More evidence of corruption in the Mueller investigation

really unlucky with cell phones?

The cell phones used for communications and document sharing between Mueller investigation participants, most of whom were Democratic party donors, are public record subject to review by the Inspector General’s office, but like Hillary’s email servers, an impossibly high percentage were “accidentally” erased before being turned over to the Justice Dept.

Anyone still care to debate the existence of a malicious ‘deep state?’

7 thoughts on “More evidence of corruption in the Mueller investigation

  1. “ There is no indication from the records that any of the special counsel prosecutors scrubbed their phones to intentionally hide their communications.”

    From your link.

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    1. Sure, and what are the odds of 14 out of 50 phones getting ‘accidentally” erased?

      Like Hillary’s server, there is no evidence because the evidence has been destroyed.

      That is in itself evidence of a cover-up if not evidence of what was covered up.


        1. Destruction of evidence is a crime in itself.

          How many times have you accidentally wiped your phone? Do you even know anyone who has, yet 1/4 of highly educated attorneys on the team managed to do it in a period of 4 months,

          You will just excuse anything someone of your tribe does.


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