24 thoughts on “A very powerful ad from a Republican patriot. They are not extinct – yet.

  1. This was indeed powerful. I saw it this morning and there was nothing – N.O.T.H.I.N.G. – in the piece to disagree with.

    I don’t care that Hadden said he disagreed with many of Biden’s policies; the important thing is he recognizes GOOD from BAD . . . end of story.

    And, he’s dead-on-correct – 4 more years of DONALD J. TRUMP WILL END THIS COUNTRY AS WE KNOW IT.

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    1. That anyone would refer to Joe Biden as a “commie” is pretty compelling evidence of the damage done to the body politic with a piece of shit, jackass like Donald Trump poisoning the minds of his followers with utter garbage. Healing this country from this kind of poison will be a challenge. Let us all hope and pray that President Biden is up to the task. To help him, we all need to do what we can to make sure that every Trump sycophant and enabler is removed from office.

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    2. Who’s a commie? You throw that around a lot with no evidence to support the assertion. In fact the majority of the truth, if you would be willing to investigate, is Biden is as close to being a centrist as we have these days.

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      1. Centrist my ass!! He and his socialist race baiting side kick won’t give a straight answer on taxes, talk up GND which is as socialist as it gets and constantly try to instill wealth envy with the phony fair share mantra. Currently, the top 20% already pay over 90% of all PIT. How “fair” is it that the bottom 80% only pays 10% and the bottom 20% actually collects 10% those taxes instead of paying something. You socialists are full of it. All Biden and sidekick are good for is blowing smoke up everyone’s ass with phony claims of systemic racism, refund police, wealth envy and virus scare tactics when they have no alternate plan than what is being done now.


        1. Mr. Smith, we feel your pain. It must hurt to have invested so much emotion in such a loser as Donald Trump and to see him now blowing every chance of winning re-election through his own arrogance and stupidity. But calm down. Everything is gonna be alright.


      2. In addition, who exactly was the buffoon who opposed closing travel with China when there were only a few virus cases in the US? Hint, it wasn’t Trump. Maybe chat with your extremist hero Mr Murphy to come up with an answer for that? I expect a doozie…


        1. The response is simple, you have been duped again. First, Biden did not speak out about the travel bans and second, the travel ban was a joke. 100’s of thousands of people arrived here from China AFTER the so-called ban went into effect. Further, the main route to our worst infections was not from China but from Europe.

          Joe Biden at about that time referred to Trump overall as a xenophobe because he is. His pathetic attempts to label the coronavirus the “China virus” is just more of his race baiting.



  2. Trump is an unpleasant man, but he is a good man.

    Biden however, is a deeply corrupt career politician.

    If Hayden cannot see that, perhaps the damage from his stroke is not only to his speech center.


    1. With all due respect, your post is utterly and completely absurd.

      By what measure is Trump a good man? Name even one.
      Is he honest? No.
      Does he honor his commitments? No.
      Is he generous? No.
      Does he ever put the needs of others ahead of his own pleasures? No.
      Is he faithful to his spouse? No.

      Here SEVEN more . . .
      Is he greedy? Yes!
      Is he a lecher? Yes!
      Is he envious? Yes!
      Is he wrathful? Yes!
      Is he lazy? Yes!
      Is he a glutton? Yes!
      Is he prideful? Yes!

      As for Biden being “deeply corrupt,” would you care to share any evidence of that? If you have a week or two I could provide and very long list of known Trump corruption which somehow you are not aware of.

      Let’s be honest. You cannot really refute anything that General Hayden says to you resort to empty nonsense. It would be better for your credibility and the respect you might want from others if you said nothing rather than such laughable tripe.

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        1. LOL!

          That so-called report is nothing but a rehash of allegations mainly from KNOWN agents of Russian disinformation organizations. There is absolutely nothing new in it nor ANY evidence of ANY wrong-doing by ANYBODY. Pitiful.


          You embarrass yourself again with your sleazy slanders and even more when you offer this garbage as “evidence.” You ought to be trashing Johnson and Grassley for this Benghazi – Part Deux abuse of Congressional powers.

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          1. OK, tell me the innocent explanation for Hunter Biden being on the board of Burisma at a time when his father had control of financial aid the Ukraine and used that leverage to get a prosecutor Burisma’s owner didn’t like fired?

            This should be amusing.


          2. Hunter Biden was on the Board of Burisma because he, like the former President of Poland, was viewed as someone whose involvement would make the company more attractive to investors, lenders, partners, customers and governments. Seeking out that sort of star power is the norm for corporate boards not the exception.

            Joe Biden carried out Obama administration policy which was to pressure Ukraine to clean up its act if it wanted international assistance and loan guarantees. The prosecutor in question was unacceptable to most of the major democracies who had the same demand of Ukraine. And that prosecutor NEVER had ANY dealings or investigations targeting or even involving Hunter Biden.

            You probably are not amused. The simple truth is just not that entertaining.

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    2. RE: “Trump is an unpleasant man, but he is a good man.”

      That’s the way I see it, too, although I don’t find him all that unpleasant. I had a boss for many years who grew up not far from where Trump grew up, and was similar in many ways. My boss could be unpleasant, too, but once you got to know him, you didn’t notice it much.


    3. “Trump is an unpleasant man, but he is a good man.

      Biden however, is a deeply corrupt career politician.”

      Well, there goes my dinner. URP.

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  3. Slay the socialist monster? Right above a picture of AOC.

    Let me do Mr. Roberts’s job for him – Inciting violence is uncivil and against the rules of this forum. Please refrain from linking to such materials in the future.


  4. Paul embarrasses himself over and over and over again with his shameful lies. If it wasn’t comical, it might be considered a mental health issue.
    Biden opposed the China travel ban…FACT



    The only thing truthful out of Paul’s mouth was the statement “lying liars lie” and we all know he was looking in the mirror.


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