If there was any doubt that Limbaugh, et.al. and many of his Republicans are racists…

You Can’t Talk About How Kamala Got to the Top

“He’s “an independent contractor [who] had his contractor deal terminated by the league after a sexist Facebook post referencing Kamala Harris… [He] posted an image that read ‘Joe and the Hoe,’” h-o-e.”

Limbaugh did not say anything about the insult, just made sure his ditto head fans understood exactly what was said, even spelling the word for the uneducated

Toss in the affair with Willie Brown 25 years ago when he had been estranged from his wife for 14 years and reference to Harris as his “mattress”. Then the new “birther” allegations promoted by the president himself on his Tweets.

So let’s just admit that the president is a racist, appeals to racists and promotes racist remarks. After all, his biggest mouthpiece is Limbaugh, and between Trump and him, there are tens of millions of followers hanging on every word. This also implies that his supporters (not all mind you, some are good people… I suppose) are also racist. Of course there there is the usual misogyny from a man who is a serial sexual assaulter and pays off porn stars with campaign finances (NY prosecutors will determine that illegality, if any.).

If there is any other explanation for Limbaugh’s comments or raising the birther issue again, it must be a good one. “A good one” as in a barroom joke.

So what is Trump’s vision and agenda for this coming term?

32 thoughts on “If there was any doubt that Limbaugh, et.al. and many of his Republicans are racists…

    1. Hoe, hoe, hoe.

      You apparently think the birther accusations and the “Joe and the Hoe” emphasis are all about lamaze and gardening techniques.

      I understand, I really do.

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    2. Of course what you wrote is truly ironic. Trump has been tweeting and retweeting racist comments and videos for years. And now these attacks on Harris.

      Apparently Trump and his sycophants are losing in the marketplace of ideas because he has yet to campaign on his agenda for the next term. Yet, the racist dog whistles continue at a good clip.

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      1. Pointing out that a woman slept her way into government is not racist.

        Have you no concern for the equally, or more, qualified people, whatever their race, who were passed over because they were not servicing Willie Brown?

        Exchanging sexual favors for advancement is wrong no matter the race.


          1. Men have always gotten a “Get Out of Jail Free” card when it comes to sexual histories.

            We have a president who bragged and instructed a young man about sexually assaulting women, cheated on his pregnant wife, paid off porn stars with donated money. Yet Harris’ affair 25 years ago is a big deal. And there is no evidence that she initiated the relationship to gain power.

            Aside from the fact that political appointments are all about relationships, for good or bad. Trump fans ignore the hapless incompetents he has blessed because of sycophantic loyalty.

            Double standards thy names are Republicans.


          2. Just as there have always been men who would exploit their power to get sexual favors, there have always been women willing to offer sex for advantage.

            The only difference is that now one of them wants to be Vice President, until the 25th Amendment makes her President.

            What a role model for our young women to aspire to.


      2. Yes; ironic to the umpteenth degree.

        A more aware person than Limbaugh wouldn’t have made the ‘hoe’ comment, considering that he’s supporting a guy whose wife has shown us all her LADY PARTS unclothed (to make a buck, no less.) How fitting for the TRUMP brand.

        What a bunch of dip-shi-s the people become when they try so cleverly (they think) to make ‘djt’ and gang appear better than they are, or have ever been.

        They’re beyond pathetic, but oh so laughable.

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    3. To quote John McEnroe, “You cannot be serious!”

      There is no second term plan. The only first term plan was to repeal Obamacare (fail), undo EVERYTHING Obama accomplished (partial fail, as Trump’s executive orders have mostly been challenged in court…and he lost), and give a tax break to the top 1% and mega corporations (yeah, he won, but the middle class lost).

      All he and his minions have his baseless attacks. He has zero record to run on, except over 170,000 dead (and rising at about 1,00/day) from the virus (which Jared said was a win. Really?), no national guidance for testing, PPE production, or mask mandates (And the Trump campaign has just now started selling masks? Timing is everything). Throw in the fact that he has continued to spout or retweet racist tropes, blames everyone else for his own failings and couldn’t spell empathy if you spotted him everything but the “y”, and this is the man you say has more Ideas? Even longtime GOPers are over it with this guy.

      And three or four Black people saying he is not racist would be funny if the other 16 million or so in the country said they view him that way.

      Delusional, dangerous and flat out inaccurate.

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      1. This year will again be a contest of lesser evils, and when it comes to evil, Trump cannot come close to the evils of the policies the Democrats have embraced.

        And again, you still not have shown what could have been differently, at the Federal level, that would have saved a significant number of lives, based on the best available science at the time.


        1. …”you still not have shown what could have been differently, at the Federal level, that would have saved a significant number of lives, based on the best available science at the time.”

          If you don’t read what I post, just admit it. I have posted numerous answers to your bogus charges about not having any better ideas based on the science at the time.

          And you still have ZERO defense for Trump, Trumpism, the sycophants who have allowed him to run roughshod over the American people and the Constitution that you CLAIM to love so dearly.

