5 thoughts on “The Bidens Got Into the Hospital Business and People Died

  1. These stories would have a bit more credibility if the top tier conservative media ran with them. WSJ rejected the laptop story early on and even the NYPost journalists pulled their bylines.

    Presidential elections are always report cards on the incumbent. Trump is trying very hard to change that but I don’t think the people are buying it.

    And the Hunter Biden “story” is part of that strategy.

    However, as one pundit said, and I paraphrase: Hunter flew from his home in LA to Philadelphia then took a train to Delaware to drop off 3 laptops to a legally blind repairman.

    Right from the start, the Hunter stories are dripping in fantasy. I visualize the tales to be a binky for the Trump fans going into the election. A source of comfort when Mommy’s milk is fetid and nutritionally empty.


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    1. RE: “These stories would have a bit more credibility if the top tier conservative media ran with them.”

      That isn’t happening? Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, WSJ, and National Review have been reporting and opining on this topic ever since the New York Post broke the laptop story. Last night, Tucker Carlson spent his entire show interviewing Tony Bobulinski about his business dealings with the Biden Family and China:



      1. If that is the case, then there is no problem with media exposure. All those places you mentioned add up to the biggest audiences.

        And yet,…zip traction.

        The latest “shiny object over there” is so tarnished that no light escapes.

        So Trump is having to run on the issues. Yet, with rural hospitals filling up at alarming rates the premise that COVID is rounding the corner falls on incredulous ears.

        Trump’s whine that the media is all “COVID, COVID, COVID” is so pathetic. Of course COVID is the top concern. High unemployment, near a quarter million dead and counting, 100,000 businesses closed, evictions skyrocketing, health insurance on the chopping block, and the GDP in the latrine. These all have thing in common: COVID, COVID, COVID.

        Sorry to say, but the Hunter Biden “story” is like giving your wife a plastic laundry basket from Walmart for a wedding anniversary present. Wrapping it in gilded paper doesn’t sweeten the gift.

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  2. What is that stench? Smells like a cesspool. Or is it the smell of the clammy desperation oozing out of Trumpmerica.

    One of the hardest things one can do intellectually is admit that you have been snookered by a con man. It is an embarrassing thing to admit. But, give it a try. You will feel better afterwards.

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  3. “The Bidens Got Into the Hospital Business and People Died”

    Well Trump is President during a pandemic and a LOT of people have died and are dying. What’s your point?

    Oh right. Gotta smear “Sleepy Joe” to improve chances of people voting for the great orange wanna king.

    Your flooding of this forum with cesspool garbage has grown tiresome. Just thought you should know.

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