Trump is mad at Barr Now.

Seems that the desperately anticipated Durham “investigation” is coming up with NOTHING supporting Trump’s demented claims. How can we know that? Simple, my dear Watson. It’s release would not be delayed until after the election if there was ANYTHING in it that would validate Trump’s ravings. A dollar against a donut says that Mr. Durham will find and report PLENTY of reasons that the Russian interference activities triggered a national security response.

6 thoughts on “Trump is mad at Barr Now.

  1. I actually think that Barr does not want to “pull a Comey”. He may even think that the AG office has to have a modicum of integrity.

    It sounds as if the Dunham report will not be the October surprise.

    But we have 24 days to go. Plenty of time to stage something. Clinton’s email fiasco was resurfaced a week before the election by a very tall Republican. Maybe a chubby one can do something.

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    1. Wishful thinking? Really? How likely is it that Durham has found something material enough to impact the vote and Barr is going to simply wait until after the election to make it public? Rather than “wishful thinking” what you have is an example of rational thought based on evidence. It goes like this . . .

      Barr has proven his willingness to use the DOJ to help Trump.
      Barr is offering no help with respect to Durham’s investigation.

      Therefore – Durham has found nothing helpful to Trump.

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    1. “Mad” as in mad cow disease?

      “Mad” as in daft?

      “MAD” as in Mothers Against Donald?

      I got a bird that whistles
      I got a bird that sings
      I got a bird that whistles
      I got a bird that sings
      But I ain’ a-got Corona
      Life don’t mean a thing

      Proper apologies to Dylan and the writers.



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