Rudy Giuliani Turns Over Alleged Photos Of Underage Girls From Hunter’s Hard Drive To Delaware Police

Source: ZeroHedge.

This can’t be happening. The Hunter Biden laptop story is almost too bizarre to be real. Nothing like it has ever happened before. We need the voice of sanity — like CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin — right now.

5 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani Turns Over Alleged Photos Of Underage Girls From Hunter’s Hard Drive To Delaware Police

  1. “The Hunter Biden laptop story is almost too bizarre to be real.”

    Yet here you are continuing to spread the Russian disinformation. You and Rudy. Even Bill Barr is calling the entire episode a nothing burger.

    Keep pushing and reality will push back.

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  2. “In the discussion, Isaac alleged that a man identifying himself as Hunter Biden had dropped the laptop in question off with liquid damage. He also said he didn’t actually see the vice president’s son dropping the laptop off. The Post story contained an invoice naming Hunter Biden.”

    If the shop owner did not see Hunter Biden, someone else obviously did. Unless, of course, it is normal to drop off 3 laptops, with a sticker on the salvageable one and packed with photos of underage girls, on the desk like dropping of car to a dealer after hours.

    So who did see Hunter Biden? Where is Waldo?

    My guess is that no one saw him because it was not Hunter Biden. Or his computers.

    Barr is currently sitting on this since the laptops were sent to the FBI last year.

    Again, Hamlet, Denmark and “something rotten” comes to mind.

    All this “drama” to help re-elect a man who cheated on his wife with porn stars and paid with illegal funds, stole from his own charity funded by others, gave instructions on how to sexually assault women regularly, admired a serial pedophile acknowledging his taste in girls was on the “younger side”, paid millions to settle a fraudulent school dispute, and lied to the American people about the severity of the pandemic while warning his buds on Wall Street, tried to extort a foreign leader, did extort American companies for not loving him or his policies, cheat on family taxes…

    Makes sense to me.😇

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  3. There is no limit to how low these ugly, deplorable truly disgusting people will go with their lies and slanders. Earlier in the campaign Donnie, Jr. tweeted a little ditty to the effect that Joe Biden is a pedophile.

    When challenged on this filth Junior answered with “just kidding” but added photos of Biden with children at swearing in ceremonies.

    Nauseating, of course, but what is particularly troubling is the existence of a small army of amoral morons who help Trump spread such filth. Here is Bryan Cranston’s take from a tweet that has gone viral . . .

    “I’ve stopped worrying about the president’s sanity. He’s not sane. And the realization of his illness doesn’t fill me with anger, but with profound sadness. What I now worry about is the sanity of anyone who can still support this deeply troubled man to lead our country.”

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