Frat Boy Wonder

This week Justice Brett Kavanagh demonstrated for all to see that he has no place on the Supreme Court. His opinion that Wisconsin cannot count votes arriving in the mail after 8:00pm on election day was based explicitly on “logic” that says such late arriving votes might “flip” the election. Justice Kagan, in her dissent from this partisan bullshit decision, had to straighten him out. There is nothing to “flip” until all votes are counted. Duh!

The Frat Boy Wonder added in his opinion that keeping the count open waiting for all legal ballots to arrive in the mail would prevent states from declaring a winner on election night. That is one of the lies that Trump is peddling but again, DUH! States do not declare winners or losers on election night. The media tries to do so but that is an entirely different matter. States frequently take days and sometimes weeks to finalize an election.

This anti-Democratic and anti-democratic and obviously partisan decision is a taste of things to come. It is what happens when hyper-partisans pack the courts with ideologues. Time for Democrats to play hardball the way Mitch McConnell and Trump have been doing.

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  1. RE: “His opinion that Wisconsin cannot count votes arriving in the mail after 8:00pm on election day was based explicitly on ‘logic’ that says such late arriving votes might ‘flip’ the election.”

    Your own source says different. The majority opinion actually upheld Wisconsin law.


    1. Yes, the Republicans won in their latest effort to block the counting of all the votes. And, yes, the lower courts were overruled but maybe you do not read so well? Kavanaugh wrote his own opinion explaining HIS reasoning. Kagan wrote hers. Justices often do that.

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    2. RE: “Kavanaugh wrote his own opinion explaining HIS reasoning.”

      Perhaps you should quote it to substantiate your claim that Kavanaugh wants to block the counting of votes. The quote given your source tells a different story.


      1. Kavanaugh EXPLICITLY wants to block the counting of votes that arrive after 8:00 pm on election day. In the April election for Wisconsin Supreme Court there were 80,000 such votes. Now, with the Trump administration slow walking postal deliveries there could be even more late arriving votes all of which were post marked on or before election day. As always, the Republicans despise the voters.

        Here is part of Frat Boy’s laughable “logic.” Counting all the votes does not “flip” the election and states rarely, if ever, announce the results on election night and that is especially true if there are still legal ballots to count coming from the military and other absentee voters.

        “Those States want to avoid the chaos and suspicions of impropriety that can ensue if thousands of absentee ballots flow in after election day and potentially flip the results of an election. And those States
        also want to be able to definitively announce the results of the election on election night, or as soon as possible thereafter.”

        The quote is from his opinion here . . .

        Click to access 20a66_b07d.pdf

        Here are the MANY childish errors in Frat Boy’s opinion . . .

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      2. RE: “Kavanaugh EXPLICITLY wants to block the counting of votes that arrive after 8:00 pm on election day.”

        The deadline was established by Wisconsin. It is pretty stupid to attribute motives to Kavanaugh that actually belong to someone else, in this case the state legislature.


        1. Give me a break. Kavanaugh voted to override the government of Wisconsin who are trying to deal with a pandemic based on the belief that you should not have to risk your life to vote. It is STUPID to say that he does not want to block counting those votes when he has done exactly that. Furthermore, he could have kept is beer hole shut and simply voted the party line but he actually chose of his own free will to write an opinion full of Trump level illogic and stupidity. Counting ALL the votes does NOT “flip” the result. And there is no compelling reason for a state to announce its election results on election night. None whatsover.

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          1. Oh Horrors?

            Pay attention. I did not argue with the decision. I pointed out the laughably stupid and Trump-echoing “logic” of Frat Boy Kavanaugh. You may think that counting all the votes is how you “flip” an election but, then, you are a Trump supporter.

            With that said, if you believe that states are sovereign in such matters why did SCOTUS even take the case. Who would be harmed and need protection of their rights if ballots post marked by election day are counted?

