More voter suppression!

I guess Texas is a lot closer to turning Blue than even the most optimistic Democrat imagined.

Republican Governor Abbott has issued a brazenly partisan order to make it harder for voters to deliver their absentee ballots to election officials. By his edict, the existing program of having ballot drop boxes at convenient locations is cancelled. The hardest hit area is Harris County (Houston) which yesterday had twelve such locations. If the Governor’s edict takes effect, that will be reduced to one TODAY. Harris County is home to 4.5 million people and is about the geographic size of the state of Rhode Island. And now only one place to deliver your ballot!? And, of course, it traditionally votes Democratic. There is no valid reason for this panicky last minute change to the arrangements that had already been communicated to the public. None whatsoever. Simply disgraceful!

Too bad the Republican Party has to resort to cheating to have any chance of winning. But that is what happens when you field lame candidates with outdated ideas.

One thought on “More voter suppression!

  1. The modern conservative in the guise of being Republican seems to have a phobia for democratically elected representation.

    The minority party can only win via technical tweaks that affect the non-elites with “surgical precision” as well described by a federal judge in NC.

    Reducing polling places, among others, affects those with the least mobility or capability of taking time off from hourly jobs. So space out the election facilities and create long lines. And in this case remove secure ballot boxes to jam the mails.

    2020 is shaping up to be an exciting novel. However, some readers might question whether such a narrative would sell since it is so “implausible “.

    What’s next, a major earthquake in California?

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