K-12: Sight-words are a sick joke

Recent article on American Thinker explains why so many Americans are illiterate.

My big theme is that we can’t save the country if we don’t first save the public schools. (And we can’t do that without eliminating one of the world’s dumbest educational methods, i.e., using sight-words to teach reading.)

Parents can’t expect help from major universities and foundations. The media are especially compromised, as they remain silent on how the schools might be hurting your children. So, it’s everyone’s job to improve literacy.

Read article.

7 thoughts on “K-12: Sight-words are a sick joke

  1. Another area where public schools need to improve – the teaching of critical thinking skills.

    If they had done a better job there might be fewer people so easily fooled into believing – and repeating – laughable nonsense such as that President Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya or that Hillary Clinton ran a child sex ring out of a DC pizza parlor or that a supposed “deep state” tried – but failed – to destroy Donald Trump’s campaign.

    Don’t you think?

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    1. RE: “Another area where public schools need to improve – the teaching of critical thinking skills.”

      Yes. For example, we might expect comments here to “stay on topic.”


  2. My daughter thinks you are full of it. She has been using sight words with her daughter (just started kindergarten this fall) and she has shown terrific progress.

    My daughter is also a public HS English teacher. She also thinks you are spreading misinformation to discredit public schools and those that are committed to teaching in them. She wanted to say GFY, but I said that would not be nice.

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      1. There are many theories and the idea of one-size fits all is BS. That is true at public AND private schools.

        And I would appreciate you NOT telling me what to inform my daughter to o. She is quite accomplished in her field and does well without any Libertarian BS input. She already knows that.

        Thank you and have a nice day.

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