Donald Trump is not a racist?

The grace and dignity with which Omar responded to Trump’s racist attacks is the only redeeming feature of yet another sorry episode starring the inimitable Donald Trump.

“She is telling us how to run OUR country” says Trump, forgetting, it seems, that she is a member of Congress who clobbered his party’s candidate 78% – 22%.

Leading chants of “Lock her up” Desperate Donnie – seeing it all turn to dust and New York State police waiting outside the White House – turns to what he does best – stirring up hatred and division.

14 thoughts on “Donald Trump is not a racist?

  1. RE: “Donald Trump is not a racist?”

    If he is, this story doesn’t prove it. Pitiful post; worse title.


  2. No, he just plays one on TV.

    Hey, just kidding. He is a racist and proves it all the time. And the evidence goes back decades. Some people refuse to see what is right in front of them. For crying out loud, some people even refuse to accept that Birtherism – you know, the principle “idea” on which Trump built his following – is racist. Go figure.

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    1. Tell us how the story you posted shows that Trump is a racisr. Not other, extraneous, observations, but the story you posted.


        1. RE: “There is none so blind as those who will not see.”

          The question is: What are you seeing? If it is real, you should be able to describe it without attacking others for their alleged blindness.


          1. Is it an “attack” if it is true? You either refuse to or are unable to see the racist nature of singling out a woman of color, chastise her for daring to tell us how to run “OUR” country while saying HER country is in a shambles. She left Somalia as an eight year old refugee fleeing near certain death with her family. She is now an American citizen – just like Melania. She won election to the House of Representative with 78% of the vote. America is HER country. But he treats her like some sort of invader, leads drooling chants of “lock her up” for imaginary crimes and puts her life in danger. He does this same race-baiting wherever he goes. The last time he attacked Omar, he was in Pennsylvania. She represents Michigan.

            This latest race-baiting came the day after passing on the opportunity to condemn White Supremacy movements in front of a huge audience and telling the racist Proud Boys to “stand by.”

            My take on this race-baiting is shared across the political spectrum with Republican office seekers fearful that such gross divisiveness is hurting their chances. Because it is.

            So, I say again – There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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          2. So, your argument is that criticizing a person of color makes the critic a racist?

            I’m quite happy to be “blind” to such poor reasoning.


          3. RE: “But baselessly and repeatedly sliming someone as a way to motivate his racist base is not ‘criticism.'”

            So, Trump is a racist because his supporters are racists? Or, more elaborately, Trump is a racist because he says allegedly mean things about a person of color that other people, who are racists, happen to hear him say?

            Again, I’m quite happy to be “blind” to such poor reasoning.


          4. I hear you. No need to repeat. You are happy to remain blind.

            But here is a point on “reasoning.”
            I did not say that Trump was a racist because his followers are racist. I pointed out that what he does is not “criticism.” Saying, in effect, that she has no right to a voice in OUR country because she is not a real American and the country she came from is a mess is NOT “criticism.” It is a race-baiting piece of bullshit because she IS an American, she came here when she was eight and, in fact, has been chosen by her constituents to have a voice whether Trump and his followers like it or not.

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  3. While you do an extremely good job reproving those to your political right?

    Is it too much to ask that you give equal treatment to those you most closely identify with?

    Your silence is…rather deafening.


  4. You liberals see racism in everything. If Trump called an orange “orange”, you would be screaming racist. Not one thing you liberals have referenced proves anything but that you are grasping at straws and throwing feces in the fan. The left is far more racist than anyone else.


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