And the Darwin Award goes to:

Darwin Award

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    1. So a White teen is running from a fatal shooting, still armed, at chaotic BLM protest. A man decides at great risk and certainly not armed to apprehend the shooter. Brave certainly, but not necessarily a smart move.

      The skateboard wielding man was trying to protect others from getting killed. Instead he was killed, another injured and the teen walks away, goes back to Illinois and goes to bed.

      This version is less kind, but more realistic, than the right wing version.

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          1. How many 17 year olds went to Europe and the Pacific? You got actual numbers? Or are you just making up things to support the thought process?

            How many 17 year old losers and suckers were there, Don?


        1. Don, the boy was running from a shooting. Some folks just don’t appreciate that.

          I don’t understand why it is OK to pursue a Black teen armed with Skittles yet a problem to try to apprehend a real, active shooter.

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          1. The “boy” was fleeing from a man swinging a bag with a brick? in it when he first fired, Rodenbaum was chasing him long before he fired at anyone.

            He continued to retreat when further pursued, and only fired again after losing his footing and being attacked while on the ground.

            I would say he showed remarkable restraint.


          2. Yeah, he should have killed another dozen or so.

            He was an ignorant, immature teen who brought a powerful weapon to a BLM protest on the phony pretext of being called by the dealership. He wasn’t.

            Fleeing the scene of a shooting is like the jerk who rammed his car into a crowd at Charlottesville and fled.

            I believe you see our country through the sights of a gun.

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          3. “Fleeing the scene of a shooting”

            Yeah, instead of trying to retreat and avoid shooting anyone else, he should have stood there and shot any of the mob that approached him. He would have been fully justified in doing so.

            Do you ever think about the other guy’s position at all?

            He harmed nobody by standing out there to protect private property, as the police should have been doing, but weren’t.

            But I guess Rosenbaum wasn’t meeting his arson quota and the kid was in the way. So he attacked him with an improvised sling, that could easily have killed the kid.

            So now, after running from Rosenbaum and finally having to shoot him to protect himself, you fault him for trying to avoid having to shoot anyone else?

            You object to a kid trying to protect property in a riot, but you have nothing to say about the two nights of arson or the attack on the kid itself.

            Was not Rosenbaum, ignorant and immature for trying to kill a kid for interfering in his rioting?

            And no, burning down auto dealerships is not “protesting.”


          4. You write decent fiction.

            “Arson quota”? Really.

            An armed White gang member, or a self-professed one, shows up at a rally for racial justice and someone tries to disarm him to prevent bloodshed. Risky for sure. Poor judgement, probably. I guess he did avoid the fate of the BLM unarmed protester t hat was beaten and Maced by Proud Boy gang members In the link I sent a little earlier.

            That is the reality. All the other nonsense is post-event PR to defend the indefensible.

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          5. Rally for racial justice? Is that what the young folk are calling arson these days?

            He didn’t show up at anything. He stood guard at a fixed location and the riot came to him. Are you saying that when violent rioters burn businesses and terrorize their owners that is a legitimate use of free speech and we should allow it?

            The terrible thing isn’t that Rittenhouse went out there to protect those businesses, it is that he was not accompanied by every able bodied man and woman who is capable of bearing arms.


          6. Boy did I screw up the reply. But you get the idea.

            BTW, that link to the AARP is a very illuminating article about our immune system and how it has evolved into a problem for humans in the last century or so.

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          7. Classic. 2 men murdered and 1 shot and because they have a criminal history, they are no longer victims, but deserved what they got from a vigilante.

            There are videos of Proud Boy gang members attacking unarmed BLM protesters with clubs, baseball bats, Mace, about 5 or more on one.

            I guess those folks should have been armed and they could have killed the gang members. So you have a point.


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          8. Don’t see any Hawaiian shirts. What makes you think they are Proud Boys? Also, what happened before the video? The woman referenced “what you did to me”

            In any case, even if the article were true, what would that have to do with Rittenhouse? The criminal history of those shot in Kenohsa tells us that these men had a history of unprovoked violence, which certainly supports the claim of self defense.


          9. Oh yeah, I get the boogeymen confused.

            The Proud Boys are the ones who defend Western Civilization and include a number of Black members.

            Still, that video does not tell us what led up to the pursuit.


          10. Defend Western Civilization? How about curing cancer while you are fluffing up the gang’s creds?

            Countries that have private gangs to support the regime are well known. And none of them would be a great place to live.

            Russia and Venezuela come to mind.

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          11. You would have a hard time finding the Proud Boys website since Google does its best to hide it. But read what they say instead of what others say they say. I don’t agree with all of their agenda but they are not racist nor are they allied with a party

            Who are the Proud Boys


          12. What does it have to do with Rittenhouse? Just that the violence is definitely not one sided, nor totally clear who the instigators are of the arson, looting and general mayhem.

            A self styled gang of White marauders is pretty gutsy in attacking a slight man who is unarmed.