          There is only one evil this time around. He is the incumbent and he needs to go. unless you can explain to me why he needs to stay. I mean, whats another 200,000 dead four years hence?

          His lies, his baseless attacks and his most un-Presidential behaviors are reason enough to “vote the bum out”. But for his son-in-law to refer to 170,000+ dead as a “success”, is probably one of the most damning things said to ensure Trump is a one-term President.

          I know you can’t stand her, but maybe you should pay attention to what Michelle Obama said last night. Open your eyes and ears and PAY ATTENTION to her words. You might just learn something from her. (I doubt it, but it is worth the effort to try and get you to see the folly of your support for Trump).

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          1. I have read what you wrote, but none of the things you suggest were supported AT THE TIME and at most would have made very small differences.

            Would reducing, or more likely, delaying the toll by 10% be a success as you see it?

            Yet you persist in trying to place the blame for the entire toll on Trump.

            So, what is your policy that would have held the US death toll at zero? Or even under 100K?


          2. …”things you suggest were supported AT THE TIME and at most would have made very small differences.:”

            You seem to be living in March and not August. He has done nothing to improve our response. Maybe you should see what Kristin Urquiza had to say about Mr. Trump.

            Zero is a perfect number. But not possible. What about when he said 60,000 or 70,000 dead? We blew by that and still he did nothing. No testing plan, no mask mandate, no PPE production using the DPA.

            Americans are dying and you continue to support the asshole in the oval office who has done so little, it is scary. He cares about one thing and one thing only: His name.

            And now he thinks he deserves a “do over” for his first term? Get real. He doesn’t deserve a do over as there is none for his incompetence and inability to lead this country. He is so far under water in his job performance, he should just walk away now and save himself the embarrassment.

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          3. The CDC was initially given a monopoly on testing in the US by the FDA, They blew it, largely because the CDC never had the capacity necessary. We didn’t get any testing going until Trump opened testing to the private sector.

            The President does not have the authority to issue a mask mandate. Biden should review the Constitution. Governors do have that authority, but the President can only advise.

            The Present did invoke the DPA for PPE production 78 times, and in many more cases, the threat of using DPA was enough to get maximum effort voluntarily.

            In retrospect, closing Europe sooner would have helped. but IIRC, you were opposed to that at the time.

            It really comes down to perhaps Trump could have set a better example by wearing a mask even though he was technically correct that he didn’t need to.

            Might that have helped? Maybe, but not by 10s of thousands.

            The war against HCQ has killed many times more than Trump’s poor example.


          4. “The Present did invoke the DPA for PPE production 78 times, and in many more cases”

            Cite, please.

            Your insistence that Trump is responsible for the entire toll is misguided. I never said it was his fault. What he is responsible for is the lackluster approach, even when things started going down hill faster and faster. Trump fiddled while thousands died. Or did he diddle? Who knows for sure.


        2. …”the policies the Democrats have embraced.”

          Maybe you should actually look at Biden’s proposals for his first term. You blindly think all Democratic policies are bad. Why don’t you take a closer look and see that there is actually some embraceable stuff in there, even for you.

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          1. “There are also policies that Adolf Hitler recommended that you would support.”

            I do not appreciate your comment. As a Jewish member of this forum, I expect an apology, but doubt it is forthcoming. To ever mention that individual as proposing things I would support is offensive to any person. But to throw that at me is such manner is disgusting.

            As far as Biden’s proposals,it appears you are unwilling to look and see what is in there BECAUSE it is from a Democrat. Well, seeing as most Libertarian policies are “unicorns and rainbows”, I can see why you don’t believe in reality.


          2. I chose the example carefully, because even as vile a man as Hitler had some very reasonable policies that you would support.

            There are things Obama advocated I agreed with too.

            But the point is that a few good policies do not mask the underlying evil.

            And collectivism, no matter what form it comes in, is evil and leads to oppression and ruin.


          3. …”a few good policies do not mask the underlying evil.”

            Do you even see the true irony of that position hen it comes to Trump?

            No, you don’t because those glasses you are wearing are so orange tinted, you can’t see anything in the mirror.


  1. Was this simply a case of truth hurts that pissed you off so badly? Then, during your childish tirade, you throw out “racist” again for nothing other than telling the truth? You people never cease to amaze.


    1. So “Joe and the Hoe” was about gardening.

      All the White Supremacists will now head to the yard and start tilling.

      Thanks for the clarification.

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      1. It may have been some misogyny at worst or just truth at best but there was NO race mentioned. Learn the difference and quite throwing out “racist” and “white supremacy” as your phony battle cry. Now that’s clarification…mic drop


        1. Apparently your white privilege does not allow you to understand that the word “hoe” has been used for years to describe a sexually active Black woman.

          Another dog whistle you don’t hear because you are deaf to reality. Or you enjoy them so much, you leap with joy whenever you hear one because you believe it is part of “owning the libs”.


          1. I laugh at your utter nonsense and ignorant claims of “white privilege” and dog whistles. True ignorance on display at its finest.


          1. Even more stupid than your last. Is that an I’m rubber and you’re glue remark? Rolling eyes…


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