Trump “cured” by murdered baby!

The irony is heavy on this one. The “miracles coming down from God” that Trump says have cured him of Covid-19 depend on research done with cells from aborted fetuses – research that Trump says he opposes and research that could become criminal if Trump’s so-called “pro-life” supporters get their way.

The headline above uses the “pro-life” term for an aborted fetus. Just one more circle for hypocrite “Christians” to try to square as they continue their Faustian bargain to get the courts to back their plans for a theocracy.

8 thoughts on “Trump “cured” by murdered baby!

  1. The antibodies were tested using cells from a culture obtained from an aborted fetus 50 years ago.

    In another country.

    Having been obtained, what are they supposed to do? Throw them away because of how they were obtained?

    That said, there are numerous miscarriages from which starter cells can be obtained without having to kill a healthy fetus.


    1. “Having been obtained, what are they supposed to do? Throw them away because of how they were obtained?”

      Whatever happened to Dr. Mengele’s notebooks?

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        1. But, more to the point, apparently the notes and results of concentration camp medical experiments were quietly disseminated to doctors and scientists after the war. Most was judged simply torture with no value, but some experiments, on hypothermia foe example, were incorporated into the current research without attribution.

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