            At least the Rittenhouse dead and wounded try to disarm him with whatever they had in their hands. Not smart, but certainly not cowardly.

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      1. Go easy on poor Don. He’s a Libertarian. The idea that someone, anyone, would sacrifice themselves to save others is beyond his grasp. In his mind, the guy was a loser, a sucker, just like all those losers and suckers buried at Arlington. There was nothing in it for them. They should all be nominated for Darwin Awards.

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        1. Considering that Rittenhouse only fired on people who were attacking him with dangerous weapons(yes a bag with a brick or other heavy object in it, or a skateboard, are dangerous weapons,) all those people had to do was t leave him alone and no one would have been hurt.

          There was no need for anyone to ‘sacrifice’ themselves to protect people against someone who wasn’t hurting anyone who didn’t attack him.

          Rosenbaum attacked Rittenhouse for simply being there. and yes, anyone who brings a brick or a skateboard to a gun fight(and one they initiated) should get a Darwin Award.


          1. It’s okay, Don. You don’t get it. We understand that. You can’t get it. Caring more about other people than yourself is a sucker’s game to you. Screw the losers who can’t afford healthcare, who have to drop out of school to take care of sick parents, who don’t have enough food to feed their kids. Let ’em eat cake. You’re no sucker. Not one red cent of your tax money should go to fix stuff like that. AmIright? Free market survival of the fittest! If the poor don’t like having somebody lean on their neck until they can’t breathe, or break into their house in the middle of the night without a warrant and gun ’em down, they should just follow orders or do peaceful protests, like kneeling at a football game. And if neither one of those things work, they should just sit down and shut up because that’s what you’d do, right?

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          2. That’s an awful lot of words to put in my mouth.

            So, I guess you don’t mind me saying you believe Rittenhouse should have submitted to being beaten to death because he was unwise to try to help the police keep order.

            He’s a teenager, unwise goes with that.

            But Rosenbaum was an adult who thought it was a good idea to attack a teen holding a rifle with a brick. A true fount of wisdom there.


  1. I would like to nominate the first 2 rally attendees interviewed

    1) (:16) I can’t understand people when I wear a mask. (Maybe he should wear it over his mouth and nose and not his ears?)

    2) (:33) It’s a fake pandemic and it is only Trump’s opinion that COVID-19 is as deadly as the rest of the sane world believes. (More proof that even audio of Mr. Trump telling Woodward he downplayed the severity of the virus will not convince some folks they are endangering themselves and others)

    And these people vote?


  2. I would never presume to put anything into the mouth of a dentist, Don.

    And no, it wasn’t “unwise” for a deluded teenager to assume the role of a police officer in a riot. It was beyond stupid and uncalled for and resulted in the deaths of two people. It was like giving a toddler a loaded gun to play with. He shot a guy, holding a can of soup in a bag, five times and killed him. (Kinda like shooting a man in the back seven times because you think he might have a knife. People with no training have no business with a gun.)

    At that point in time, the crowd was focused on the shooting victim. Rittenhouse even took time to pull out his phone and call someone (probably his mommy) to tell them he had just killed a man. He didn’t wait around for the police. He didn’t whip out his medical kit and try to stop the bleeding. He panicked and ran. The bystanders, seeing a murderer running through the streets with a gun, chased him. He tripped over his own feet and fell. When two people tried to take his gun away, he opened fire randomly, killing one and wounding another. He had no idea where those bullets were going. Only by the grace of God did he not kill and wound more.

    Rittenhouse is not a hero. He’s every bit as much a victim as the people he killed. He was whipped into a “patriotic” frenzy by divisive people who see a race war as a political win for themselves. By people who are incapable of the smallest shred of empathy for people who pick up the paper every day to see another member of their community has been killed by the untrained and/or uncaring people their taxes are paying to protect them. The anger and rage on both sides of that argument are being fanned in particular by one person… and the fact that I don’t even have to type his name should tell you all you need to know about why all of this is happening.

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    1. So, the heavy object in the bag has been identified as a can of soup? OK, swung like a sling, that would most definitely kill you if you were hit in the head with it.

      So, tell me what Rittenhouse did that justified Rosenbaum trying to chase him down and kill him?

      Rittenhouse did not initiate violence against anyone. No one had to attack him in the first place. The only person he had touched was the female protestor he had given first aid to.

      And he didn’t open fire randomly, no one other than those attacking him was hit.


  3. Yes, it was a can of soup and it was “thrown at” Rittenhouse, not “swung like a sling.” If that had happened to a trained police officer, and IF he had felt his life was in danger from a thrown can of soup, one warning shot should have been sufficient, not five. But Rittenhouse wasn’t a trained anything. He was a pumped up 17 year old with a gun that had no business being where he was.

    From all the videos I’ve seen, Rosenbaum never chased Rittenhouse anywhere. They exchanged words in the parking lot, Rosenbaum threw a can of soup at Rittenhouse and Rittenhouse opened fire.

