For those who think Qanon isn’t dangerous.

And it all stated when a primary-losing GOP candidate posted a bogus claim about Antifa on the new 8chan.

It may not be a direct danger to life or property, but the interference in local firefighting operations does nothing but cause trouble.

20 thoughts on “For those who think Qanon isn’t dangerous.

    1. Witty.

      Trump is dangerous as well. So your witty little “So what?” means little in the grand scheme of things.

      You have downplayed the effect of Qanon conspiracies repeatedly. Defended some of them. Even tried to justify it’s stance as a way to ignore reality (IMO). But when conspiracies lead to emergency services being overwhelmed by believers of them, it is detrimental to public safety. If it is your neighborhood that is burning, will you still say “So what?”


      1. RE: “But when conspiracies lead to emergency services being overwhelmed by believers of them, it is detrimental to public safety.”

        Got it. We should blame beer for alcoholism.

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        1. “Earlier on Thursday, Q posted a link to a tweet from Paul Joseph Romero Jr., a former Senate candidate who lost the Republican primary in May, that falsely claimed the sheriff’s office had six antifa “arsonists” in custody.”

          Q is obviously part of a serious problem for those who rely on him/her/it for conspiracy nonsense.

          From another article on the same issue in the NYT:

          “ Ralph Mitchell’s neighbors were fleeing. Ash rained from the sky. And outside Mr. Mitchell’s natural-medicine business, a police cruiser announced on loudspeaker: “This has been declared a life-threatening fire emergency. You need to evacuate the city.”

          Mr. Mitchell was having none of it. He was staying.

          “There’s already reports that antifa’s in town, going down the streets looting,” he said, echoing widely discredited rumors on Twitter and Facebook that left-wing activists had been systematically setting blazes. “I’m getting texts.”

          This is a man who refused to evacuate. If he dies, that is blood on the hands of conspiracy mongers.

          Soon it will be time to shoot up another pizzeria or it’s equivalent as other weak and vulnerable people wallow in alternative facts encouraged by the present regime.

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  1. For those that don’t think Democrats are dangerous. This story will blow your mind with the willful misconduct, suppression and sheer ignorance of the Democrat mindset.

    In a nutshell, Democrat Va Secretary of Education thinks admissions to elite charter schools should be socio-economic based instead of performance based and then lies his butt off in defaming PTA parents to justify banning them from attending public meetings to counter his nonsense. Now THAT is dangerous.


      1. Not dangerous?

        When your self driving car gets confused by a squirrel running across the road, or your surgeon forgets the location of an artery in your brain, tell me how abandoning merit in higher education isn’t dangerous.


          1. Apples to oranges?

            It’s a science and technology prep school that feeds graduates to higher education establishments.

            Abandoning merit in favor of diversity is a direct threat to the quality of engineering and medicine in future cohorts.


          2. It’s ADMISSIONS, not completion. If the students don’t cut it, they don’t end up where you think they might.

            Another case of overblown BS from the right any time someone suggests that socio-economic conditions can be overcome if given the opportunity.


          3. But the students who did possess the merit and who could have benefited from the advanced education provided at these schools were denied that chance, along with admission to the better colleges.

            It doesn’t matter how many students who lack the ability to make use of the advance education flunk out, those who could have benefited are still denied.

            Aside from which, if enough flunk out, they will lower the standards until the Charter STEM schools are meaningless.


      2. So because mostly Asian students are alot smarter than whites, blacks and hispanics, it’s not dangerous to put Moe, Tyrone and Juan in charge of nuclear physics research just because of the color of their skin? Are you and Qarni insane? I think I already know the answer already.


  2. When the moribund media pretended not to notice Q Anon, it was quite difficult to assess all the different claims and aspects of this far-flung phenomenon.

    Now it’s quite easy. When USA Today, CNN, the New York Times, and the rest of the agitprop gang suddenly launched a unified attack on Q Anon, the truth was there for all to see. Clearly the moribund media is threatened by Q Anon.

    I suspect that Q Anon is as reliably truthful as CNN is reliably dishonest.


  3. The posts here poo-pooing Qanon, joking about it, the chuckles, whataboutism, and in some cases. the defense (Pizzagate anyone?) of them disgusts me to no end.

    You people need to face the reality that MSM, even Fox news, reports the dangerous ideas perpetrated by conspiracies. But unless it is the BS about how organized and dangerous ANTIFA is, you don’t buy it.

    Hypocrisy again rules the day at Tidewater News and Opinion.

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    1. I wonder how you would all feel if 911 put YOU on hold when you re reporting your house on fire, but they have to take the calls of deranged conspiracy believers because they came in first. Think about THAT before you say this isn’t a threat to public safety.

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    2. If you don’t believe a conspiracy that is proof positive that it exists.

      That is what “they” want you to think. Everybody knows that or so I’ve been told.

      Remember “de-Nile” runs from the Mediterranean south to Lake Victoria which is overflowing and sending terrorists to the US looking for dry land.

      Or so I’ve been told. By “Cue”.

      Ignorance may or may not be bliss, but we have a regime that is running a Phase 6 test to determine that.

      😇, in case some folks wonder.

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