Open the Schools. Now.

Source: Bacon’s Rebellion.

This issue creates a puzzle for someone with my opinions about public schools. Normally I’d say shut them down, they don’t work, they can never work, so give back the education of children to their own families. Now Covid-19 has done just that, but I find I am in favor of re-opening the schools.

I believe “the science” supports re-opening, as Kerry Dougherty suggests. I don’t believe re-opening can be 100% safe, but I do believe we shouldn’t allow imaginary perfections to control our decision-making.

Apart from that, it would be wrong to exploit the pandemic as a means to the end of shuttering the public school system once and for all.

This puzzle itself is an example of one of life’s unavoidable and irresolvable conditions.

2 thoughts on “Open the Schools. Now.

  1. Virginia BEach has been reopeing the schools as metrics show it is safe to do. My granddaughter has been in the classroom for about three weeks now. My daughter is preparing to welcome the 11th graders back to her classroom.

    To quote Aaron Rodgers from a few years ago after a slow start by the Green Bay Packers

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  2. With accelerated release of the vaccine to high risk people, that would be acceptable.

    The kids won’t die if they get infected, but their grandparents will.

    Vaccinate the willing elderly now and then opne the schools for the 2nd semester in February


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