It’s October, Surprise!

Emails support Biden corruption charges

Two emails, one referring to a meeting curiously not recorded in Biden’s official records and a request to Hunter to get his dad’s influence to protect Burisma, only months before Biden got the prosecutor they feared fired.

In any normal election year, Biden would just go back into his basement.

46 thoughts on “It’s October, Surprise!

  1. I could send you an email and ask that you murder Mr. Roberts. Is that evidence that you are doing something criminal. What did Hunter do that was criminal? What did Joe Biden do that was anything? And, by the way, where are Hillary Clinton’s emails?

    And did you even read the emails that have you so giddy? They were asking for help because corrupt Ukrainian officials were shaking them down. Woof. Woof. Another desperate dog that won’t hunt.

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    1. Yeah, the emails wouldn’t mean much standing alone, but they mesh perfectly with the events that we already know did happen.

      We know that Hunter got millions for a job he had no qualifications to hold. We know that Joe threatened to withhold a billion in aid if the prosecutor wasn’t fired.

      And now the emails tie it all together.

      Bet you kind of regret using the term Quid Pro Quo a hundred or so times last year.

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      1. In a capitalist society like ours, the boards of directors of virtually every major corporation, national or multinational, are filled with people that either are or can access influential people to help pass laws, get loans, gain market entries, etc.

        It was true during the Golden Age of capitalism as you often sing Hosannas for, the late 1800’s, and it is true now. And all the years in between.

        Political influence is prized, which is why we have so many government employees and politicians getting lucrative positions on boards of companies they know little about.

        Given that, Hunter Biden was more than qualified, even if he never had to tap his father for favors. Just the name on the letterhead was worth millions to Burisma.

        Certainly a lot less nefarious than Trump dealings in which his daughter was able to get impossible to obtain copyrights in China, Kushner getting loans from the Saudis, Junior using his position as the son of the president to sell condos in India. All it took was some grease from Dad like dropping sanctions on a security risk like ZTE or promising weapons to the Saudis. Just those 3 bits of chicanery are a lot more damaging to our nation. By far. Evidence that Trump can be bought and our foreign policy will reflect that.

        But you know all this. So the discussion about year old information on a purloined hard drive from a repair shop that just happened to know the lawyer who knew the lawyer who knew the president.

        October surprise? Not so much. Just a rehash of old material that didn’t amount to anything then or even less so today.

        IMHO as always.

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        1. “Political influence is prized, which is why we have so many government employees and politicians getting lucrative positions on boards of companies they know little about.”

          Does that make it OK?

          But in this case there was a clear quid pro quo, something you thought meant something when you inferred such a possibility between Trump’s offhand comment and the Ukrainian regime.

          But now with an explicit threat to cut a billion in aid if a prosecutor who was a threat to Hunter’s employer wasn’t fired, you don’t seem to think it is a big deal any more.

          Of course from my point of view, if our government wasn’t doling out taxpayer money to foreign governments we wouldn’t have that problem.


          1. There was indeed a “clear quid pro quo.” The EU and the USA demanded that Ukraine get rid of a corrupt senior official or there might not be any loan guarantees. Yep. That is a quid pro quo.

            With respect to Biden, if that is what you are blathering about, it is simply and obviously false. There was not a “clear quid pro quo.” There was not a quid pro quo of any kind. It is telling that you make this accusation based on “facts” pulled out of your ass. Hunter Biden did NOT get millions of dollars from Burisma. That has been well established. And none of the money that he DID get was given to his father as a bribe. You just made that up. But hey, why not make believe facts to support a make believe President, right?

            Biden is “corrupt” in the same way that John McCain was not a war hero or that John Kerry did not have a valorous war record or that Hillary Clinton could have saved the Benghazi Four or the Barack Obama is a Muslim. Gaslighting by lying liars and their partisan helpers preying on the weak-minded.

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          2. Does that make it OK?

            In a perfect world, no. But we are the paragon of free market capitalism and that means boards of directors with connections, influence and whatever other leverage they can muster to get an advantage in the marketplace.

            Plus business runs our government. Lobbyists actually write the laws for legislators to enact. If you are unhappy with that, and you should be, then quit supporting laws like Citizens United. Or having campaigns that go forever and cost 100’s of millions. Or allow a business like Big Agra in the Heartland to support my Senator or Congressman.

            The Biden issue is a nothing burger. There is a good chance that the hard drive emails, which actually don’t even imply illegalities, are Russian disinformation. You’re wasting your energy on that.

            A much, much bigger concern is the news that financial insiders made millions on the news about the pandemic while Trump was lying to us. They could short the stocks knowing a collapse was imminent.

