SLATE: Impeach Bill Barr

An interesting argument explaining why Barr should be impeached. I would have called it “compelling”, but I have learned on this forum, there is no such animal.

“That’s not how oversight has ever worked. Barr’s unilateral declaration—that any attempt by Congress to question him or his officials is illegitimate—is just the latest effort to place the executive branch above its constitutional obligations. The administration has spent recent years refusing to comply with congressional subpoenas for executive documents, most notably during the impeachment inquiry, but the refusal to even appear is a complete rejection and dismantling of oversight altogether. This latest effort calls for the only possible proportionate response: William Barr should be impeached.”

The author, Molly Claflin is chief oversight counsel at American Oversight. She previously served as counsel to the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. “American Oversight is a non-partisan, nonprofit ethics watchdog and is the top Freedom of Information Act litigator investigating the Trump administration.” It may be difficult to believe they are non-partisan based on WHO they are investigating currently. But they were also involved in investigating Clinton’s email situation. 

15 thoughts on “SLATE: Impeach Bill Barr

  1. Impeached?

    Would it not make sense to wit until the courts have determined whether he is within his rights?

    If anyone is to be removed from office, I would suggest it would be the Democrats in Congress who abuse the subpoena powers for opposition research and grandstanding. Considering the behavior of the Democrats the last four years, I would demand a ruling by the courts before I complied with a request to pass the salt.


    1. Your attempt to conflate Congressional oversight with opposition research would be laughable if it weren’t so sad. Try to read what the piece says without the jaundiced eyes of a rabid Trump supporter. (I do NOT buy your contention that you are NOT a rabid trump supporter).

      When the GOP was performing proper oversight of the Obama administration, the cooperation was there, as stated in the piece. INCLUDING Fast and Furious documents after the court ordered them released. Barr’s work as the personals attorney to the President goes way outside the bounds of what the duties of a truly INDEPENDENT AG and DOJ are supposed to.

      “Under standard congressional oversight, as it has gone for generations, witnesses appear before the committee and then—for better or worse—they are left to the whims of whatever Congress wants to discuss. Just ask former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who testified for 11 hours in 2015 while Republicans demanded she respond to inquiries about their latest conspiracy theories. Or look at the recent hearing with large tech companies, which Republicans used to float wild accusations about censorship of conservatives in social media.

      In this period in American history, though, oversight only goes one way—and it’s never toward Donald Trump. This president has completely walled off his administration from the public eye.”

      For one who claims to worship the Constitution, you sure have a funny way of showing it.

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    2. With all due respect, you are both ridiculous and shameless when you sit there with your face hanging out pretending that Congressional Democrats have IN ANY WAY abused their oversight responsibilities while being a world-class cheerleader for 11 or 12 Benghazi investigations and now a GOP Senate committee trying to dig up dirt on Joe Biden’s family.

      You know what is too bad? That you authoritarian monarchists decided to make Donald Trump the king. Bad choice.

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      1. Your memory is no better than Biden’s

        At the time, I pointed out that the Benghazi investigations were the intended distraction to keep attention away from the true criminality of the Obama administration arming of ISIS with weapons from Libya’s conventional weapons stores, via Sydney Blumenthal.

        For Biden and his family, they don’t have to dig very deep. We have Biden recorded bragging about withholding US aid to get a Prosecutor fired.


        1. “… Benghazi investigations were the intended distraction…”

          The investigations were conducted by Republicans. Were they in on the distraction ploy?

          Uh, Biden and the rest of the world were threatening to withhold funds. Were all the other countries In on the shakedown too?

          Your assertions have been disproven so long ago it is hard to imagine dragging them up again.

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          1. No, the Republicans fell for the distraction. They should have listened to me.

            The rest of the world’s leaders didn’t have family members connected to the prosecutors investigations. If there was international pressure. then Biden should have let it play out and recused himself because of his son’s involvement.

            His actions were at the least deeply unethical, if not criminal.


          2. Republicans “fell for the distraction”?

            What, 7 times? Then leadership in the GOP is so bad and so stupid they deserve to be permanent back benchers.

            At least you were correct in saying that GOP leadership was deeply unethical if not criminal.

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        2. My memory is just fine thank you. And I do not deal in “alternative facts”, magical thinking or spread ridiculous conspiracy theories as you just did.

          The Republicans set the agenda on Benghazi “investigations” but you say they were an “intended distraction.” So, Clinton in the hot seat and all the other hearings were all part of a “deep state” charade organized by Republicans in cahoots with Obama to hide his criminality? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

          I used the word shameless. It was the right word with your now saying that proof of Biden’s corruption is found in his statement referenced. Every honest person who thinks for themselves knows very well the context of those remarks and knows it has NOTHING to do with his son.

          The bottom line, you absurdly characterize Congressional oversight of the Executive branch as opposition research when Democrats do it, and try to spin away truly egregious abuses by Republican committees.

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          1. There is serious desperation in the political air. The non-sensical positions and selective historical viewpoints are part and parcel of a losing party.

            Trump now realizes he has to destroy the election and hope SCOTUS will declare him the winner.

            He dismisses ballots and looks for appointment.

            He says the granddaughter is lying for some reason that is known only to him.

            He says the pandemic is nothing to worry about it doesn’t affect anybody.

            He lied to Americans about the pandemic and now want to rush a vaccine despite the drug companies themselves saying it will take time.

            We may be suckers, but he is the loser.

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  2. Slate: “The complete rejection of congressional oversight should be troubling to all Americans.”

    I don’t see why. It is easy to imagine federal operations moving along quite salubriously without an iota of congressional oversight. To take an example from the article, Congress can certainly cover the Secret Service budget without auditing the books for the cost of the president’s golf outings. What would be the point, anyway; should the president not play golf because Congress is in a penny-pinching mood?


    1. “… should the president not play golf because Congress is in a penny-pinching mood?”

      Of course not. We hired him to administer the executive branch, so we might expect him to spend some time doing that.

      I guess packing the secret service and the rest of his entourage into suites at his resorts is also a moneymaker for Trump. That might be worth a look, but considering the trillions in debt we’ve run up during this administration, it’s penny ante.

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      1. RE: “We hired him to administer the executive branch, so we might expect him to spend some time doing that.”

        By all accounts he does.


        1. Between his incredibly short work day and his record-busting golf vacations it is safe to say that Trump is the least engaged with his job and laziest President ever. He makes George W. Bush look like a workaholic.

          Actually that is a good thing for the country. Given Trump’s values and goals, if he were smart and energetic instead of dumb and lazy we would be in even worse shape than we are.

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  3. The only ones that should be impeached are Pelosi and Schumer. Four years of childish harassment by a bunch of babies mascarading as “law makers” would drive any sane person to tell Congress to just stuff it. All of that Democrat hot air has amounted to nothing but extreme polarization, divisiness and global warming. Yes, the true source of our climate issues has been revealed so duck tape em and the world will be a much better place.


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