    After Rittenhouse fired five rounds, people went running to help Rosenbaum, not after Rittenhouse. Nobody, at that point was chasing Rittenhouse. That’s when Rittenhouse whipped out his phone and called someone. Then, Rittenhouse is seen running away, not because anybody was chasing him at that point. I think the horror of what he had done suddenly sank in and he ran.

    The next scene is Rittenhouse running down the middle of a street, with several people chasing him. When he tripped over his own feet and fell, several people saw that as an opportunity to take away his gun. There was a struggle for the gun, but while laying on his back, Rittenhouse opened fire, killing Anthony Huber.

    While still flat on his butt on the street, Rittenhouse opened fire again, hitting a second person, who wasn’t even armed with a skateboard, in the hand. You and I both know that a weapon like that has a range of at least a mile. That stray bullet would have killed anything in its path. Rittenhouse was a panicked kid, shooting randomly and, again, it was only by the grace of God that bullet didn’t go through somebody’s window or down the street and kill someone who had no idea what was happening.

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    1. You watched the wrong videos then.

      On the one posted here earlier, you can seen Rosenbaum swing the bag at Rittenhouse as he retreated around a parked SUV, and then throwing the bag at his head, the bag falls away but the can? passes over Rittenhouse’s shoulder.

      The person hit in the arm was holding a handgun, which he had just fired though not directly at Rittenhouse.

      Was the kid supposed to wait while he improved his aim?

      But I have to say I am amazed at the vehement defense of arsonists, looters and rioters bent on destroying the livelihoods of hundreds of people.


      1. “I am amazed at the vehement defense of arsonists, looters and rioters bent on destroying the livelihoods of hundreds of people.”

        Ah, you are either with us or agin’ us.

        If anybody is defending the looting, the arson and the violence, please let us know.

        We know that there are provocateurs from both sides. We also suspect that the more violence we have the better it is for the Trump campaign. Actually “suspect” is kind. But it is hard to nail down exactly the incentives for violence. I do think that there are people who relish the “action” and thrive on mayhem.

        The imaginary plane load of thugs that came to DC with the half dozen or so Republican convention attendees was never ID’d as left or right, so it might have been either side. But of course we know that it was a complete fabrication, lie that is, by the president. But he did not give specifics where the plane was coming from, or, as the next day, going to.

        Back to reality, we are undergoing a repeat, more or less, of the 1960’s. With a lot less violence, but just as unsettling.

        We are attributing a whole new meaning to American exceptionalism and I would not brag about it.

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          1. That is such a crock in my opinion. The vast majority of protesters are not violent or are even condoning the violence.

            There is a difference. You made a big deal out of all the innocent Confederate history buffs being tarred by the presence of Nazis.

            So let’s just say, if there were any Confederate history buffs, they condoned the violence and defended it.

            There, that makes sense.

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  4. The person Rittenhouse shot in the arm is named Gaige Grosskreutz. Grosskreutz worked as a trained paramedic before he went back to college. He came there that night to offer medical help, not to loot and certainly not to kill.
    The gun he had was a licensed, concealed carry weapon and he never fired it.

    Rittenhouse had been a medic at the YMCA until COVID-19 took away his job. He was also too young to legally carry a gun. Nobody ever shot at Rittenhouse. Nobody ever laid a finger on the boy. The worst thing that happened was he had to dodge a can of soup. For that, he unloaded five rounds into a guy. Rittenhouse was a deluded little kid, playing big man with a gun, in a place he should not have been. The adults in the room never fired a weapon… only the kid, in over his head and scared out of his mind.

    Also, nobody is defending arsonists and/or looters. However, I find it telling that your first thoughts go to “livelihoods” and not “lives.”

    You never mention the lives of Ahmaud Arbery. Michael Brown, Terence Crutcher, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant, Freddie Gray, Botham Jean, Atatiana Jefferson, Bettie Jones, Laquan McDonald, Tamir Rice, Breonna Taylor, or any of the victims of police violence. But your heart bleeds for the loss of that camera shop in Kenosha.

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    1. Michael Brown. To include this guy in your list is lunacy. When you try to beat up a cop and grab his service weapon most times it’s not going to end well.


          1. Thanks for the link. Not bad for a WAPO article.

            He does miss the point with regard to the militias being in opposition the BLM. The militias are not at odds with BLM because of race but because they are destroying property and fomenting anarchy(or shielding those who do.)


          2. There are militias and there are “militias”. I would venture a guess that the Charlottesville marchers, Nazi flags and all, were not one of your favs.

            Which is why I stopped calling them militias and now call them gangs.


          3. I don’t even know if they were a militia.

            Consider who YOU would accept into a militia.

            Would you invite some raving hothead with no impulse control to stand behind you with a rifle? I sure as hell wouldn’t. I would refuse entry to anyone who wasn’t as calm and rational as I am. I would want fellow members to have my back, not shoot me in it.


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