            The regime needs to be put on trial for such egregious, illegal and, yes, immoral behavior.

            BTW, the insider trading on the blood of COVID victims is your October surprise.

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    2. RE: “What did Joe Biden do that was anything?”

      Whatever else might come to light, we know now that Joe Biden was lying when he said he knew nothing about Hunter Biden’s business deals in Ukraine. It looks like Father Joe actually helped broker one of them, according to one of the emails.

      Want to talk about applying “higher standards” of conduct to elected officials?


      1. I am sure that Biden knew in a general way that Hunter was doing business in Ukraine and probably that he was on the Board at Burisma. That is not the same as knowing about or being involved with his dealings in any kind of detail which is the accusation he denied.

        “Want to talk about applying “higher standards” of conduct to elected officials?”

        Okay. Let’s talk. It is clear that you want to apply a very high standard of conduct to Joe Biden and no standard at all to Donald Trump who is quite arguably the most corrupt person in every possible way to ever be President.

        Joe Biden is not party to literally thousands of lawsuits by Mom and Pop contractors who he cheated.
        Joe Biden never brags that he knows how to buy politicians.
        Joe Biden never paid off a porn actress to hide his odd sex behavior.
        Joe Biden never had to pay $25 million to get out of criminal fraud charges.
        Joe Biden never cheated the country out of hundreds of millions with fraudulent generational transfers. Joe Biden pays his taxes. And shares the details with the public.
        Joe Biden never steered millions of dollars of business to ventures he owns.
        Joe Biden never lifted sanctions on a Chinese company after getting a project to be financed by China.
        Joe Biden’s children have never received favors valued in the billions from China and Saudi Arabia.

        I could go on, but maybe you get the point?

        Your turn.

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    3. Here is what you now say . . .

      “So, Yeah, the emails are not evidence of anything but I sure would like the believe they are, so I will just say they are.”

      Hunter Biden got Millions from Burisma? That is a figure you just pulled out of your ass.

      As for “quid pro quo” there is not even a hint of one. Except in your dreams. For the umteenth time the prosecutor was targeted by the international community and our government for removal as a condition for loan guarantees. Biden was acting on that policy. You know that but pretend you don’t. Laughable partisanship. Really.

      What the emails ACTUALLY do is confirm the kind of shakedown and corruption that caused the international financial community to demand action.

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      1. First, don’t put quotes around something you make up.

        But EVEN IF Shokin was corrupt and the decision to remove him was a good one(which I do not accept) if Biden, through his son, took money to pressure the Ukraine to do so, it is still bribery.

        Bribery by the less corrupt faction in Ukraine is still bribery.


        1. Sniff. Sniff.

          It was perfectly clear that the sentence in quotes was a paraphrase created by me to accurately summarize what you had just said and what you clearly WANT to believe. You now confirm it with this imaginary bribery for which there is absolutely ZERO evidence. NONE. But my goodness do you want to believe it!

          So, what to do you know about Skokin that escaped the attention of the European Union?

          In the spirit of good fellowship, I will agree with the only reasonable thing you have said – Yes, indeed, bribery is bad.

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        2. RE: “It was perfectly clear that the sentence in quotes was a paraphrase created by me to accurately summarize what you had just said and what you clearly WANT to believe. You now confirm it with this imaginary bribery for which there is absolutely ZERO evidence. NONE. But my goodness do you want to believe it!”

          This is argument ad hominem. Please revise or remove the post.


          1. That was not a bad post. You keep doing this over nothing. We have hashed this out but I have grown weary of this gotcha crap. As a fellow moderator I am throwing a flag.

            Nothing personal mind you, but unless we have name calling like Trump, or generalized and direct insults like a couple of others that shall not be named, I seriously think we should not dampen lively give and take.

            Final ruling by Don would be respected of course. His money, his site and his rules. He is the ref and we are line judges.


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        3. Dr. Tabor, please explain to Mr. Roberts what an ad hominem post actually is. And while you are at it – if you want this to be a civil forum – please ask him to cease and desist with his “moderation” warnings. Or, if someone wants to exercise “moderation” for civility start with those posts which are actually uncivil such as Mr. Smith and Mr. Roberts frequently post. See, for example, the exchange yesterday where Mr. Roberts accused me of “immorality” “irresponsibility” and lying because he did not like my opinion that Trump’s “enemies of the people” rhetoric is dangerous.

          From Mr. Smith addressed to me and Adam today . . . “Just proves “lying liars lie” and that would be you.”