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      3. He can’t. Babbling extremist mischaracterizing trash is all he knows, and tons of it. I’m surprised he hasn’t found some ignorant argument to blame Darfur on Trump.


        1. Care to be more explicit about what I have mischaracterized?

          Hey, just kidding. I have seen your posts. I know carrying on an adult conversation based on facts and sound logic is something that you seem unable to do.

          But, here, try. I have ridiculed Justice Kavanaugh for his “logic” that says counting all the votes might “flip” the election. Tell me why that logic is NOT ridiculous and should be way below someone whom has been placed on ANY bench let alone the Supreme Court.

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          1. The logic, of which your source’s story doesn’t even support and that your little mind can’t comprehend is there are deadlines for a reason, hence state law, and no do overs are allowed that you liberals think should apply if your guy loses. Don’t you understand deadlines or are you one those with the after election “just found” bag of Biden ballots from some closet youbwant counted?


          2. I understand deadlines. Do you? So what is the deadline for mailing in your ballot in Wisconsin? How is a voter supposed to know how long his ballot is going to take to get to the Election Board? Why do you suppose that Trump’s Post Office management is trying to slow the delivery of mail especially from urban areas? The answer is crystal clear – to block the ballots from urban areas. That bag of Biden votes that you imagine “flipping” the election I can imagine sitting in a Trump-run post office broom closet until after election day. In fact, that is the only place they could come from.

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  2. I wonder what happened to the idea that the states run their elections. SCOTUS should not grant certiori to any election related case when it comes to the counting of ballots. PERIOD! Or is the 10th Amendment only an amendment of convenience?

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    1. RE: “I wonder what happened to the idea that the states run their elections.”

      If that’s what you want, you should be happy that Kavanaugh upheld a constitutional state law.


  3. There is impeachment of a Supreme Court justice. It has happened once just after the founding (Samuel Chase), and a second threat of one in 1969 caused Abe Fortas to resign.

    Kavanaugh did threaten revenge against Democrats for his rigorous investigation in the Senate hearings. If his opinions are suspect, as this last one seems to be, impeachment might not be out of the question. Not likely, but perhaps a better resolution than court packing which could backfire.

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    1. RE: “If his opinions are suspect, as this last one seems to be, impeachment might not be out of the question.”

      Impeachment is entirely out of the question here. There is nothing suspect about upholding a perfectly constitutional state law.


      1. I didn’t say impeachment would be easy or even tried. Just that it is available. Roberts is actually quite aware of the importance of a neutral court, so he might rein in the Kavanaugh’s and Barretts of the world.

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          1. We don’t need criminal acts in the Oval Office. Impeachment was a tool for a necessarily B.I.-partisan method to remove a president, or other high official, who, among other problems, is deemed unfit to run the administration or serve in an official capacity.

            “High crimes” was not pulled out of thin air, but rather as a historical precedence from English law. It includes a failure to administer. Not a crime for us commoners, but enough to warrant removal should the political realities allow that.

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          2. So, you endorse Nancy Pelosi’s plan to block Barret’s confirmation by sending the Senate a new Bill of Impeachment to require them to act on that first?

            Impeachment is not intended as a procedural tool to obstruct the Senate.


          3. Pelosi’s plan?

            You mean something she may have considered but rejected? THAT plan. In case you missed it while up there at Lake Kerr, the Senate has approved the appointment of Justice Barret.

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          4. You realize, don’t you, that you are trying way to hard to point fingers where they do not belong.
            An idea rejected is not a “plan.”

            Pelosi is the last bastion of competence and the rule of law left in Washington with the Presidency, the Senate, the DOJ and now SCOTUS all subverted by Stalinist Trumpism.

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        1. Then why bring it up if your side wasn’t considering such a dictatorial radical move? There is no extremist radical action that is below Pelosi or Shumer they aren’t considering to gain totalitarian power.


          1. Impeachment was mentioned so that the Trump fans would have something to whine about.

            Pelosi is a kidder…just like Trump.


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