to raise questions.

        That said, I don’t think that was a good strategy compared to simply defeating him on the marketplace of ideas. It provided too many distractions.


        1. “There were plenty of allegations about former President Obama’s birthplace to raise questions.”

          That is absolute bullshit. Racists making absolutely nonsensical allegations does not make it non-racist to keep raising “questions.”

          In 2011, President Obama released his long form birth certificate and Trump publicly congratulated himself for having cleared up the “question” once and for all. Done and dusted, right? Oh, no. Trump continued to promote Birtherism for four more years at every opportunity. These are facts you cannot spin away with your self-serving opinions. You support a racist. Period. And Birtherism is just the tip of the racist and race-baiting iceberg as we both know.

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        2. “There were plenty of allegations about former President Obama’s birthplace to raise questions.”

          Don, that is pure BS and you know it.

          If I told you 50 different reasons I made up that the moon is made of green cheese, but only one piece of scientific evidence that it is not, should we travel up there with a slicer and crackers?

          I thought so.

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          1. Note that I wrote “allegations”

            For example:

            It was alleged he registered at Occidental College as a foreign student. That could easily have been settled by producing his records from Occidental, but Obama refused to allow the release of those records and defended against lawsuits seeking them. That resistance to release of those records kept that controversy going. To date, those records still have not become public.

            Then there was the loss of his original birth certificate. The “long form” certificate produced was a re-issuance, not the original. I don’t doubt its validity, but again the circumstances of the loss of the original gave credence to suspicions.

            If you remember, at the time, I said it was a waste of time to pursue it, as if there was a chance it were true, Hillary would have used it to take him out of the primary.


          2. That was my point. “Allegations” about green cheese on the moon can number in the thousands. That does not increase their veracity just the volume.

            What president has released their college records? Trump hasn’t.

            And your argument that if Obama released them it would have answered questions. Same holds true for Trump and his taxes.

            I agree with Paul that birtherism was pure racism. Add in that Trump calls President Obama “Hussein” and Senator Harris “Ka-MAH- la. Get those racist innuendoes in whether skin, culture or religion.

            Those folks love Trump.

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          3. So, you wrote “allegations”

            Kind of like the “allegations” that Joe Biden is a pedophile? Questions raised that need to be answered? Right?

            “. . . the loss of the original gave credence to suspicions.” No, it doesn’t. Unless you are ignorant white racist eager to believe any nonsense. You should actually watch the Moyers piece and learn something.

            The point is not what you wrote or you believed. The point is who you support.

            It is a matter of record that Trump himself in 2011 congratulated himself for putting an end to the “questions” about Obama’s birth when the long form birth certificate matched the short form issued years earlier and the newspaper reports announcing his birth AT THE TIME. It is also a matter of record that Trump continued pushing Birtherism during the five years after that. The bottom line – you supported and continue to support a race-baiting racist. What does that say about you and your values?

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  1. I remember that period when Trump began his assault on Obama’s run for the WH. It was signs like that one that we see here that says –
    “Obama where’s your papers?” – that made me crazy.
    Who was this arrogant TV know-nothing demanding another man’s papers? It was then that I became a ‘HELL NO; NEVER TRUMP FOR ANYTHING!’
    So, I’m not surprised by anything in this video.
    Trump IS a racist and he went public with that moniker and wore it proudly from those days on.

    He was a racist before, when he refused to allow black people in his white rental properties. Even right here in Norfolk, but I didn’t know it back then.
    Trump is the last person on earth who should demand anyone’s papers considering how he got into the White House.

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