Trump, having had a day to think about it, refuses again to peacefully accept the results of the November 3 election. And he continues his campaign to de-legitimize the coming election. It is now obvious that no matter how thoroughly he is trounced he will continue to sow dissension and distrust. He will try to hang on to power the same way he has stayed out of jail his entire life – with a swarm of lawyers spreading chaos.

Trump’s faithful lap dog, Lindsey Graham, made a it clear what is going on in this appalling statement . . . “I promise you as a Republican, if the Supreme Court decides that Joe Biden wins, I will accept the result. . . The court will decide, and if Republicans lose, we’ll accept the result.”

What happened to the people deciding who the President should be?

17 thoughts on “Indefensible!

  1. What is the problem with letting the courts settle the issue if there is evidence of fraud? If there is no evidence, a court challenge will go nowhere.

    Do you really expect President Trump, and more importantly, those who support him, to meekly accept fraudulent results?

    We already have cases of mail-in military ballots being discarded by postal workers. Not an overwhelming number yet, but the beginning of a pattern of selective ‘loss’ of ballots

    Trump is not suggesting a military takeover or state of emergency, he is simply saying he will watch and wait and challenge fraud legally if it materializes. DO you really expect him to commit in advance to accept fraudulent results.


    1. I expect the President to commit to a PEACEFUL transition of power if he loses. He will not do that. He is clearly working hard to sow the seeds of distrust and chaos. He may not be threatening violence if he loses at the moment (he has in the past) but he is preparing the ground for it by leaving millions of his fanatics feeling cheated when he loses.

      Of course, there is not ANY evidence of significant voter fraud nor is there likely to be. And certainly not on a scale to change the results of a Presidential election. But, to a near certainty, Trump will claim that fraud cost him re-election and will flood the courts with spurious lawsuits with a goal of disenfranchising the voters and throwing the choice of Electors to partisan hacks in state legislatures. Leaving SCOTUS to do a repeat of their partisan 2000 meddling. Senator Graham made it clear that such is their Hail Mary play to stave off political oblivion.

      This whole vote fraud story line – first to used to suppress voters and now to de-legitimize the coming election is cynical bullshit and every honest person who cares about evidence knows and admits it. There have been numerous investigations organized by the Republicans determined to prove that voter fraud is a problem and that includes the laughable commission that was set up to prove that Trump won the popular vote in 2016. They have all failed to find ANY.

      If there really is a serious threat of problems in the vote then WHY have the Republicans blocked the efforts to help states get organized and better prepared to deal with the pandemic and potential foreign hacking? The answer is clear – they want to be able to scream “Fraud!” when they get their asses handed to them by the people.

      By the way, the postal service losing ballots from military voters – should it happen – will help Trump. He no longer enjoys the support of serving military that he once did.


      1. And yet every single one of the recovered military ballots was for Trump.

        Trump has repeatedly said he has no objection to absentee voting by requested ballots, but instead to mass mailings including voters who have moved, died, or had no intention to vote, such as dementia patients in nursing homes, all of whose ballots could be intercepted when undeliverable and fraudulently cast by others.


        1. Actually, it is not clear that these ballots were for the General Election. They may have been from the primary where Trump got 94% of the vote. But, whatever, my side comment about serving military preference was based on evidence like this . . .

          Never mind that voting by mail has never caused a material problem, ever. Of the nine states that will mail ballots to registered voters all but two (Utah and Nevada) are states where Trump’s probability of winning is just about nil. Therefore, errors in the mail-in process – should they occur – will not make a difference and there is no reason to commit fraud when the outcome is not actually in doubt. Of those 9 states, 5 have been doing this for years successfully and without major incident.

          Like so many “issues” pushed by Trump the “issue” of voting by mail is a completely phony one.

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          1. What I am worried about is obvious. I am worried that a lot of people will accept Trump’s inevitable lies that he lost the election because of voter fraud and that will lead to chaos, violence and instability that will shake our country to its roots for the sake of this childish man’s ego.

            The other seven states are California, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, New Jersey, Colorado and Vermont. Not exactly battleground states.

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      2. RE: “Of course, there is not ANY evidence of significant voter fraud nor is there likely to be.”

