Cuomo discourages vaccine acceptance, even with FDA approval

Federalist: Coumo cautions against vaccinations

As though he hasn’t killed enough people already with his nursing home fiasco, now he undermines confidence in vaccines.

32 thoughts on “Cuomo discourages vaccine acceptance, even with FDA approval

    1. It appears that you did not listen to the Cuomo exchange before making this absurd accusation of malice. In fact, he was quite straightforward and frank and reaffirmed the importance of science with respect to trusting vaccines.

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  1. “If the public health professionals, if Dr. Fauci, if the doctors tell us that we should take it, I’ll be the first in line to take it. Absolutely,” Harris said, adding, “If Donald Trump tells us to take it, I’m not taking it.”

    I think that sort of sums up Cuomo‘s position as well.

    After all, we know by Trump’s own words that is lied to us about the pandemic from day one. So why should we trust him or his regime about the vaccine?

    Or anything for that matter.

    (We should perhaps wait until Trump reveals his healthcare plan in two weeks.😇)

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    1. RE: “After all, we know by Trump’s own words that is lied to us about the pandemic from day one.”

      No, we don’t.


        1. RE: “Bob Woodward has him on tape.”

          Woodward’s so-called “revelation” is bullshit. As WSJ’s Holman Jenkins pointed out, “Bob Woodward, you will recall, took two noncontradictory statements by Donald Trump, uttered six weeks apart, and invented a fake narrative to link them.”

          You and Mr. Rothman are trading in fake narratives.


          1. Simple-minded bullshit.

            This is no “fake narrative.” Trump LIED and people DIED.

            Trump was warned very early that the new disease was deadly and that it would be the greatest threat to his Presidency that he would encounter. He KNEW that it was far more serious than the seasonal flu. He told Bob Woodward that he KNEW that and he told Bob Woodward that he chose to “down play” how dangerous it is to avoid a panic.

            To this day he continues to LIE about the pandemic in just about every possible way. Throughout his sorry career Trump has had two tools – LIES and lots of lawyers. LIES and lawyers are not going to bail him out yet again. Reality does not care about being sued or being lied about. The bubble you people live in may be impermeable to the truth, but the virus passes right through.

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          2. I guess you are right. Trump did tell Wall Street the pandemic was serious. I suppose he was waiting for the investment insiders to go live the next day with the truth.

            But, they didn’t

            Not Trump’s fault. Nor responsibility.

            So unfair😇.

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          3. RE: “He told Bob Woodward that he KNEW [the virus was serious] and he told Bob Woodward that he chose to ‘down play’ how dangerous it is to avoid a panic.”

            So what? Where’s the lie?


          4. Every time he says we are “rounding the corner” is a lie. Unless the corner is at the bottom of the Rocky Mountains and after the corner is UP HILL, as case counts and hospitalizations continue to rise.

            Hey! Happy Flu Season!

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  2. You have totally mischaracterized Cuomo’s comments. He is pointing out the FACT that a significant portion of the American people do not trust Trump nor the agencies that he has politicized. Real leaders speak the truth. There is NOTHING in Cuomo’s answer that is not true.

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  3. “As though he hasn’t killed enough people already with his nursing home fiasco”

    Not nearly as many as Trump has with his downplaying of the seriousness of the virus.

    Trump continues to politicize the vaccine every time he says it is coming very soon. Even his OWN experts are saying not likely. Where is the infrastructure plan coming in two weeks (for over three years)? Where is the new and better and less expensive health care plan that has been coming for two weeks (for four years)?

    Yet still you call out Cuomo for saying he doesn’t trust the vaccine because “DR.” Trump says its safe and effective? I’m waiting for the Radiologist on the task force to come out and say all is well and let herd immunity, which would infect millions and kill hundreds of thousands, take place.

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      1. “I am not a fan of the herd immunity path”

        Why, just because such “herd immunity” has never been achieved anywhere on any viral disease without vaccinations? Or because you don’t fancy being sacrificed in the effort to achieve it? Or both?

        “Especially since vaccination immunity is in our grasp if the FDA will just get out of the way.”
        That is a political statement, not a scientific one. There is no hard evidence to suggest what level of protection can be achieved and how long it might last. The ONLY way to develop that information is through rigorous scientific testing. I have seen one analysis that says that there are so many variables that a vaccine that gives 50% protection would be a “success.” Hopefully we can do better but it is going to take a long time – maybe even years. It is obvious that Trump wants to rush approval of SOMETHING, ANYTHING so he can strut around under a “Mission Accomplished” banner.

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        1. Did I read the link?

          Uh, the link to another of YOUR opinion pieces about the evil of government? That would be no. I already know your opinions.

