Conspiracies about Ginsburg death are flooding social media and presidential interviews

Ignorance and desperation know few bounds. And of course it would not be 2020 if we didn’t have our president calling Justice Ginsburg’s granddaughter a liar. Not to her face, but through the usual channels of surrogates.

28 thoughts on “Conspiracies about Ginsburg death are flooding social media and presidential interviews

  1. FrFrom Vice: “Within hours of the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg being made public, disinformation and extremist content exploiting her legacy was being ‘widely circulated’ on Facebook.”

    Since I’m in favor of uncensored speech, my question is, So freaking what?

    Also, I challenge you to show where or how Trump called Ginsburg’s granddaughter a liar. According to Vice, Trump expressed skepticism about Ginsburg’s remark, but never mentioned the granddaughter.


    1. “Trump expressed skepticism about Ginsburg’s remark, but never mentioned the granddaughter.”

      It was the granddaughter who made Ginsburg’s remarks know to the public. By referring to the remark, he touched the source.

      But Trump would NEVER do anything like that. He’s freakin’ an angel.

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      1. RE: “It was the granddaughter who made Ginsburg’s remarks know to the public.”

        Did Trump know that? If he didn’t, then he couldn’t have been calling the granddaugtrer a liar.


    2. Trump called her a liar.

      “I don’t know that she said that or was that written out by Adam Schiff and Schumer and Pelosi. I would be more inclined to the second, okay? You know that came out of the wind it sounds so beautiful. But that sounds like a Schumer deal or maybe a Pelosi or Shifty Schiff.”

      Pretty obvious to all but the most devoted. You don’t need to be a master QAnon decoder to discern Trump’s insults.

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        1. Scalia died before Trump was elected. And I seriously doubt he would feel that way even if he were alive. I didn’t agree with him, but he did have a level of integrity and admiration for our democratic principles.

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        2. Not the point. No reason for the president to call the granddaughter, or worse, Justice Ginsburg, a liar.

          Those are the acts and words of a lowlife. Ginsburg is not even in the ground.

          Of course we should not expect better, I suppose.

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        3. Who cares?

          Nobody I suppose. It is not a big deal from the standpoint of influencing anyone. Which is why Trump should just have handled like a man. And not impugn the integrity of the granddaughter.

          Meanwhile the regime is packing the court which he expects will choose him to be president since he has done most of the legwork to destroy the election process.

          Surprisingly, this tactic does not bother his fans. Why not just appoint a king instead? Why bother with elections?

          Trump’s America, “you think it is bad now…just wait, Henry Higgins, just you wait”.

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          1. Again, the missing point.

            The Court is going to be packed, no doubt.

            But he wants it done before the election because he fully expects to be able to subvert our election so badly that we will have 2000 redux.

            He is a traitor, period.

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          2. You are projecting again.

            Remember that it was Al Gore who put us through 2000 by trying to recount ballots only in a few Florida precincts that were heavily Democratic.

            But again. what unfair advantage do you think Trump gains from having more justices on the court who will apply the law as written? That can only do harm to Democrats if they seek to evade the law and are prevented from doing so,


          3. We are talking about Trumps efforts to destroy the election and have SCOTUS pick him.

            I can’t believe you find that something we should set a precedent for.

            Or perhaps since you have mentioned you don’t like Democracies, that we should just appoint a president every so often.

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          4. Trump’s efforts to destroy the election?

            That exists only in the fevered imagination of Democrats who think in terms of stealing elections. Trump has said he would accept the results of a fair election. But he is not going to commit in advance to letting the election be stolen without playing it out in court, and he shouldn’t.


          5. As far a Florida, it was the GOP that started the riots to disrupt the recount.

            Gore conceded like a gentlemen after the SCOTUS decision.

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          6. What else could he do, but he drug it out long enough to deny Bush a transition.

            And the partial recount he demanded WAS an attempt to steal the election.


        4. Who cares?

          This discussion is not about whether we should be bound by RBG’s dying wish. Of course, it has no legal standing. It is about what a piece of shit President we have who would attack her family in such a stupid and churlish way. You obviously do not care that the President is a piece of shit. So long as your guns are protected. But most people do and are dismayed to have our country and our Constitution dragged down by this ass-hat.

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          1. “Protecting the Constitution is indeed the most important issue.”

            If that were truly the case, you would be looking a lot harder at what Trump and his administration has been doing from the beginning. And the courts have not stood with him very often.


      1. RE: “Pretty obvious to all but the most devoted.”

        What should be obvious is that you can’t call someone a liar without mentioning them. In other words, your statement is literally false. It is you who might legitimately be called a liar under the circumstances, although I am not going that far.


        1. . The granddaughter said, unequivocally, what he grandmother’s words were.

          Trump said he does not believe her and that Schiff, told her what to say.

          If that is true, then she was lying. If not, the Trump called her a liar.

          Not hard to understand, but apparently hard to admit.

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        2. RE: “If that is true, then she was lying. If not, the Trump called her a liar.”

          Nope. You are assuming Trump knew of the granddaughter’s role in this story. But you have provided no evidence that he did know.

          Trump cannot have called the granddaughter a liar if he didn’t know about her.Thus, your speculation about Trump is unsupportable and it is dishonest of you to repeat it.


          1. He lied,period, He said he knew the granddaughter was repeating the dying wishes and said it was probably Shifty Schiff’s words.

            And don’t call me dishonest again.

            If ad hominem is all you got, then leave.

            PS: Where were you when Nivlac, or whoever he says he is, told Paul he was a sick individual and women must really like that.

            You, along with me and Don are supposed to watch out for that crap.

            You didn’t, I did.

            And now you spew insults at me.

            Get a grip and try to be civil.

            Thank you.

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          2. “I don’t know that she said that, or was that written out by Adam Schiff, Schumer and Pelosi?” Trump said Monday during an interview on “Fox & Friends.”

            “I would be more inclined to the second. That came out of the wind, it sounds so beautiful … but that sounds like a Schumer deal or maybe Pelosi or shifty Schiff … maybe she did and maybe she didn’t,” the president said.

            So he knew. “She” in the first quote was not about Stormy Daniels.

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    1. We have a president with known Russian ties, who shares data with Russian intelligence, whose lawyer hooks up with Russian intelligence, whose son wet his pants about info from Russian intelligence, who refuses to fund better election security from Russian intelligence, who slows down the USPS just before an election in a pandemic, who predicts SCOTUS will anoint his ass with the presidential belt…

      Yeah, he is a friggin’ patriot alright. A true “red, white and blue” just like the Russian flag. Those bands of color are horizontal just like the prez laying down for Putin.


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