          Now, personally, I do not care if someone wants to make a fool of himself, but I, for one, am getting tired of all of Mr. Roberts admonitions and accusations of incivility when posts such as that one never elicit a peep. If you want to entrust enforcement of YOUR rules to someone, I suggest you entrust them to someone who does not use it as a crutch when he has nothing of substance to say.

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          1. Your comment is ad hominem.

            It is not an attack on a reference, but it is an attack on my credibility without any substantial refutation of what I wrote.


          2. Sniff. Sniff.

            Uh, no. That was not an ad hominem attack. You apparently do no understand what that even means. I went to the link you provided. Read the material, understood it and stated accurately that they do NOT support charges of Biden corruption that you said they did. THAT is what hurt your credibility, not my pointing it out.

            If instead of reading the material I had answered your post by saying “Tabor is a liar, immoral and irresponsible” so don’t believe what he says about Biden” THAT would be ad hominem.


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  2. After reading the article I saw the classic “nothing burger”.

    Come on, a computer dropped off for repair and suddenly the critical hard drive ends up in Giuliani’s possession.

    Plus the email showed nothing incriminating that a board member would be asked to do. We know that influential people with contacts are paid to be on boards all the time. It is an American tradition here. And the same for any major corporation in the world.

    Shokin was corrupt. Ukraine needed to pitch him so the rest of the world that would help Ukraine financially could expect a modicum of cleaning up a corrupt government.

    Trump is truly desperate.

    Let’s see: The IG found nothing, Durham has found nothing, Burisma has nothing, the “unmasking” was nothing.

    And we still don’t have any explanation as to why Trump’s campaign manager gave polling information and strategies for Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania to Russian intelligence. That is much more dangerous to our security than Hunter Biden.

    By far.

    Trump’s best chances are the rigging of the voter access and jamming the courts on phony challenges to ballots. Both are in full swing.

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    1. RE: “Let’s see: The IG found nothing, Durham has found nothing, Burisma has nothing, the “unmasking” was nothing.”

      Nice fantasy you got there. It would be a shame if facts proved it false.


      1. Ha, ha. I had to chuckle at your choice of words.

        “Nice store you have there. It would be a shame if something happened to it.” The classic extortionist line in the mob related “protection” racket.

        (Hmmm? “Nice country you have there. It would be a shame if something happened to it because of the lack of weapons. So send some info on my political opponents.”)

        I should have phrased my comment more literally, I suppose.

        “Nothing substantial” was found in all the investigations. Sure, not all the “i’s” were dotted or “t’s” crossed and a few rogues may have crossed the line in norms of investigation. That is not acceptable, but aside from that, there was no evidence of a massive conspiracy to upset Trump.

        Which is pretty obvious since the Russia investigation did not go public. Only the Clinton email fiasco was revealed. Twice. Just a week before the election too.

        So have at it. Believe what you wish, of course. But I don’t think I was fantasizing.

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    1. You have checked your critical thinking skills – assuming without evidence that you actually have some when it comes to Trump – at the door in this desperate quest to find some hint of corruption about Joe Biden to justify Trump’s insane ravings.

      The Breitbart (Really? Breitbart” LOL!) article makes the point that there must be something nefarious because the supposed meeting was not on the official calendar. How do they know there even was such a meeting? Because there are gaps in the official calendar where a meeting might have been squeezed in. And around and around we go.

      Peter Schweizer and the dark money behind him have been beating this dead horse for over a year now. They got Trump impeached for their efforts when he tried to extort “evidence” from the Ukraine to support their fantasies.

      Bottom line – This is not the ‘October Surprise’ you are looking for. Too laughable, but keep trying. We know you will.

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    1. Do you have any evidence that the information comes from Russia and not the computer repairman who provided the hard drive to the FBI, after making a copy.

      (Hint for future white collar criminals. don’t stiff the nerd who repairs your computer)


          1. “In what way does that bear on the accuracy of the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop?”


            You are begging the question. You are assuming that it IS Hunter Biden’s STOLEN laptop and that the information on it is genuine. That assumption is undermined by the fact that the conduit for this is Bannon and Giuliani. Especially Giuliani who has been flagged by OUR security services as a Russian dupe (at best).


          2. You keep assuming that the fantasy spun by Steve and Rudy is true. There is absolutely no reason to believe that. They are proven ratfuckers. Doubly so when the so-called repair guy can’t get his story straight.

            I believe that a legitimate business has to make an effort to bill you and collect before the property is legally “abandoned.”


          3. I note that you object to the means by which the emails were obtained, but you have no problem with the corruption they reveal.

