Arsonists for Trump

Is this arsonist typical of Trump supporters? If we apply the logic used by Dear Leader we would have to say . . . Yes, of course they are. Let some peaceful protest be marred by the arson or rock throwing of a hooligan is all the evidence HE needs to make such claims about ALL Democrats.

18 thoughts on “Arsonists for Trump

  1. RE: “Is this arsonist typical of Trump supporters?”

    That’s hard to say. There’s no way of knowing, based on the article, whether the arsonist supports Trump.There’s also no indication that any Trump supporters are arsonists.


    1. A non-obtuse observer would note that the target of the arson was a construction supporting Trump’s opponent so a reasonable person might conclude from such evidence that the arsonist was a Trump supporter. If that is too much of a leap for you, so be it. It does not really matter. The point is the same.

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      1. RE: “so a reasonable person might conclude from such evidence that the arsonist was a Trump supporter.”

        Not a smart one.


        1. With all due respect, your attempt at a retort is not particularly smart. Obvious deductions are obvious whether the person is smart or not smart.

          But here we go again wasting time over goofy counterfactual obtuseness. A construction whose sole purpose was to support Biden was set on fire by an arsonist and you are constitutionally unable to accept the obvious – that it was a Trump supporter who set it alight. Good grief.

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          1. Of all your laughable excuses for Trump rhetoric and violence, this one is in the top ten. Homeowners Associations don’t enforce covenants with arson. Besides, the family who was attacked by the Trump supporting arsonist run a family farm in a rural area. I seriously doubt that there is a homeowners association involved. I suppose you did not read the article since you refer to a “sign.” Look at the picture of what was burned and tell us again how maybe it was a homeowner’s association enforcing a covenant with arson.

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          2. RE: “the family who was attacked by the Trump supporting arsonist”

            Prove the arsonist was a Trump supporter.You can’t. By your own admission, you are making an assumption. Your commentary here is not factual, and it needn’t be taken seriously.


  2. Wow, one sign burned while numerous cities have and continue to burn, in the name of liberalism, got your panties in a wad? The arsonists from the left are no match…pun intended….


  3. There has not been a single fire set in the name of “liberalism.” There are, though, deepening social and economic problems in Trump’s America and sometimes they are manifest by bad behavior and even looting. Attributing these problems to “liberalism” is why Trump will never solve them. He doesn’t even understand them. Sabotaging the vitally needed help package passed by the Democrats in the House last May is just one example of how clueless and callous he is. Time for him to go.

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  4. Not one fire in the name of liberalism? I’m supposing all of those fires set during left wing arsonist “protests” since 2016 were just imaginary? And you even dare to claim such obvious lying nonsense? It’s long past due to break out the waders.


    1. I guess you did not read carefully. You apparently seldom do. I already agreed that social unrest due to the failing Trump economy has caused so people to misbehave and some to start fires. They are not doing so “in the name of liberalism” or anything else. Just mad as hell, frustrated and angry.

      I would add that given the enormity of Trump’s economic failures the social unrest so far has been surprisingly restrained. Of course, you would never know that if you get your “news” from inside the Trump propaganda bubble which exaggerates all such matters to support Trump’s laughable and desperate attempt to be a champion of “law and order.”

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      1. Waders on but this may not be enough. The BS is getting deeper and deeper after each reply. Please stop before we all drown….


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