3 thoughts on “Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping

  1. If this is such a hot idea, why is it coming now? Trump has been President for almost 4 years. The answer is embarrassingly obvious. It is a political move designed to motivate his base of deplorables and reassert his bona fides as a champion of poor oppressed white people – victims of “reverse discrimination” one and all.


    1. RE: “If this is such a hot idea, why is it coming now?”

      Because a few months ago it came to light that Sandia National Labs was forcing employees to take so-called “diversity training” that was based on questionable Critical Race Theory principles. Some of the employees objected to the training, calling it offensive, the event became a national news story, OMB issued a directive to forbid such training, and now the White House is clarifying the policy.


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