VA Dems to open season on police

Pilot: Bill to reduce penalty for assault on officer 

There are some measures that need to be passed, but this is not one of them.

An assault on a police officer is an assault on the Rule of Law.

The premise of this bill misunderstands the nature of a crime. The change proposed is to make assault on a police officer a felony only if he is seriously injured. How does the result change the nature of a crime?

Under this change, if you swing a bat at an officer’s head, and he sees it coming and ducks, it’s a misdemeanor, but if he’s looking the other way and you connect with his jaw, it’s a felony. How is your act or intent changed by the officer’s luck in avoiding the injury you clearly intended? This is just more pandering to lawlessness.

There are other reforms that make more sense, like STRICT enforcement of the limitations on searches that are effectively, NO KNOCK. (Virginia has no allowance for no-knock searches, but it does allow expedited entry under “exigent circumstances,” an exception that is routinely abused.)

Doing away with victimless crime laws would also make a lot of sense.

But allowing attacks on peace officers is not going to lead to anything good.

13 thoughts on “VA Dems to open season on police

  1. Two words come to mind: Self Defense.

    While I agree that to attack an officer of the law is not right, the right to defend oneself from an egregious attack by a police officer should still be protected. Perhaps a proper review of all situations is warranted.

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    1. Self defense is always valid in court.

      But what do you mean by an attack by a police officer?

      If an officer arrests you, and you don’t think you are guilty, does that give you the right to forcibly resist?


  2. If Floyd had been able to throw the cop off his neck by sheer strength and the cop was injured, is that not self-defense?

    Floyd would have been Maced, Tased, and beaten some more. Or probably shot. All he was trying to do was save his own life.

    There is very little recourse for civilians against rogue cops. And with a thousand or so killed by police in this country, we have a problem.

    Police are the only ones that have a shoot to kill authority. But with that, now that videos are so readily available, come tremendous responsibility and accountability. Or it should.

    But then we are tossing the mentally ill in prisons instead of treatment. So what do we as a society really give a crap about people on the margins. We don’t.

    So protests are what is left. And, unfortunately, the violence by a tiny percentage of opportunists, is taking center stage.

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    1. When Saint Floyd was arrested, he was in his car, yet he claimed he could not breath if placed in a police vehicle.

      He was a very large man who resisted with all his strength. The police were justified in subduing him, though not in further punishing him for resisting.

      But the actual medical examiners report(not the political appointees version) shows the Floyd likely died of his own exertions and not by being strangled.

      But what were the police supposed to do when Floyd refused to be arrested? Walked away?

      What are citizens to do when threatened by rogue citizens? Call a counselor? Defend themselves with deadly force? Because very shortly, calling the cops will do no good.


      1. Once MR. Floyd was on the ground and in handcuffs, there was no reason for him to be knelt on by four officers. His exertions were caused by the fact the four grown ass men were kneeling on him when it was no longer needed.

        What are citizens supposed to do when cops decide they are a threat prior to stopping them or arresting them? Just take it and be at the mercy of the police?

        It’s called profiling and it happens all of the time.

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        1. Floyd was in handcuffs when he forced his way out of the police car and had to be subdued again.

          And no, 4 men were not kneeling on him, one was. How do you know it was no longer needed? Had he stopped trying to get up?

          What are citizens to do when arrested? Ask the nature of the charge but otherwise submit to the arrest and take note of badge numbers and deal with it in court.

          But you are not ever allowed to fight the police to avoid arrest.

          Watch ALL of the available video and you will see that the police tried to deescalate the arrest, even warning Floyd he was working himself up to a heart attack.

          Here is one of the officer’s body cam footage


          1. “Ask the nature of the charge but otherwise submit to the arrest and take note of badge numbers and deal with it in court.”

            That works for the white man, but not so much for those of color.

            THAT is the issue.


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