The Bobulinski Interview

Source: American Thinker.

Last Night Tucker Carlson devoted his entire show to a single interview of Tony Bobulinski, an international businessman who worked for the Biden family trying to set up a business venture with a state-supported Chinese company. The interview is significant for a number of reasons, but primarily for the allegation that Joe Biden has been lying repeatedly about his own personal involvement in business deals set up by his son, Hunter, and brother, James. The article contains extended clips from the show, and summarizes the interview as follows:

  • Hunter and James Biden brought nothing to the deal other than the Biden family name,
  • What China wanted was the Biden family name,
  • Joe Biden was involved in the business deal, so much so that he had veto power over negotiations,
  • In 2017, Bobulinski met Joe Biden twice when the Biden side of SinoHawk was courting him to step in and act as CEO,
  • Bobulinski also spoke at length with James Biden, Joe’s brother,
  • When Bobulinski asked James how they could get away with this kind of deal, which seemed to be falling into dangerous territory given that Joe could run again for president, James announced, “plausible deniability,” and
  • The Biden group stiffed Bobulinski, leaving him out of pocket for all his expenses while channeling CEFC’s money into another entity that did not involve Bobulinski.

As a possibly irrelevant aside, Bobulinski claims to be a patriot with, at one time, Q-level clearance at the Department of Energy.

5 thoughts on “The Bobulinski Interview

    1. Actually, one of the least corrupt. Ever.

      Of course, clueless idiots think otherwise. Same jackasses who believe that Obama is a Muslim from Kenya and that Hillary Clinton ran a child-sex ring out of a pizza parlor. You know the type.

      But, hey, let’s consider some recent GOP Vice Presidents . . .

      Spiro Agnew – Resigned in disgrace.
      Richard Nixon – Resigned in disgrace.
      Dick Cheney – Lied us into war and threw billions at his company.
      Mike Pence – Known to have sex with “Mother.”

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