The Truth About Today’s Anarchists

Source: The New York Times.

I found this article through a link at National Review Online. I like the way NRO editorializes the content, but considering the audience here in this venue, I thought it best to source the original.

One can make too much of the fact that even the NYT finds Antifa to be both organized and seditious. So, I won’t make too much of it.

As promotion for Tidewater Forum, however, I would like to point out that we reviewed the same article the NYT mentions, but we did it back in June, at least three months before the Gray Lady. Tidewater Forum is the vanguard of the emerging “intelligent world order.” Eat our gas, MSM!

2 thoughts on “The Truth About Today’s Anarchists

  1. Interesting article.

    I went to the Crimethink website and I could not ascertain if they were left or right.

    There are gangs on both sides that would like to abolish or radically change our government or our country.

    There was no mention of Antifa or White Supremacy groups with specific names.

    There is no question that the concept is very troubling.

    It is also a vindication of BLM in the sense that they are not supportive of the violence no matter who starts it.

    Considering this information, I cannot fathom support for a president who tells gangs that support him to “stand back and stand by”. So much appreciated by the radical groups that they changed their logos, And this is on top of earlier assertions that the only “peaceful” result of the election is if he wins.

    In other words, Trump is fanning the flames for his political benefit regardless of the cost in lives and property so he can stay in office, legally or not.

    These are sad times for America.

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  2. I read the New York Times story. Enjoyed it. The funniest bit for me was a house graphic across the story with the Times logo and the slogan: Truth is essential.

    Maybe they have had a change of heart. I hope so.


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