Administration filtering CDC information for political gain.

Yeah, I know, the CDC is full of liberal, Obama loving folks. Of course, it has been part of the Trump regime for 3 years and 8 months. Probably a cabal of international bankers run by Soros and Fonda have donned white lab coats and are holding clipboards. And, get this, they traffic in children to get blood samples for research. And eat pizza daily. #LIBERATE!!

How did we get here?

31 thoughts on “Administration filtering CDC information for political gain.

  1. Well, considering that the CDC statement on HCQ was wrong, and contradicted by the Ford Clinic study, delaying it and insisting on balance was the right thing to do..

    From the beginning, the CDC and FDA have evaluated the use of HCQ wrongly, relying on patients given the drug long after the patients were too ill for it to do any good. Tamiflu, which has saved 10s of thousands of lives in the seasonal flu, tested the same way would have failed.

    In every study when HCQ was used early and with Zinc, it has reduced mortality. NOT A CURE, but a very valuable treatment the FDA now blocks based on using it wrong.

    Requiring the CDC and FDA to report both sides of an issue is the right thing to do, though eliminating the FDA entirely, and keeping the CDC in its lane, would be even better.


          1. …Rendell has a minor interest in Oleandrin.”.

            ANY financial interest and then going to POTUS for endorsement is ugly.

            Wasn’t there are in issue in VA a few years ago about some anti-smoking supplement being touted (allegedly) by the Governor? (Can’t recall if it was Macauliffe of Mcdonnel)


          2. Significant profit? There is if you can sell a billion doses. Even at a profit of only 50 cents, or even 5 cents, a pill that is a lot of money.

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      1. First, the lack of reporting is in itself suspicious.

        The Detroit news seems to be the only source following it.

        Detroit news: Ford Clinic defends study

        Saint Fauci said it was a ‘flawed’ study because it was not a prospective, double blind study and because some of the patients also received hydrocortisone. Of course, the kind of study Fauci wants would be unethical, impossible, and useless.

        If you were a doctor and had a treatment you knew would cut the mortality rate in half, and used in conjunction with another treatment, by an even greater margin, would you then deny half the participants in a study one or both of those medications, knowing that many would die for you to prove a point?

        Knowing the treatments are only useful in the first days of hospitalization, how do you do the required paperwork(random sampling and coded drug containers) which takes a week at least and still give the drugs in time to be useful?

        Following that method will yield workable results in about 5 months longer than it will take to get the vaccine, at which time the results are useless.

        Double blind studies are useful for drug companies and regulatory agencies to cover their asses, but will not provide results fast enough to be useful. Sometimes physicians trying something and being guided by their experience in real time is the only way to save lives.

        Remember the movie “Outbreak” in which Dusitin Hoffman catches the monkey and produces a serum in a day that saves everyone? Well, that’s fiction, but were it possible, the FDA wouldn’t let him.


  2. Silencing of scientists. Downplaying the effects of the virus and putting a lie to the idea “he made his decisions based on the information available at the time”, and waving his pom-poms for the country? The Dallas Cowboys are looking for pom-pom shakers every year. He should head for THAT America’s Team. (I didn’t vote for that one either.)

    This cartoon pretty much grasps it.

    But we are “rounding the corner”? Right on to the train tracks.

    The man admitted he lied to US, We the People. To prevent panic? His entire political career has been based on fake fears. But he downplays something we should actually be worried about. And people continue to support, even praise his leadership?

    Good Grief, Charlie Brown! WTF are you people thinking?

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    1. “You can keep your doctor…”, a phrase that excoriated President Obama even through the 2016 campaign he wasn’t even running in.

      An unfortunate phrase since it was up to the private insurance companies, as it always had been, to determine your network. ACA was essentially a subsidy program to make premiums affordable to more Americans. ACA didn’t tell insurance companies how to set up their networks.

      But, the point is, that there are lies and there are misleading statements.

      Trump lied about the pandemic for political gain. And the propaganda machine of right wing punditry supported him all the way. “Common cold”, “just a flu, folks”, “political hoax”…

      This is a smoking gun and I believe it won’t sway the hardcore Trump fans, but it is influencing seniors among others that may have been waffling.

      It is important to keep this information, caught on record in Trump’s own voice, out front every week.

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    2. Panic setting in causing people to flee cities for the countryside, and taking the plague with them, has been the pattern in pandemics for as long as contagion has been recognized, and that goes back to the Roman Empire.

      Averting panic by downplaying the seriousness of the disease likely saved tens of thousands of lives by delaying the spread to communities that lack the resources to deal with large numbers of sick people, and especially so when it was thought that ventilators were a key part of the treatment, as they were in March when this was happening.

      In China, where the cities can be contained by force, that would not be necessary, but here, with freedom of travel, keeping people calm and IN PLACE was the right thing to do.

      It’s not something I like, but I am not the President and responsible for saving as many lives as possible.


      1. That is the worst excuse for delaying news and response for what as known to be a deadly contagion in January.

        Americans are a lot more resilient than what you are suggesting.

        To lie for months about a deadly virus so people keep going to work, traveling and spreading the disease specifically to boost the DOW is criminal. Then delay the simple act of wearing a mask long after it was determined to help, with social distancing. Mocking the wearers and making it a political issue rather than a health issue is also criminal.

        Trump lied and thousands died. Criminal on a grand scale.

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            “President Trump acknowledged to the journalist Bob Woodward that he knowingly played down the coronavirus earlier this year even though he was aware it was life-threatening and vastly more serious than the seasonal flu.

