Biden speaks from his (black) heart


As conservatives have pointed out to deaf ears for so long, the Democratic party views Blacks as a monolith the have in their pockets forever. They see no difference between inner city multi-generation welfare families and my former neighbors, married school teachers living in the suburbs. They’re all just Black votes to be taken for granted, and for so long that worked, but maybe no longer.

24 thoughts on “Biden speaks from his (black) heart

    1. That’s because Biden’s words don’t make any sense.

      But if what you say is true, that Black’s will not abandon the Democrats no matter how taken for granted they are and how poorly their differing interests are addressed, then that is a sad tribute to brain washing.


      1. The same could be said of Trump supporters who continue to believe that some magic pill is coming that will make it all better if they just vote for him. Dangerous and delusional.


  1. Trump has conducted innumerable interviews in which he is, to be kind, almost incomprehensible, rambling and lying. His tweets are total lies for the most part and he has 15,000 lies accounted for.

    Biden makes a few gaffes, which he has been noted for all his life, and suddenly it is game over.

    That is how desperate the GOP is now.

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    1. The point is that Biden’s clumsy statement reveals the true heart of the Democratic Party.

      To Democrats, all Blacks can be seen as the 25% urban poor who just can’t hold their families together and take care of themselves.

      The KKK in all its evil could not destroy the Black family as thoroughly as Democratic beneficence has.

      Some day, a significant portion of American Blacks will see that, and we will not see another Democrat elected outside of an inner city again.


      1. Not in your lifetime.

        “Yo Semite”. Dang. I am still waiting for the Jewish lobby to jump on that gaffe. Sounds similar to the “I only want little guys in skull caps counting my money.”


      2. RE: “Some day, a significant portion of American Blacks will see that, and we will not see another Democrat elected outside of an inner city again.”

        What matters today is that a significant portion of Americans realize that Joe Biden simply isn’t fit for the job because his mind is deteriorating. With supportive media and general denial of his worsening condition he may be electable, but voting for him will be the same as voting for a secret, unelected government.


        1. …”fit for the job because his mind is deteriorating. “…

          you misspelled Donald Trump.

          Keep parroting your hero and people may start thinking the same as you.

          It is the only talking point Trump’s campaign has at this point, attempting to deflect from the atrocious response to the pandemic, which he STILL seems to deny is all that bad. 160,000 dead. Hey, “It is what it is”. Seriously? The ravings of a sane, non-deteriorating mind? Cmon, man.


          1. Again, what policy do you think would have made a significant difference in the American demographic based on the information available at the time the choices were made?

            Closing travel from Europe sooner might have helped some, but it was vigorously opposed as it was.

            Trump followed the advice he was given even while speaking in more optimistic terms.

            And don’t forget, Trump doesn’t have the luxury of acting on the best public health policy alone, he has to balance that against economic damage and foreign rivals trying to take advantage of the distraction.

            All things considered, it could easily have been 200K by now.

            That quote in context “They are dying. That’s true. And you have — it is what it is. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t doing everything we can. It’s under control as much as you can control it.” is an acknowledgement that in a free country there is a limit to what the President can do. Governors have powers that the President does not.

            It amazes me that the left will call Trump a tyrant, and then berate him for not exercising powers he does not have.


          2. Let me know when he fully implements the DPA for PPE production. Let me know when he stops saying “it will just disappear”. Let me know when he will admit that he made mistakes. Let me know when he gives a single shit about the American people. (Ask those in Ohio about that). Let me know when he stops saying that anything good that happens for him is good for the country or when things go bad for him it is bad for the country. Let me know when he’ll start trusting his experts and not just listen to those who tell him what he wants to hear.

            I could go on, but it won’t make any difference.


          3. First, the virus WILL disappear. I might be dead by then, but it will disappear.

            And implementing the DPA won’t make the impossible happen. Threatening ti use it can be more effective than using it.

            For example, we are exporting ventilators.

            But you have still not given an example pf a policy that would have made a significant difference that could have been made with what was known at the time.

            Dustin catches the monkey in the nick of time only in movies.


          4. …” the virus WILL disappear.”

            Uh, not really. It may be controlled or countered by a vaccine (sooner than later, I hope). But to say it will “disappear” is like saying the common cold or flu will disappear.

            …” implementing the DPA won’t make the impossible happen”.. No, but it will provide the PPE needed for front line medical personnel who are again clamoring for more. They aren’t being greedy; they need it.

            Policies that could have made a difference: 1) National policy on masks in public places. 2) National testing plan, 3) FULL support for state and local governments so bankruptcy filings do not become the norm. Even three months after this all started those things could have been put in place and made a difference, yet still he dithers and let’s the 50 individual states, who are ALL equally effected, go their own way. I know how you feel about federal intervention in things, but this is one of those times where it is absolutely appropriate, IMO


          5. The virus will disappear. That’s what herd immunity is all about. Unlike some other diseases with non-human reservoirs, this one depends on a chain of vulnerable humans to continue to spread, and a virus that does not spread dies out, as it does not leave persistent spores.

            The DPA cannot make industries produce more than their supply chain can support. By allowing the market to function and paying a premium price for maximum production, our industrial base has maxed out. Putting a gun to their heads won’t change that, it will only distract them.

            The CDC and NIH both recommended against masks early on to preserve them for medical personnel, should Trump have overruled them?

            We had a national testing plan, that was the problem, the CDC screwed it up, it is the private sector that has risen to the occasion to increase testing capacity. The problem is that demand for testing, particularly surveillance testing, has outstripped capacity.

            Many local and state governments are in trouble due to the virus, and shutdown, but many others were on the road to bankruptcy long ago and those should not be bailed out.

            The powers to respond to the crisis are primarily at the State level, the Federal government can assist and advise, but ultimately, the Constitution reserves those powers to the States. You might wish it were different, but show me the line in the Constitution that gives the President those powers?


          6. RE: “you misspelled Donald Trump.”

            I take it you are in the category of those who deny Joe Biden’s obvious infirmity. Why even mention Trump when you could — presumably — describe Biden’s superlative cognitive capacities?

            Because Biden doesn’t have any superlative cognitive capacities.


          7. He’s more of a stable genius than your boy.

            Obvious infirmity? You are more infirm (and much less informed) than he is. I throw the BS flag on you and yours. Yo! semite? Covfefe. fake charts that his staff hands him in an attempt to prove what is known to be false? Delusion they name is JTR.


          8. The charts presented at the Axios interview were not fake, they simply evaluated the mortality rate on a different basis than the Axios interviewer was using.

            What gave you the idea they were fake?


  2. RE: “They’re all just Black votes to be taken for granted, and for so long that worked, but maybe no longer.”

    The white children torching our cities appear to be operating on the same prejudicial assumption.

    I don’t know what blacks will do this election, but I think it is silly to think about people that way.


  3. Here’s the glaring difference between Biden and Trump. Biden cleans up his own messes. Trump blames everyone else for his own mistakes or gaffes.

    When was the last time Trump apologized for ANYTHING that he has said that any other person would have? Someone please tell me if I missed something, somewhere, ANYWHERE, where Trump apoliogized.


  4. If there was only a media site which provides something akin to Paul Harvey’s ‘and now for the rest of the story’?
    There wouldn’t be such a huge divisive division between all the peoples of the world.

    As always, I encourage anyone and everyone reading this post to not accept what is being promulgated by what you believe to be “authority”.

    Ignore whatever social media provides (up/down thumbs, hearts and face emojis, etc.).

    Question authority. Come to your own conclusions and what anyone else has to say.

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