            Oh, and that’s still ad homiem


          4. Again, you have no idea what the term “ad hominem” means. We are not talking about discrediting a statement which might be done by attacking the speaker. We are discussing the validity and provenance of supposed evidence. When the source of the “evidence” is a known conduit for Russian disinformation that FACT throws the evidence he somehow produces into disrepute. And double so when the story of its discovery is fishy beyond all measure.

            As for your accusation that I care nothing about the corruption the emails reveal, I remind you that you have already acknowledged that there is nothing in them that is corrupt. Unlike you, I am not eager to believe Trump’s pitiful lies and gaslighting.


          5. “You seem to have a very unusual definition of corruption.”

            Now you are just flailing.

            And given your unthinking, uncritical and unwavering support of the most clearly corrupt individual to ever disgrace the Oval Office your accusation is more than a little bit ridiculous. Truly, it is.

            Most Republican candidates for the Senate are now frantically bailing on Trump. You should too. Why besmirch your reputation further by continuing the pretense?


          6. Flailing?

            Start with looking at results.

            During his time in office, President Trump and his family have lost net worth.

            During his 47 years in government, Biden and his family have become extremely rich while not actually doing anything.

            Hunter Biden, for example, never held a job not resulting from his Father’s influence.

            “Center for Responsive Politics, an independent think tank that tracks the effects of money and lobbying on elections and public policy, says Biden’s son worked for the MBNA Corporation from 1996 to 1998, the U.S. Department of Commerce from 1998 to 2001, the lobbying firm Oldaker, Biden & Belair from 2001 to 2009, and the lobbying firm the National Group LLP from 2003 to 2005. He also served as a board member and vice chair at AMTRAK from 2006 to 2009”

            All of those connected to Biden’s position in the Senate.

            At the age of 40, it is nearly impossible to enlist in the military unless you have some special skill the service is in need of. Nonetheless, Hunter was accepted into the Navy at 41 as an Ensign with an unspecified public relations assignment. Within a month he was discharged for a failed drug test.

            Now, in less than a decade, his is a multimillionaire with board positions and “partnerships” around the world, especially in China.

            And all of that, of course, purely on merit.


          7. Is this a joke?

            “During his time in office, President Trump and his family have lost net worth.”
            How do you know that? Because he said so? And when in his illustrious business career was he ever NOT losing net worth?

            “During his 47 years in government, Biden and his family have become extremely rich while not actually doing anything.”
            It is well documented that Joe Biden’s modest wealth has been the result of activities since leaving office.

            Hunter’s career.
            A list of jobs and a claim they are connected to Senator Biden without saying how? Really? That is evidence of corruption? But, you know what, it is not impossible that Hunter’s dad put in a good word for him. So what?

            You keep claiming that Hunter Biden has no merit. You do not know that. In fact, in spite of his acknowledged problems, he seems to have been working hard and now maybe successfully in the venture capital world.


  3. It did not take long for this attempt to recreate the October surprise of 2016 to fall apart. By getting real journalists hound dogging Giuliani’s preposterous stories this may be yet another surprise for Trump – his team playing the part of delivery boy for more Russian disinformation is not a good look. Not at all.

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    1. Giuliani has invited the major media to send expert to examine the hard drive copy in his possession, It would be interesting to have them do so, but I don’t think he would offer that if it was faked.


      1. Never mind the media. Rudy will be discussing these matters with the FBI. His story of how the hard drive came into his possession is preposterous on its face. The most likely scenario is that Russian intelligence either created the emails or more likely hacked them, maybe doctored them and got them into his hands. The only question . . . Is Rudy a traitor or just a dupe?

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        1. Apply Occam’s Razor.

          It would be pretty complicated to obtain Hunter’s laptop(and there is a lot of identifying information on the drive) plant a few salacious tidbits on it, get it into the nerds hands, wait for him to get curious and dig into it, and then turn it in after making a copy. There are an awful lot of steps where that could fail.

          The more likely explanation is that the drug addled Hunter Biden forgot he had left his water damaged laptop to be repaired and got a new one.


          1. Yes, apply it. Correctly. Russia is out to help Trump by spreading disinformation and hacking his opponents. Just like in 2016. This “smoking gun” is a product of that effort funneled through an actor desperate for such “intel.” Far, far simpler than the preposterous story of the story that Bannon and Giuliani are peddling. Less than three weeks before the election.

            Rudy Giuliani is up to his eyeballs with Russian intelligence even to the point that Trump has been warned of his activities with Russian agents by the DNI. Trump has done nothing about it for obvious reasons. Rudy is on a mission to find dirt on the Bidens at any cost. He has been on that mission for two years now.


            BTW, anyone who had hacked a computer to steal emails is already in a position to totally clone the drive. In fact, that would be a trivial exercise.

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