            “This is deadly stuff,” Mr. Trump said on Feb. 7 in one of 18 interviews with Mr. Woodward for his coming book, “Rage.”

            “You just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed,” the president told Mr. Woodward in audio recordings made available on The Washington Post website. “And so that’s a very tricky one. That’s a very delicate one. It’s also more deadly than even your strenuous flus.”

            But three days after those remarks, Mr. Trump told the Fox Business anchor Trish Regan: “We’re in very good shape. We have 11 cases. And most of them are getting better very rapidly. I think they will all be better.” A little less than two weeks later, he told reporters on the South Lawn that “we have it very much under control in this country.”

            February 7 is long before February 29 and Trump said he knew how deadly it was.

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          1. I just have a difficult time fathoming how people can say he did the right thing in downplaying the effects of the virus. A simple statement to the effect:

            This novel coronavirus is much worse than we first thought, We are doing everything we can to help contain it. But it takes patriotic Americans such as yourselves to follow the recommendations from the CDC and WHO to socially distance, wear masks, wash your hands and avoid crowds. We will come through this together and prevent as much pain and suffering as possible. I call on you, my fellow Americans, to do the your part in preventing the spread of this highly infectious disease.
            We are working hard with our private partners in developing a vaccine, providing much needed PPE for our front line health care workers, and doing all we can to survive this situation.

            See, a warning of the dangers and cheerleading all in 2 little paragraphs. It really wasn’t that difficult. And if POTUS has himself surrounded by the “best people” I’m sure one of them could have come up with something similar.

            But according to the Trumpists, all is being handled the best way possible. Even after he admitted to lying to all of us. But he did it for our own benefit?


  3. RE: “How did we get here?”

    Get where?

    CDC performance during the pandemic has been atrocious. They botched the roll out of surveillance testing, they issued contradictory recommendations on facemask use, and their statistical mortality reports (a core function) have been widely criticized. Under the circumstances it is entirely appropriate for the administration to appoint a couple of watchdogs to review CDC’s public communications. If there are systemic problems within the agency they will surface at that focal point.

    There is no “Orange Man Bad” story here. Business Insider and Politico are brewing a tempest in a teapot.


    1. The CDC has been a part of Trump’s administration since January 2017. If there were problems, HHS should have ironed them out long before.

      In other words, it is the regime’s responsibility, period.

      And we have a president for whom the word “responsibility” is foreign.

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      1. RE: “In other words, it is the regime’s responsibility, period.”

        Your logic is pitiful. One should expect a “responsible regime” to assign watchdogs.


        1. “…responsible regime” to assign watchdogs.”

          Most do, as we have Inspector Generals that the present regime finds mettlesome.

          But at what point does a president assume responsibility? Upon inauguration? 6 months later? The end of the fiscal year? A year later? 2 years? 3 years? 3 years and 9 months?

          Simply put we have an out of control pandemic, and economy in the toilet, civil disturbances in the streets, healthcare workers that had to don trash bags, conspiracies circulating at an unprecedented pace…in sum a mess.

          And the current president says he can fix it.

          Evidently he can’t. Or won’t. But he wants a do over on the presidency so he can try again?

          And still, about 40% of the population believe him. Like the Trump U students perhaps?

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          1. Your premise: The only failures the CDC is guilty of were caused directly by President Trump. You can’t prove it, but that doesn’t stop you from saying it.


          2. You are saying something I did not say. That is not a nice thing to do, even on here.

            The facts are simple. If you are a president when disaster strikes, it is up to you to handle it.

            Do a great job and you get re-elected. Botch it and you job is in peril.

            As you have seen many times, Trump didn’t create the pandemic, he just did not do a good job of handling the crisis.

            If a president is going to take credit for the good things that he can’t control, like the economy, but shirks responsibility for the bad things he can temper, he is not a leader.

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        2. How’s tis for logic.

          Trump inherited Obama’s economy and everyone supporting Trump gives him full credit for the pre-pandemic economy.

          But Trump’s HHS and CDC botches things and it’s someone else’s fault?

          Think about it. For once, just think about it before you reply.


  4. Your opening statement, as usual, is nothing more than extremist left wing liberal regurgitation of crap. Don’t you ever get tired of throwing up your own nonsense or is this some sort of personal amusement of yours? Oh, maybe stumping for a job at the disgraced and phony Atlantic as a star liberal lying hack? Really????


  5. Personal amusement? In all honesty, anyone who posts online is actually watching entertainment if you really think about it. I enjoy the back and forth. Most of the time I will check the posts or do a bit of research. I have actually learned a few things and accepted some arguments from the right.

    What is truly amazing is how we have gotten to this point.

    Do I support the Democrats on everything? No. What disappoints me, however, is the loss of a loyal opposition in the Republican Party. There is no GOP, just a cult around Trump. And this is no better than if we had a cult around Obama. But that never took hold because Congress stopped everything he wanted done, good or not so good, right in its tracks. This was the Gingrich plan of “divide (the electorate) and conquer.

    There is a very good chance that the Democrats will win the White House and all of Congress. And that makes me nervous.

    Not that I would hope for any other outcome, but because there is no loyal opposition in a Republican Party that is all but destroyed.

    That Pelosi was able to take control and rein in the hard line progressives is a testament to her leadership. Lose that buffer, which could happen in a Democratic sweep, we are in for a wild ride. And all that will do is continue the political divide.

    What might be palatable is that Trump wins, but loses the House and Senate with a supermajority.

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