Rittenhouse got arrested. Reinhoel got executed. Or so it appears.

Probably paywalled. Sorry for that.

The original story was that Reinoehl, who was wanted for the killing of a member of Patriot’s Prayer, pulled a gun on police who were attempting to arrest him, who then opened fire in self defense.

The original story is falling apart and it appears that Mr. Reinoehl was the victim of an execution by the authorities. He was deserving for arrest, but not for extra judicial execution.

The investigation is not yet complete, but the pieces coming out appear rather damning to the authorities.

13 thoughts on “Rittenhouse got arrested. Reinhoel got executed. Or so it appears.

  1. A few years ago, a man was talking to his wife on his cell phone while inspecting an air rifle in Walmart. A SWAT teams showed up and the store camera caught them killing the man almost instantly.

    Around that same time, a 6 year old child was playing with a plastic toy gun. A squad car arrived, the officers got out and started firing immediately.

    The list can go on for pages.

    The bottom line is that in the same time span of a couple of decades, our police have killed 20,000 civilians whereas in the UK/Wales, police have killed 24. Total.

    Now either we have the most violent people in the world or our policing is way overly aggressive. Even accounting for population sizes, the numbers are astounding. UK’s hooligans are world famous and banned from European soccer games. There has been a virtual war between Northern Ireland and UK. Immigrant populations are growing.

    Defunding the police is not the right word, perhaps, but reforming is certainly called for.

    On this execution of a suspect, I don’t doubt that the word went out that this man is better dead than testifying. Street justice by police is Third World.

    No excuse except for the approval and encouragement by our sitting president.


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  2. To avoid such tragedies, toy guns are either a bright color or if black, have a bright orange cap on the muzzle.

    Of course, the first thing a kid does when he get one is to pry off the cap or paint it black.


    1. Are you really blaming a 6 year old for not expecting to be murdered by overzealous cops.

      That is a new low, in my opinion.

      What about the Walmart shopper. Damn guy shouldn’t have be black. His fault.

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    1. Sorry you won’t read the article. But it is quite detailed about the 22 witnesses who disagreed with the police regarding the victim being armed and shooting. It was a violent raid on the street with shooting starting almost before the cars stopped blocking the victim’s. The only gun found was in the victim’s pocket. A rifle in the car was inaccessible, in a case, and not touched. Bullet were fired indiscriminately so many went into another apartment.

      It was a friggin’ execution.

      The victim was attending the rallies earlier to provide “security” for BLM. Just like you hero Rittenhouse claimed he was doing.

      Aren’t we proud of our gun toting paramilitary yahoos?

      And Trump is giving the green light to these screw ups to mess with my country’s elections.


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        1. No one is saying that Reinoehl should not have been arrested. He absolutely should have been. However, the facts that have come out thus far indicate that LE got out and started shooting quickly. Over 20 witnesses have contradicted the original story from the officers involved.

          The gun he was reported to have fired at the officers was still in his pocket. The long gun in his car hadn’t been fired. One shell casing was found in the car but it hasn’t been found to be from the handgun still in the pocket.

          “Security” does not generally include stalking a victim before confronting and murdering him.”

          And police are not judge jury and executioner. Especially when it is apparent that no shots were fired by the suspect during the “arrest”.


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