“There are Trillions at Stake.”

Source: The Burning Platform.

I am not aghast over the system of government by lobby the article describes. I have four reactions.

First, the process is a natural hybrid of democracy. I don’t mean it is a desirable hybrid, only that it is easy to see how such a system came into being.

Second, to the extent the system of government by lobby is corrupt, it is corrupt because the participants allow it to be. We see the age-old problem of good and evil in it, just as we see that age-old problem in everything.

Third, restoring the appointment of Senators by the state legislators by repealing the 17th amendment would give the special interests some competition and diminish their influence.

Finally, if we the people only insisted on having a smaller federal government, the opportunities for mischief of this kind would dry up.

2 thoughts on ““There are Trillions at Stake.”

    1. RE: “So, now do you understand why so many people believe that SCOTUS protecting the role of money in politics is not good?”

      People who believe that need to deepen their understanding.


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