        On the contrary, there is much evidence. One source is Heritage Foundation’s voter fraud database, which I have shared before:

        But proven fraud aside, multiple states have been having problems with mail-in voting. Pennsylvania, Washington, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and California are mentioned in this MSN piece from mid-August:

        It makes perfect sense to be concerned that the vote tally this cycle may be dubious. My wife and I plan to vote in person so that our choices won’t be lost in the mail.


        1. Uh, maybe you do not know what the word “significant” means? That Heritage Foundation catalog has found 1,298 instances of confirmed election fraud. Gee, that sounds “significant”, right? Until you realize that it is nationwide and covers elections going back to 1982. And that almost all of them are petty offenses that changed nothing.

          Let me try to save your life. Here in Virginia, if you request a mail-in ballot you can verify that it has been received on line. No need to expose you and your wife to possible infection by going to vote in person.

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        2. RE: “Gee, that sounds ‘significant’, right?”

          It sounds factual to me, unlike the general observation — hardly more than a vague opinion — that voter fraud is not significant.


          1. I did not deny that the database was factual. I have no reason to do so. What I do deny is that the crimes tabulated are significant. In this context, “significant” means that they changed the outcome or represent something with the potential to change the outcome of the next Presidential election.

            When you consider the billions of votes cast in the time frame of this database, the number of crimes documented is vanishingly small or, one could say, not significant.

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          2. Less than 1300 instances in over a BILLION votes cast in the time the heritage Chart covers IS statistically insignificant.

            You think that 200,000 dead Americans in less than 10 moths is insignificant.

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    2. I have just reviewed the details of those “mail-in military ballots being discarded by postal workers.”

      There were NINE of them found in a dumpster behind the Election Board office in a GOP run county in Pennsylvania. That was the basis for Trump referring to this as a “scam” on National TV and his campaign declaring that “Democrats are trying to steal the election.”

      Postal workers were NOT involved. From your link – ” . . . election bureau officials did not properly handle mail-in ballots from military personnel.” Why the falsehood?

      What is far more concerning than highly probable human error on a few ballots is WHY did the US Attorney publicly report on details of an ongoing investigation. Is it part of their mission to help sell Trump’s bullshit? According to long-standing practice and guidance issued by Trump’s DOJ in 2017 . . .

      “any criminal investigation by the department must be conducted in a way that minimizes the likelihood that the investigation itself may become a factor in the election.”

      So, when followed the thread you left behind leads to a far more serious matter – the DOJ serving as a branch of the Trump campaign.

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      1. Let’s also keep in mind that if the ballots were not completed properly and not put into the provided security envelopes, no matter who they were cast for they would be disqualified.

        I voted from 1984 through 2008 absentee in Pennsylvania and the security envelope was part of the package. I ensured my ballot was properly filled out, signed, placed in BOTH envelopes and mailed. And from 1986 through 2008, my ballot went to the smallest, least populated county in the Commonwealth. If there had been a problem, I would have been notified through my in-laws that the next time I needed to ensure I followed the proper procedures for mailing my ballot or it would not be counted. Again.

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        1. We now know that this error was caught by the election officials themselves, that they attribute the error to a seasonal temp, that they tried to rectify it as best they could and that they are the ones who called for outside help to be on the safe side. Somehow, word immediately went to the White House and Trump proceeded to make a mountain out of this tiny anthill – “Democrats are stealing the election!” And to make it worse the DOJ violated all of its own policies and rushed to issue a press release to add weight to Trump’s lunatic raving.


    3. “ “We’ll want to have — get rid of the ballots and you’ll have a very — we’ll have a very peaceful — there won’t be a transfer, frankly. There’ll be a continuation.”

      So if we don’t get rid of the “ballots”, the message is clear: we won’t have a very peaceful election.

      He has said he will accept the results if he wins. Telling his fans that a loss is fraud. Your Proud, Prayer, 3%, and other assorted punks will be rioting.

      Threats, extortion, lies, lawsuits, chaos. And that is just for the election now, but it has been the agenda for well into a four year term.

      That is the conservative champion.


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        1. First of all, what context? Trump, Inc has tried to throw roadblocks in voting from 2015 on.

          Gabbard had a bill against voter harvesting. That is what Republicans in NC got caught doing.

          This whole fiasco by a president is why we need to codify so many of our norms.

          Purposely jamming the election to force a SCOTUS to pick a winner should be a felony on its own.

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