          We have an abundant supply of snake oil. Why don’t we just give it to everybody and tell them they are safe? Until the possible vaccines are tested that is only slightly hyperbolic.

          I want enough months of testing and on a scale that is required for actual scientists working with all deliberate speed but without political interference to say that the proposed vaccine is safe and effective. Widespread dissemination of a vaccine that is not safe and effective will do more harm in the long run than waiting until it has proven to be safe and effective.

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          1. I posted the link to avoid repeating the same reasoning here.

            But since you are immune to reason. I guess that doesn’t matter, as you will reject it without bothering to explain where the reasoning is wrong.


          2. You flatter yourself. Your “reasoning” is entirely predictable. It is based on the premise that you know more than the professionals in the field and/or that they are acting out of some sort of malice. I do not accept either premise.

            The issue is clear. A couple of dozen different products in development are called “vaccines.” Your argument is that if they do not kill or harm anyone, why not massively distribute them. What if they work – you are killing people by waiting. You never want to consider the other alternative – what if they don’t work and tens of millions of people start behaving as if the virus is over, when it is not. Stopping the virus is about behavior and a widely distributed but ineffective vaccine will make things worse.

            Beyond that is the public health issue raised by Cuomo and mischaracterized by The Federalist and especially you. In order to work, people have to take the vaccines. If the vaccines have no credibility because a liar like Trump is seen to be behind the rush to declare “Mission Accomplished” the people will not trust them.

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          3. The top 4 candidates have all proven safe in Phase 1 and in Phase 2 to have provoked an immune response comparable to having had the disease and recovered. The effective dose has been determined.

            Phase 3 testing in the real world with only 15,000 in the placebo arm, could take many months for enough to become infected (unless we do as Britain is considering and using challenge testing) with 20,000 dying each month.

            We know from previous vaccines that even of they are not totally effective in preventing the disease, if they produce antibodies, they will at the least reduce the severity.

            If we allow older citizens to voluntarily take the vaccine, you suddenly have a sample size in the tens of millions and we will know within a month if it is effective or not.

            There is no conceivable risk for those taking the vaccine that equals 20,000 deaths a month.


          4. “In order to work, people have to take the vaccines. If the vaccines have no credibility because a liar like Trump is seen to be behind the rush to declare “Mission Accomplished” the people will not trust them.”

            The people?

            Most of the people in the high risk groups would take the Russian vaccine if they could get it.

            But you have to cull the herd somehow, if those with Trump Derangement Syndrome choose to risk the disease because they hate Trump that much, so be it.

            But why should the rest of us be denied the option of trying?


          5. So, according to you, releasing these untested and unproved vaccines to those willing to be guinea pigs will stop ALL deaths from coronavirus (currently about 20,000 per month) pretty much instantly. Is that an argument that you think should be taken seriously? Really?

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          6. Nearly all deaths occur in those over 60, and those could all be vaccinated by January.

            Of course, those who refuse vaccination will still be at risk.

            It would still be prudent for young adults and children to wait since they aren’t much at risk of dying anyway.

            But yes, except for those with TDS, the death toll could be near zero by the end of January.


        2. “Most of the people in the high risk groups would take the Russian vaccine if they could get it.”

          I know YOU would take just about anything but your statement above is projection. Polling indicates that approximately half of the population would make a different decision. The Russian vaccine seems to show promise and triggers an anti-body response to the cold virus it is based on but is totally unproven against the Covid-19 virus.

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          1. If indeed the number of older adults who would accept the vaccine has declined from 84% to 58% then you guys would have a lot of deaths on your conscience.

            But I doubt it’s true, It’s one thing to answer a question in the abstract and quite another when your doctor calls and says we have a vaccine for you you can take today.

            And it’s not Trump who is scaring people away from safety.


          2. Of course you doubt the evidence that says your claim that most people would do what you want to do is bull. Big whoop.

            If people do not take a vaccine that is actually effective the blame belongs 100% to Trump. It is his constant lying and political interference in the work of the CDC and the FDA that has created this situation.


          3. Trump hasn’t interfered with the FDA nearly enough.

            The decision on whether for an individual person faces less risk by taking the vaccine than by waiting should be made by the person, in consultation with their own doctor.

            For a teenager in good health, waiting might be wise, for us older people, especially with other risk factors, there is no possible risk worse than waiting 4 or 5 months. Unless, of course, the old guy is a lighthouse keeper who won’t be interacting with anyone for 6 months anyway.

            A one-size-fits-all choice by bureaucrats who know nothing of an individual’s circumstances is not a replacement for an informed decision by the person taking the risk.

            My body, my choice.


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