The real pandemic death toll is higher than officially reported.

So far this year there have been 300,000 more deaths than should have occurred. About 220,000 of those are directly attributed to the virus. The rest are thought to be undiagnosed virus deaths and avoidable deaths that occurred because people feared seeking help or because hospitals were stretched too thin to help. Notably, younger people suffered the greatest increase over expected deaths.

18 thoughts on “The real pandemic death toll is higher than officially reported.

  1. RE: “So far this year there have been 300,000 more deaths than should have occurred.”

    Not true. Nobody knows how many deaths “should have occurred.” More important, the CDC “excess death” estimate is non-specific; it is a measure of deaths from all causes, not just Covid-19.

    Put another way, it is actually stupid to assume as WAPO obviously does that CDC’s latest excess death estimate shows the pandemic is worse than expected.

    WAPO’s article is mostly fear porn.


    1. According to the Imperial College modeling, the pandemic should have killed 2 million of us by now. so 220K or 300K, we’re still way ahead of expectations.

      Of course, you know I am skeptical of modeling more than a week into the future.

      Modeling errors compound like interest


      1. You know damn well that the very early estimate was based on a model in which no one changed their behavior. Your citing it again and again is intellectually dishonest.

        You people can spin until you turn blue, you cannot turn Trump’s colossal failure to lead the nation through the pandemic into a success.

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        1. The point is that people did change behavior. In large part because of the warnings that Trump’s administration put out and in part because of the guideline sent out to Governors to implement at the State level.

          And, of course, the Paycheck Protection Plan implemented by Trump made it possible for businesses to go idle for months and still be in business.

          Had those, and other, steps not been taken we might have come very close to that 2.2million dead.


        2. Laughable revisionist history. If people had followed Trump’s advice we would be knocking at the door of those 2 million dead.

          Yes, people DID change their behavior and that is because of the “fake news” spreading the Democratic hoax of a deadly virus spreading around the world.

          As for the financial relief, Trump requested a pittance. The Democrats demanded meaningful action. Nancy Pelosi was the clear leader on relief efforts. Trump went along at first but is now blocking just about everything.

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    2. Nobody knows . . . Except the scientists who monitor and analyze deaths and the causes of deaths and have done so for decades. They have a very good idea within a small margin of error what deaths would have occurred without the pandemic. You can deny well-established science all you want – it is what you MUST do if you support Dear Leader – but the facts are what they are. Spin, lies and wishful thinking can only take you so far. Reality is a tough task master as all you people are going to be finding out very soon.

      Fear porn? WAPO is reporting the findings of the CDC. Oh wait, Q told you that they are part of the deep state trying to make Trump look bad. Right?

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      1. RE: “They have a very good idea within a small margin of error what deaths would have occurred without the pandemic.”

        No, they don’t. That’s not how the math works. You and WAPO are committing the “gambler’s fallacy.”

        More to the point, the scientists don’t know what deaths the pandemic has caused. When they do, they will recaculate the Infection Fatality Rate for Covid-19, which currently is estimated to be well below 1% for all age groups.


        1. Uh, Yes they do. That IS how the math works. This has NOTHING to do with the Gambler’s Fallacy. That is just plain dumb.

          WAPO is reporting what the CDC has found. Is that really so hard for you to understand? Apparently, since you are laughably attributing these findings to them.

          As discussed many times the severity of an illness is not measured only by the death rate. Lasting damage to survivors, hospitalization rates, duration of illness are all part of it. With that said, the Covid-19 death rate it is an order of magnitude greater than the death rate for the seasonal flu. Your referring to the rate being less than 1% for all age groups is akin to my saying that the average wealth of myself and Jeff Bezos is $50 Billion. True, but kind of misleading. For older people who are infected the death rate is closer to 5% than 1%.

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        2. RE: “WAPO is reporting what the CDC has found.”

          Incompetently, as it turns out. Then you come along and misrepresent the incompetent reporting.

          RE: “As discussed many times the severity of an illness is not measured only by the death rate.”

          If you really believed that you would not have shared this WAPO article, or claimed in your post title that “the real pandemic death toll is higher than officially reported.”

          Your so-called “real pandemic death toll” is in no way related to the excess deaths metric, not logically, not mathematically, and not epidemiologically.


        3. Sad. One total non-sequitur after another.

          Yes, I really believe that the severity of an illness is measured by many factors. And that is not inconsistent with reporting that one of those factors – the actual number of deaths it has caused – is being under-reported.

          SOMETHING is causing 300,000 more deaths in nine months than the demographics of our population would suggest. The ONLY hypothesis that makes any sense is that the coronavirus is the cause. That is what the CDC has concluded and they have suggested the mechanisms involved.

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  2. Speculate much and place blame on that of which you have no clue just like the boneheaded WAPO? No one knows if increased deaths could be caused from severe nausea listening to BLM and Democrat campaign commercials either but it’s a substantial possibilty.

    One thing Biden did coin that is appropriate…Shut up, man…


    1. WAPO is simply reporting findings of CDC scientists. How is that boneheaded? What IS boneheaded is not being able to understand such a simple fact.

      What has BLM got to do with this? Never mind. It is obvious.

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    1. Thanks for the excellent example of how completely dishonest right wing media is. And how easily they dupe those so eager to be duped.

      The person who died in Brazil was taking a placebo so obviously the death had nothing to do with the vaccine. Damn the insane stupidity of the FDA! Shocking!

      Except that the Astra Zeneca trial in the United States was already on hold when that person died. And it was on hold because of serious neurological illness in a UK trial participant. There is evidence that this serious illness might be related to other neurological side effects seen in other patients so the FDA sought more data. Astra Zeneca has taken nearly a month to be produce the data needed.

      In other words, the FDA is doing what it is supposed to do and delays in resuming quickly were caused by the for-profit company being slow to produce needed data. Why they were so slow is not known.

      Bottom line – Your link is to a distorted bullshit story. But, as I said, a good example of how you people operate.

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      1. Your link says that the FDA wanted additional, specialized testing that was not part of the original data.

        The possible side effects they were investigating are still not justification for pausing the testing.

        Remember that 20,000 people are dying every month. Delaying the vaccine for anything less serious than that is counterproductive.

        Again, fixating on the risks of acting while ignoring the risks of inaction is how the FDA kills a thousand for every one it saves.

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        1. Nice try but no sale. This is about right wing media, not the FDA.

          Whatever your opinion of the FDA’s role, the story you linked to was dishonest. And, the “fact” that you shared was FALSE. The trial was NOT stopped because this patient died. It was stopped for a totally different and very valid reason weeks earlier.

          Do you believe that your disdain for the FDA justifies this sort of dishonesty? The answer is either yes or an admission that you were duped because you were eager to be duped. Which?

          Here is a pro tip if you were duped and not just lying. When a story is too good to be true or fits too precisely with what you really, really want to believe do some checking from reliable sources before falling for it. ZeroHedge is NOT a reliable source on ANY subject.

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